my current netflix list.

We have had three people come to view our flat in the last couple of days and it is grinding on me. Our landlord keeps fussing about washing being hung up and how clean the flat is and man, it is hard to try and live your life. It is a Saturday and I am wearing a kimono dress which I may or may not wear outside because oh my god, the sun is shining outside and it looks bloody glorious.

I’m going to go the cinema later with my flatmate and then play on the wii tonight as our new wii remotes and nunchucks arrived today and hey, exams, how you doing? I stayed up till 4 last night watching the first season of Silk and I now fancy myself as a bit of an expert on the criminal bar.

I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently, I think it’s because deadlines and now exams are sashaying around and my brain is like HEY NETFLIX! If you perhaps have a spare Sunday coming up or spring turns around with some funky rain showers for days on end and you sadly put away your sandals and sunglasses as optimism has drained away, watch these.


My new favourite legal drama. This doesn’t take much commitment, with only six episodes in each of the three seasons but boy does it cover a lot. It follows the personal and professional lives of barristers at Shoe Lane Chambers as they strive for Queens’ Counsel (known as silk). The main character is the picture of legal virtue, defence barrister Martha Costello who really believes in innocent until proven guilty and will go the extra mile for her clients. All the characters are really interesting and complex and the cases they cover are very varied and different.

For fans of: Law and Order 


How can I not mention one of Netflix’s newest recruit? I knew I would love this show from the moment I saw the trailer. It has mystery, murder, romance and it is all set in a kooky little town with crazy and mysterious characters. It follows the inhabitants of Riverdale and a set of high school teenagers whilst they (and the town) try to solve the murder of Jason Blossom, one of their popular peers. Obviously loads of other secrets come to the surface and everyone’s parents seem to be up to something dodgy.

For fans of: Pretty Little Liars


I haven’t watched the original Danish version of this show as I couldn’t be bothered reading the subtitles. The American version is good, I did really enjoy it and I didn’t see the big twist in the plot coming until the end which was really nice as I hate it when something predictable happens. It didn’t persuade me enough to watch the next season but if you fancy a gritty murder case (similar to Broadchurch but not as good), I recommend.

For fans of: Broadchurch 


I bloody adore this film. WHY IS IT SO GOOD AND RELATABLE. I have watched it approx. 5 times? I love the storyline it’s so crazy yet realistic and Bianca Piper is <3. Robbie Amell is one of my fave actors in teen movies and his character is such a loveable jerk. This film felt like a really sassed up and modernised version of the high school struggles we all faced and made really good use of how social media and living life online now impacts high schoolers. This is definitely one of my favourite films.

For fans of: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging or any other teen movie ever


I was a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare so I knew I would enjoy the Netflix adaption of this show, even if it was just to see some of my favourite characters come to life. It is a little cringe in places and the second season is a huge improvement on the first but overall, I really enjoy this show. I think adoring the book series definitely helps but there is some really good character portrayals in it – I particularly like Alec and Magnus, the actors really bring their storyline and struggles to life!

For fans of: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals


A wondrous gift to us from Netflix, bringing Mamma Mia onto our laptop screens. This is a brilliant film, definitely one of my favourite musicals (I’m so jealous my parents got to see it on stage!) and ABBA songs will forever be classics. We’ve recently brought the wii out of hibernation and have done a few of the routines on the ABBA Just Dance wii game and it’s brought it all back to me how much I adore the music. My favourite songs are Voulez-Vous, Mamma Mia and Waterloo.

For fans of: Walking On Sunshine 


This is one of my favourite books so when I read it was going to be made into a Netflix TV show, I knew I would love it. I’m not going to lie, it is hard to watch. It made me uncomfortable, cry and feel just disgusted at the way people can behave. I’ve only watched two and half episodes so far as it was just too much at once, I knew if I watched it all in one day I would be a broken mess lamenting the cruelty of human kind. This isn’t a TV shows, it’s a lesson.

For fans of: Paper Towns


Okay, I am only four episodes into this show but I think I’m in love already. Yes the historical inaccuracy of this show does make my heart weep but I think that makes it even more fantastic. The bit in the first episode where Mary and her four ladies-in-waiting dance by themselves in a v un-16th century fashion made me roll my eyes so hard they nearly fell out but it doesn’t stop it being a good show. The costumes are insanely good and the acting isn’t that bad and I can already sense I’m going to have the four seasons watched v soon. It is kind of like the little sister of Outlander.

For fans of: Outlander

Unrelated but I am v excited about the release of #GIRLBOSS on Netflix because I absolutely adored that book by Sophia Amoruso. I think it’ll be fantastic and will hopefully bring Sophia’s story to life and be just as inspirational, especially if you are not a reader! You can still learn her tips and life advice!