my (latter half) 2018 f*ck budget.

I am aware I am six months late to making this but one evening whilst watching Bad Education I was overwhelmed with the need to write up a quick fuck budget for 2018. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘fuck budget’ then you need to educate yourself ASAP with the words of wisdom of Sarah Knight in The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k.

It is indeed life changing. Sarah Knight is one of my favourite writers and I am always finding myself turning to her teachings when I’m in a pickle. Charlotte wrote up about why you need to give her books a whirl and I’m here today to share my very important fuck budget that I know everyone cares about.

Sarah suggests that we should divide our precious fucks (because they are precious) into ‘things’, ‘work’, ‘friends’ and ‘family’. So that’s what I’ve done. Enjoy!


Less fucks: Followers.

No I can’t understand it either why my Instagram followers keep dropping off when I post banging content once every three weeks. Whilst I completely understand that having a big following is important to a digital career in content creating it is not the be all and end all. Life will go on even if I don’t make it past 1500 followers.

More fucks: Content I’m proud of.

We are half way through 2018 and I would say the last couple of months have been rubbish for me and my blog. It is the first time in two years where I’ve really fallen off the bandwagon and questioned whether I wanted to continue blogging. I am still here though! Since my little holiday to Amsterdam and Stockholm, plenty of reading of my fave blogs, a new notebook and a brunch catch up with my ever-inspiring friend Charlotte I did a big brainstorming session and I want the rest of the year to be about creating content I’m proud of – whatever form that content comes in.

Less fucks: The future.

A dangerous claim, promise I’m being responsible mum & dad. I don’t mean I’m suddenly not giving a fuck about the future because I’m not but what I do mean is that I’m also going to concentrate on the here and now. I am always getting bogged down in worrying about what is coming next and what the future will hold for me. It is exhausting, overwhelming and leaves my mental health in tatters. I want to enjoy what I’m presently doing and hopefully that will help me be prepared for the future.

More fucks: The now.

I want to start concentrating on what is going in my life right now and enjoying what I have. I want to appreciate living in Glasgow’s West End, enjoy developing my blog, keep learning new skills as I explore my love of all things digital and just enjoy making memories with my friends.

Less fucks: How & when I exercise.

I have always been so consumed with going to the gym a set number of times each week, doing ALL THE THINGS whilst there and worrying about how other people are perceiving me. But in all honesty, I do kind of hate the gym so I want to just figure things out how I can exercise without despising it – and not worrying about it either.

More fucks: A healthier lifestyle.

Instead I want to work on my own healthier lifestyle. I want to stick to my meal plan, shop sensibly, eat vegetables more than once a week and keep up running because when I went I actually really enjoyed it.


Less fucks: Worrying about a future career so that I forget about everything else.

I was sitting in the interval of a comedy performance almost in tears because I was worried about my future career in the midst of exam results release time. I want to stop worrying about the future and just enjoy things as they are now.

More fucks: Being proactive about the things that will help now with a future career.

There are lot of things I can be doing to get where I want to be. Ask about internships, email email email, do online courses like Google’s Digital Academy and just work really hard on my blog.

Less fucks: What everyone is doing at uni.

Like most students (I think) I’m pretty obsessed with how other people are doing. Academia is incredibly competitive and it is hard not to focus on how other people are doing due to the environment. I want to care less about others so it doesn’t bog me down and stress me out.

More fucks: My own university career.

Obviously, I need to care the most about my own university career. I need to focus on my dissertation, my coursework and worry about how I’m doing. I’ll be starting my final year in September so got to make it a good one.


Less fucks: Ex-friends.

I need to stop giving a fuck about people I used to be friends with. It is time to unfollow on Instagram, unfriend on Facebook and just move on. Pretty simple this one but it has taken me about two years …

More fucks: Making the effort with friends and nurturing friendships.

It is so easy in our digital age to just send blaise messages on Instagram every few weeks and just like their photos. I want to reach out my nearest and dearest, arrange IRL catch ups and send them a text every once in a while.


More fucks: Phone my parents more. 

I am very lucky with my family and I wouldn’t change them for the world. I do however need to phone my parents more when I’m in Glasgow.


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