my favourite things about being at home.

Home is so where the heart is. Wherever your home may be of course, be that your hometown, your parents house, your own home or your favourite place in the world, whether or not you actually live there.

I was sitting in my bed on Sunday night at home in the Scottish Borders watching a cheeky lil bit of Criminal Minds (season 4 in case anyone is wondering) when I realised I didn’t have any of the things I needed with me to take blog pictures for the blog posts I had planned in the next couple of weeks so all my blog posts went out the window and I needed to brainstorm.

Side note: I started writing this post at 23.35 and I am a girl who likes sleep so I was in no mood to properly brainstorm but as I was browsing twitter I saw the #TodayImGrateful and after such a perfect and content day with my family, it seemed fitting to share my favourite things about being at home.


Aside from my three human family members, I cannot chat about my fave things at home without mentioning my lil four legged BFF. We have had Pip for almost five years and I can’t remember life before her but it probably sucked. She is so curious and caring and I chat away to her constantly as if she was about to respond. We have the best conversations and she is always around if I need a hug. As I am writing this, Pippy is snuggled at my feet snoozing away quite happy.


I love my bed in Glasgow a lot but my bed at home is even more special. It is super cosy and my mum always make sure I have fresh sheets when I come home which is the best. My bed faces a big window which means I am greeted by sunlight in the morning (when it’s sunny) and I have fairy lights wrapped around the headboard. It is just a happy, cosy spot.


Reading is something I have always loved and in 2017, I’ve been making a real effort to read lots and lots. In Glasgow I do have around twenty books with me but one of the best things about being at home is having my whole bookcase right in front of me. Whilst I’ve read everything at least once, I do love having the chance to scour it for old favourites and give some things a re-read, especially if a book is being adapted into a TV show or movie. Sometimes I find books I forget I even owned and it gives me the chance to rediscover them.


Whilst this might not be as relevant this time round as spring is springing so I don’t know how often the fire will be lit in my two week stay, during Christmas break and cosy weekends at home during winter, the fire is one of my favourite things about coming home. The central heating in our flat is good, it’s not often I’m freezing in Glasgow but there is something super special and cosy about snuggling down in front of the roaring fire with a good book and a cup of something hot (and maybe a biscuit or 248).


Sometimes I love cooking for myself and sometimes I want to order take-out for forever more and never pick up a pan ever again. My mum is a pretty good cook (she informed me earlier we are having tacos tomorrow night for tea and I am v excited) and it is bloody nice having a fridge with decent food and not Morrison Savers. As my mum’s culinary skill set is a lot bigger than mine, it also means I don’t eat pesto pasta for 3 days on repeat because I cba attempting anything else.


I have the best conversations with my mum, I can talk to her about nothing for hours on end. Similarly with my sister, whilst sometimes we scream at each other for what feels like hours, when we get along well, we get along really well and I can be in pain from laughing (usually at our parents or Pip).

My dad is a host of great conversation at the dinner table but our family chats usually have a lot of one liners and taking the piss out of one of us, usually Louise. Everything is so easy and chill and I miss them all a lot when I’m in Glasgow (which is why face-timing them is one of my fave things and always makes me laugh).


(with my mama). I love going out for any type of food/beverage (a truth universally acknowledged) and whilst none of Kelso’s restaurants really do it for me (Glasgow has spoiled me), there are so many good and super cute coffee shops in the region.

Mum and I went to the most adorable little tea room in Ford last summer called The Lavender Tea Rooms and it was literally made for Instagram, I think I’m going to have to go back this summer to take some snaps. As I’ve only just gotten into coffee, I’ll either have that or a diet coke and always a cake, with a helping of chit chat with my mama.


Whilst I spend a large proportion of my life on Netflix, Amazon Prime or streaming something, there is something special about live TV to me. OH MY GOD I JUST REALISED I CAN WATCH BROADCHURCH ON THE TV TOMORROW NIGHT *hyperventilates with excitement*.

There is something nice about having my whole laptop screen to whatever I’m doing instead of watching a split screen like the TV addict I am. The excitement of not knowing what is on or just finding something you fancy. I am a huge fan of ITV3 and just watching Midsummer Murders, Lewis and Marple on repeat. Oooh or Come Dine With Me. I have two weeks of this excitement to come, what is life.


I sometimes would rather drop dead than go outside (if I’m being super lazy) but it is nice to get outside in the fresh air and go for a walk. You obviously do not need a dog to go for a walk but it is really nice to a have four-legged friend tootling along beside you.

It is also very nice if your destination is a pub. I’m lucky that where we live has lots of lovely areas to go for walks (and of course the farm has ample walking space). Mum and I went for a dog walk this evening to Bowmont Forest with Pip which was lovely, I even had to take my jacket off as I got a bit warm as the weather wasn’t as cold as I anticipated. Spring, is that you?