My First Tarot Card Reading

Tarot is something I’m interested in. I know some people are very sceptical of it and as a result, completely against it. I don’t believe it is some higher power that has all the answers to all of life’s questions but more of tapping into my subconscious and learning things that I was already aware of to some extent.

I read a really good fiction book called Sepulchre by Kate Mosse (which I’ve blogged about before) after my exams after a long period of feeling lost and unsure and a bit scared of my future and the direction I’m heading in. Tarot was a major theme in this book and the character’s own development which pushed my interest in tarot more.

I then did a lot of internet soul-searching (lol) to figure out if this really was for me. After reading a really insightful blog post by A Rosie Outlook, I decided to just give one reading whirl before I left for the USA. I did a quick google for tarot readers in the Scottish Borders and found one lady called Liz Hay, who after a couple of emails back and fourth with, we set a date and then my OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE mindset sunk in.

Emails with Liz occurred on the Monday so I had a whole week to think about tarot and do some more research before my reading the following Sunday. I kind of forgot it was all happening until the Saturday before. But my reading happened, it was all good and I wanted to share my experience.


After Liz had set up the table and introduced me to the two decks we would be using during the reading: the Rider Waite deck and the Doreen Virtue deck. Firstly I pulled one card from the Doreen Virtue deck which would symbolise my present. I pulled the Fertility card with Pan on it. At first I panicked as fertility to me immediately has connotations of babies. This card does mean that but I also interpreted it as a fertile time creativity and project wise. Basically, this is a time where projects I’m working on are going in the right direction and my mind is at a very creative and imaginative stage. This was such a positive card to begin on as it is very encouraging and makes me feel as if I’m heading in the right direction.


Following on, the next part of my reading was the 9 card Pyramid of Identity. Instead of the cards representing people or events, the cards represent elements of oneself. The cards I pulled where: Queen of Swords, King of Pentacles, Ace of Swords in reverse, The Hermit, 7 of Cups, The Star, Knight of Cups, 8 of Wands, 6 of Swords and 4 of Cups.


  • That I need to focus on prioritising my options and work towards something instead of being indecisive about lots of other things.
  • That my egotistical side is something I’m more ashamed of.
  • That I should take time out to contemplate things in a calmer and natural setting.
  • That I shouldn’t force things into happening as things will happen in their own time and I may miss a greater opportunity if I force something.
  • That projects I’m working on are going really well and progressing successfully.
  • That my course will be smooth in the next little while and I’m moving on from things into new horizons.
  • That I’m creative and unique (yas).
  • That I’m in touch with my childlike self.
  • That I’m balanced between my two sides.
  • That I’m a giver of good advice.
  • That I’m able to handle things and make decisions.


After assessing and talking about my Pyramid of Identity, Liz asked if I wanted to pull two further cards from the Doreen Virtue set to symbolise the past and the future.

  • For the past, I pulled Follower of Faith, symbolising that I’ve stayed true to myself and what I believe in for myself.
  • For the present, I pulled Prioritise which again enforced that I needed to prioritise in the future in order for things to succeed.

I felt like all my cards slotted together very nicely and left the reading feeling very enlightened and excited for the future. I’m excited for a summer of contemplation and then hopefully back in September I can kick butt!