my favourite beauty bits of 2017.

Whilst I’m still quite appalling at make-up and in desperate need of a new mascara and foundation, I think I found my feet in the skincare world this year. My skin really played up in the summer due to stress and hormones which had a huge knock on effect to my already unstable confidence.

Which was a real bundle 0f laughs.

I’ve always prided myself on having ‘clear’ skin so having this comfort blanket taken away from me was pretty horrid and having a club of spots on my face was not helping.

So the point is: when my method of doing nothing failed me, I jumped in the other end and decided to treat myself to some new bits and sort myself out. I’ve had lots of fun checking out new brands from Your Good Skin to Glossier to Fudge and I’ve finally got a beauty routine that suits me down to a tee.

I’ve had to chop and change things so I’m sure 2018 will bring out some more holy grail products but for now, here is the best of 2017 for me ..

fudge clean blonde violet toning shampoo.

Since dying my hair blonde in the summer of 2016 I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to maintain the blondness of my hair and not trotting around looking like there is a tangerine on my head. Brassy blonde is not the one.

My hairdresser recommended Fudge Shampoo, Clean Blonde Violet 300 ml as they use Fudge products in the salon and I found it on Amazon. I love that it is a 300ml bottle instead of 250ml as you just get that little bit extra. I tend to use it once a week to maintain the silvery blondness and it also smells delicious, so sweet and fudgey.

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glossier milky jelly cleanser.

When I decided to purchase some bits from Glossier in the Black Friday sales, I knew the Milky Jelly Cleanser would be included due to all the raving reviews I’ve read all over the internet. I love the smooth texture and it really makes my face feel so clean.

It says you can apply when your face is damp or dry and I usually go with dry just because I’m lazy and then wash it off with a warm flannel. It is definitely my favourite cleanser that I’ve discovered so far and Glossier products do not mess around.

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witch blemish stick.

I’ve been using Witch Blemish Sticks on and off for years. I think I bought my first on the hockey trip to Perth in my second year of high school in the Tesco where we had breakfast as one of the ~ cool ~ girls had one and it seemed to work.

I don’t overly use it as it is very drying but it is perfect for those pesky giant spots that just rocket out of nowhere overnight and what up your chin suddenly looks like the moon.

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your good skin instant dryness rescue.

This was one of the products I received from Your Good Skin as part of the #28DayChallenge and it has stuck with me since. It is perfect for little bits of dry skin that appear throughout the day as it can be applied on top or under make-up. It is such a dainty size so can easily fit into my bag and really freshens up my face at any point during the day.

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the body shop tea tree clay mask.

Face masks are appaz the number one way to treat yourself to some self care but I never really use them. I am rather fond of the Garnier sheet masks but the face mask winner of the year award for me in 2017 was this babe from The Body Shop. I love the thick texture of a clay mask as it really feels like it cleanses your skin.

The Body Shop are always one of my favourites for skincare products as I really trust them. This tea tree one smells divine, feels really refreshing and you get quite a big tub of it. I’ve had mine for about three months, I haven’t used more than half the tub and I use it twice a week so you don’t need a lot to notice a difference.

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glossier priming moisturiser.

I’m continuously on the hunt for a good moisturiser and I think I’ve found it with this baby. Glossier once again triumphs as it is the perfect light moisturiser. I use at least twice a day but I also use it as a primer before applying my make-up as it leaves my face feeling very smooth and clear.

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garnier fresh eye make-up remover.

I promise there will be one day where I manage to remove my make-up after a night out – miracles have happened kids. But for the days when I don’t (and the days where I take off my make-up at the end of the day) the Garnier Eye Make-Up Remover is the one.

There is no mascara it can’t remove. No eyeliner. No eyeshadow. This gal is a champ at taking anything off your eyes and it doesn’t leave your lids feeling red raw and like you’ve scrubbed them clean with a pumice stone. Or a face wipe.

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your good skin pore minimising tonic.

I’m quite awful with toners and I was on the brink of using a Simple toner that had been kicking around my cupboard for about four years but then I started using this so I saved myself from skin suicide. It makes my skin feel so clean and cleansed after use, I particularly scrub on my nose as it always feel grim after wearing make-up a plenty.

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john frieda frizz ease perfect finish polishing serum.

John Frieze Frizz Ease is the one if you have unruly curls/frizz like me. My natural hair is some state so whenever I wash and leave it to dry naturally (which I almost always do), I have to put in some of this magic potion to be able to leave the house when my hair is dry. I’ve tried a few different variants of the Frizz Ease range from John Frieda and this is one that doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or limp when it dries. I think it as this is more of a lighter variant.

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tea tree + witch hazel shine control day moisturiser.

After years of solely using Nivea moisturiser, I switched things up in 2017 with another moisturiser – this hun from Tea Tree & Witch Hazel. It is such a dreamy texture, so light and refreshing on your skin combined with the smell of tea tree. I swear just smelling tea tree makes your skin feel fresher.

It is gel based as opposed to cream based which also adds to feeling instantly hydrated. It soaks into the skin almost instantly upon application and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy.

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glossier balm dot com.

To top things off, this babe is maybe my holy grail product of 2017? It is definitely in the top three. At first I was like, it is just a lip balm and only picked it up as it came as part of the Phase 1 kit from Glossier, but then I realised it was incredible.

This is the best balm I’ve ever found. It it such a good soothing formula that is doing wonders for my lips in this horribly cold weather than should have me looking like a giant prune. I have the ‘rose’ flavour which smells really clean and I’m definitely going to try other flavours in 2018.

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