nippon kitchen | glasgow eats.

One casual rainy Friday where I was nursing a hangover, in a huff about Riverdale, dreading my seminar and had made and then cancelled plans to trot around IKEA, I ended up in Nippon Kitchen.

My phone started freaking out as it tried to receive Facebook messages whilst out on the desk of said seminar and I quickly thrust it in my bag before slyly opening Facebook up on my laptop to pretend like I was writing in-depth notes, my friend Keila had asked if I wanted to go for lunch.

I have been harping on about sushi for AGES (since December probably) but never managed to find the time or the money or the motivation to actually go eat some that wasn’t bought from Morrison’s.

But yes, Keila and I went to lunch to a Japanese restaurant in city centre that I had never heard of (not that I’m an expert on places to eat in Glasgow, or anywhere really) and it was just lovely.

We got the subway from Hillhead to Buchanan Street, which Nippon Kitchen is super close to. Keila had been a few times before and we were soon seated and had some water.

The waitress was really lovely and patient (as I took about a million years to decide) but we ordered some chicken gyoza to share to start which I followed with maki sake rolls and maki spicy maguro rolls. Keila had a teriyaki chicken which I can confirm was very nice from the small taste I had. The food was very tasty and very well priced. It’s somewhere I’ll definitely be returning to.

Admittedly, I did have to google how to use chop sticks because it has been forever since I used them and I am not very good at it. Make what you will of that, I’m more of a finger food kinda gal.

I wanted to take more snaps of the food but I’m so useless at remembering to do things like this when I’m out, even though I loooove reading about places to eat and visit. But I did manage to get a couple of grainy pics of my sushi and of the restaurant itself, which was v lovely.

I’ll try better next time, promise.