11 things I’m watching to get me through the depths of a scottish winter.

The beginning of the year is the best time to hunker down with a blanket, some good snacks and your TV remote/laptop in easy reach as you rinse your Netflix subscription for all it is worth. For me it is a combination of the cold, no upcoming festivities and the dark, dark nights that push me towards Netflix and away from my responsibilities so thank god there is plenty for me to watch at the moment.

This year is no different. I am consistently shocked by the temperature plunges in Glasgow so when I can’t be found in the library eating obnoxiously loud snacks on the silent floor, in the pub with my friends warming our hearts over pints or at my internship, I can be found wrapped in my bed wearing pyjamas, a dressing gown, a blanket and with a hot water bottle thrown in there for a good measure with something good playing on my laptop screen. 

Unsure of what to watch this winter? I got you covered, dive on in. 

[01] buffy the vampire slayer. 

I love a good bit of late 90s/early 00s TV. I used to catch glimpses of Buffy on the TV at my Granny’s back when she had Sky but was never aware over anything regarding the storyline other than it features a woman called Buffy who is a vampire slayer. Information that can be taken from the title. 

Buffy is indeed quite fabulous. An overwhelming amount of girl power, interesting storylines alongside the vampire slaying, a great mix of a cast and that wonderful 90s/00s vibe. It reminds me a lot of a punkier, younger Charmed which I am very here for. 

Watch all 7 seasons on Amazon Instant Video. 

[02] the ranch. 

Now, The Ranch is the most ridiculous TV show and when my friend encouraged me to watch it, I was worried I’d find it too stupid. Set on a ranch in Colorado, The Ranch follows returning failed footballer Colt Bennett to his family’s ranch and reconnecting with his brother, parents and other faces from his past. 

I am now pretty obsessed with this show. It has surprisingly hard-hitting storylines, funny punchlines, just the right amount of cringe, sings to the secret western/country lover inside of me and has a really good cast led by Ashton Kutcher. Don’t dismiss it due to its cheesiness on the tin, its a slow burner. 

Watch all 3 seasons on Netflix. 

[03] criminal minds. 

Criminal Minds will always hold the mantle as one of my favourite TV shows ever. I love the dynamic group of profilers working within the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit, travelling across the country solving complicated murders, kidnappings, you name it. It never fails to thrill me as I watch the tense scenes with baited breath or make me cry as a loss is felt by the team. 

I have watched other shows similar to Criminal Minds but none topple it as my favourite. It is interesting, fun and features a great cast that grip me every episode. It is currently in its fourteenth season so lucky you if you are yet to watch any of it because you have a whole fourteen seasons out there – and it has been renewed for a fifteenth (but possibly final, sob) season. 

Watch all 13 seasons on Amazon Instant Video and season 14 is currently streaming in the US. 

[04] silent witness.

Another of my all-time favourite TV shows goes to Silent Witness. Every January we are treated to eight haunting episodes from the best of the Lyell Centre, solving complicated murders from a forensic and pathological point of view. Emilia Fox as Nikki Alexander is something special, she just absorbs the roll and plays it so perfectly. 

Each episode of Silent Witness is complicated, emotional and real. All of the characters play a pivotal role in telling the story and do justice to an extremely raw storyline each episode. There are a good few series of Silent Witness out there, some of Netflix, some on BBC iPlayer but it is something I would recommend buying a boxset of. 

Watch the latest season on BBC1 just now and on BBC iPlayer. 

[05] abducted in plain sight. 

I don’t usually watch documentaries on Netflix as I find the likes of Making a Murderer, The Staircase etc long-winded and a tad boring. I am a huge true crime fan but prefer to get my fix through podcasts and one-off episodes. Abducted In Plain Sight came onto my radar as I saw a lot of discussion about it on Twitter one Sunday so I dived on in. 

It is wild to say the least. An adolescent girl is abducted by a trusted family friend twice. Yes, twice. It really highlights the true extent to which some peadophiles will go to groom a victim and even their family. A really heartbreaking and painful watch but interesting and important. 

