my student studying essentials.

It is getting to the time of year again where a lot of students can’t quite get into the Christmas spirit yet (I’m putting my tree up this weekend, need to hit Poundland for some more decorations first as I currently have none) thanks to the winter exam period. I no longer have exams at this time of year (I get hit by more in the spring) but I still know and need my student studying essentials thanks to the mountain of coursework.

My dissertation is constantly looking over my shoulder and I have been pulling long days in the library (mostly at weekends because I am fun and exciting) and I need a lot of things to ensure I manage to stay the whole day or else I’ll skulk home before you know it.

I tend to keep all of my studying essentials in my Pride & Prejudice tote bag I got from Waterstone’s a few years ago. I do love a good tote bag and this is my favourite thanks to its sturdiness and the thickness of the fabric. Sometimes I’ll use another tote bag to hold extra books in if I’m carrying a lot that day.

My laptop always comes with me to the library as I need it for typing up my work and searching for books etc. I could not imagine life without my Macbook so this and the charger are in my bag. I have a sleeve from Amazon that I sometimes use but I do have my eye on one of the Sighh designs to spruce up my laptop.

Notebooks are obviously essential. I prefer to handwrite notes when I’m reading or planning any assignments and my favourites for getting great notebooks are Old English Company, Tiger and Poundland. I also reuse old notebooks from previous semesters if they still have space in the back as it just feels a waste to start something new just for university work. I also have some post-it notes on me, current faves are from Busy B.

My little pencil case set-up was inspired by my friend and it is perfect for just slipping into my bag. I got the clear case from Primark – it was a travel toothbrush and toothpaste set which I bought for my sister heading to New Zealand, kept the case for myself and cut the handle off. Inside I have a highlighter, a coloured pen, a few black pens and most importantly, the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm which I adore.

Podcasts are also very important to me when studying. I can’t always listen to something when I write, especially if I’m struggling to find the words, but when reading I need a bit of background noise. I’m super into true crime podcasts at the moment (creative business is taking a back seat to All Killa No Filla) and I usually download 7-8 episodes before my day at the library.

I am also on a money-saving and less food waste mission at the moment which means I take a packed lunch. Sometimes I cave and buy a coffee or a cookie but I mostly eat my own snacks. I have a Stojo cup if I want to take my own tea in, my Bobble bottle for water and then my little lunchbox which was a gift from my sister.

Sometimes I take soup in a flask from black+blum and a sandwich (cheese and chutney is my favourite) or a box of pasta, usually pesto. Snacks for me include hummus and breadsticks or veggies, cereal bars and yoghurts. I am currently on a health-kick.

Other important things for me are my phone, a phone charger, headphones, hand cream and my purse containing the all-important student ID. Which I once in fact lost in the library.


tote bag, Waterstones (old) | laptop, Apple | case, Amazon | pencil (actually in the cosmetics section) case, Primark (in stores now) | ‘there is beauty’ notebook, c/o Old English Company | ‘do you what love’ notebook, c/o Old English Company | pens, c/o Busy B | black pen, Tiger | post-it notes, c/o Busy B | lip balm, Palmers | hand cream, Tiger | water bottle, Bobble | flask, c/o Steamer Trading bCookshop

This post contains some gifted items marked with an
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