november favourites.

How exciting is it that December is literally days away? How freaking exciting?

November for me, all in all, hasn’t been too bad a month but I have been wishing for it to zoom by so I can get down to business on the whole “be excited for Christmas” train.

I am literally psyched this year. We break up from university on the 16th December and I’m heading home with my parent’s on the 18th December so I can spread Christmas joy at home too. And annoy my sister. Mainly annoy my sister.

P.S. Please ignore the shattered disgrace of an iPhone featuring in these pictures, it honestly breaks my heart but not enough to get it fixed.

As per usual, this month I’ve spent way too much money on myself and drank way too many take-out coffees. I’ve also been out of Glasgow on the weekend a couple of times which only means I end up in the city centre at the shops on my way to Queen Street station.

I’m writing this post during a self-imposed house arrest to study for my business exam and classics presentation – self-imposed because I cannot study in the library as I just spend my whole time people watching but awkwardly end up just point blank staring at them tehe. Cute.

I have a gingerbread scented candle from Home Bargains burning away, the sun is shining through the window AND I’m listening to a Christmas playlist from Spotify.

Oh and FYI, errr, these are my favourite posts to write just because I get to play and stare at all my things and think up happy memories from the last month so yeah, these will be around A LOT. Hope you don’t mind.

But here are my November favourites!


I’ve already harped on about this bag on my blog as it was a real “magpie moment”. After buying a ticket to Daft Friday, I decided to splash out and treat myself to a new bag. I don’t own any nice clutch bags (or have any with me in Glasgow) so this was actually a need but I’m sure I could have found one in Primark.

I’d seen this floating around Instagram and on other blogs and I was just drawn to it. All the sparkles. I’ve gotten a bit of use out of it already which is nice as it makes me feel a little less guilty on the splurge. It’s a good size, sturdy and goes with both dressy outfits to fit in with the theme AND with day-to-day outfits but adds a bit of sass and a pop.

It’s not online anymore (strong chance though that I’m just being dumb and can’t find it) but it is definitely still in stores.


This is a famed restaurant in Glasgow and I’ve been dying to try it since realising it was a thing. Alas, I never managed to make it into the city centre branch but one evening when Ali and I were going to pick some things up on GWR we spotted the new West End branch.

I made it my mission to visit.

My chance came when Emma and I decided to spend a day shooting blog pictures and having a good old catch up over food and as Bread Meats Bread was close to the Botanic Gardens where we were heading, I suggested it because DUH perfect time to go.

I had a pulled pork sandwich instead of a burger because it just really fancied it at the time and it was amazing, I was not disappointed in my choice not have a burger. Emma had a falafel burger and I think she enjoyed that and the sweet potato fries we had was the cherry on top.

The service was really good too, super friendly staff and the whole atmosphere is upbeat and chatty but still relaxed.

It’s definitely somewhere I will visit again.


Fashion/style blogging is something I’ve wanted to branch into for a while but I never felt confident enough to do. I’m happy with my style, I like it and I’m not ashamed to push it on to my friends (sorry friends). But fashion blogging never felt like something I felt comfortable enough to do.

I hate the way I look in most pictures so taking outfit shots was obviously going to be a difficult thing for me until I could feel comfortable with how I looked.

Hopefully, this November, I’ve edged a little closer to that. Emma and I met for the aforementioned day of blog shooting and I wanted to style up my grey rollneck from Sainsbury’s. I’m really pleased with how the photos turned out and I ended up writing a whole post on the outfit here. Please be kind ok.

I’m hoping this will mean many more outfit shoots because boy, I love playing dress up.


Aaaah home. How I could not write up my November favourites without me mentioning my sweet home.

I spent a whole weekend there at the beginning of the month and gorged myself on family-time, Pip time, getting my hair redyed and eating all the good food.

It was really good fun and it makes me all fuzzy thinking about it.

Here’s to Christmas at home am I right?

(You can read a whole post on me gushing about the crab and chilli pate I had whilst at home here).


Since moving into our flat in September, I’ve slowly been building my bedroom up. AND NOW I’M SUPER HAPPY WITH IT.

It’s so bright and I love how the sun shines right in the window for the majority of the day. There is so much natural light so I love studying in here. I’ve been in my flat a lot in November because hello deadlines you nasty so-and-so’s.

I did spend *three* whole days practically in my flat as I was both waiting on my Christmas tree being delivered from Cleverboxes and I had a business exam I had to study for. My room has a big ass desk which is great for studying at is there is so much room and having somewhere to focus really helps me y’know, actually study, and not play on my phone for four hours instead (I do that too).

My room is just a big collection of books, photographs, slogan postcards and make-up. I’m so happy for it and I think I’m actually going to do a little room tour at some point so keep your eyes peeled if that is your thing!


I am a giant cliche and because of that, I’m always harping on about how I looooove fresh flowers. And how I would put them everywhere. And how they make blog photos look a million times nicer when you see them on Bloglovin. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

But I never actually buy any. Flowers, especially when you have to bin them, do feel like the biggest waste of money ever. I’m trying to be super good with money at the moment so I can splurge at Christmas time so I’m always listing reasons to myself why I shouldn’t buy some flowers.

However, I was tootling around my local Morrison’s flower section when I came across the reduced bin and found these autumnal babies for 75p.

It was rude not too.


I was super hyped up for the John Lewis Christmas advert (along with most of the UK) and it was a tiny bit disappointing. It was nice. I did like it. I have watched it a few times.

But it didn’t tug at the old heartstrings.

Buster the Boxer is super cute but he’s no Monty the Penguin?

M&S on the other hand, a round of applause for you guys.

I don’t know if it’s because I watched this for the first time when I felt so hungover I might die and that I would never be happy again etc etc but wow I cried so much at this. I actually thought my heart would burst out my chest. It is delightful.

The little boy’s voice is so sweet and Mrs Claus is one sassy af lady but the storyline is great and I love the gift of giving culture. It’s such a great advert so go watch if you haven’t already! You can find it here.