Watch on Netflix. 

[06] fyre: the greatest party that never happened.

The first flutter of discussion I saw about Fyre and the upcoming Netflix documentary was when Hulu released theirs a few days before. A fantastic marketing ploy really. I had no idea what Fyre was and had never heard of it so I did a quick google and decided to watch the Netflix doc when it was released. 

Fyre really shows the extent to which some people will go to make money, the exploitation, the lies, the abysmal organisational process and significantly, the sway of influencer marketing. It has raised a lot of questions about the way influencers are used in marketing campaigns and I had my jaw hanging open when I reached the end of the documentary, a bit bowled over by it all. You kind of have to watch it for yourself to truly understand what the actual hell went on. 

Watch on Netflix. 

[07] stay here.

If you love interiors and a renovation project, Stay Here is for you. I love popping the odd episode on when I want to watch something lovely take place as two industry experts help Americans turn their struggling holiday rentals into luxury money-making machines. 

I love the variety of locations they work in, the different styles of accommodation matched to unique interior styles and breakdown of logistics in what makes money and what doesn’t in that area. A super easy watch with satisfying results. 

Watch on Netflix. 

[08] you.

I read Caroline Kepnes’ You back in 2017 and have been excited about the adaption starring Penn Badgley ever since. I binged it over two days one weekend, desperate to see the events of Kepnes’ book play out on screen with Badgley perfectly cast as Joe. Set in New York, follow Joe as he meets and falls in love (stalks and a tonne over other awful shit to) with Beck who dreams of being a writer. It is fast-paced, addictive and dark – perfect for winter viewing. 

Watch on Netflix. 

[09] the marvellous mrs maisel. 

I saw a lot of chatter on Instagram about Mrs Maisel and her marvellousness. I can confirm that after having watched season one (and saving season two for a rainy day) that she is indeed quite marvellous. Set in 1950s New York, the show follows upbeat, friendly and kind Mrs Maisel embarking on an accidental career in comedy after her husband leaves her. 

I love the time period and having an insight into Mrs Maisel’s wife: her relationship with her parents, her children, her Jewish community, her husband, his family and her friends. It is all about independence, being kind and being who you are without any apologises but whilst also being kind. Obsessed. 

Watch all 2 seasons on Amazon Instant Video. 

[10] bird box.

I am not a horror film person. I refused to go and see IT with Tori after watching the trailer and having nightmares. There was a period of time where I couldn’t be in the landing without a light on as I got to freaked out. However when Bird Box began being advertised on Netflix and Twitter blew up with memes – I decided to be brave and watch it with two friends on Hogmanay before our night out in Edinburgh. 

Bird Box is pretty chilling – I think it is the way people react and there a definitely a few jumpy moments. I kept hearing the word ‘Friend’ in my head for a few days afterwards which gave me the creeps. Follow Malory as she attempts to keep two children alive blindfolded in a world where seeing an unknown entity will drive you to suicide. The plot dips between the present with Malory and the children and the past from when the epidemic began. 

Watch on Netflix. 

[11] conversations with a killer: the ted bundy tapes. 

Talking of something that did give me nightmares is The Ted Bundy Tapes. I find true crime very interesting and a spend a lot of time listening to true crime podcasts (they are my study soundtrack of choice) however I have taken it a little too far. The Ted Bundy Tapes are terrifying and I think it is because you see him on screen, as he was at the time period, all relaxed and winking at the camera. 

I couldn’t get that face out of my head and the horrible attrocities he did. The crime scene photos are particularly horrifying – I have one still stuck in my head freaking me out. But it is an interesting watch (even for non-true crime fans I would say) and definitely sheds light on one of America’s most notorious killers. It is important to recognise the risk of Ted Bundy: he seemed normal. Whilst I’m still trying to have a peaceful night’s sleep, I am excited for the Zac Efron film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. 

Watch on Netflix. 


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