october favourites.

Woah has October been long, busy and bloody tiring? When I say busy I mean I’ve been watching Zoella’s Vlogmas from last year and then I’m going to start on Tanya Burr which is just making me so excited for Christmas but as I’m writing this we haven’t even had Halloween yet!

Also, I have actual university work to be doing instead of pondering which advent calendar I would like. I am also desperate to buy some Christmas themed candles (thinking along cinnamon lines?) like the basic af bitch I am and I’m super excited to decorate the flat for Christmas. I don’t know why I’m talking so much about Christmas. It’s all I can think about. Anyway OCTOBER!

I’m writing this at the half point of reading week and I should be reading and planning for my history essay but, instead, after the traumatic experience of writing my business assignment, I just can’t bring myself to do it just yet. We are watching Friends because we haven’t watched Friends in agesssss and I’m trying to brainstorm everything I’ve liked in October but I’m really racking my brains about stuff I have liked. It doesn’t feel like much, hopefully, this list will contain some interesting things on it.


Let’s start with my number one bae this month. I was heading into Primark one Friday in October to buy a pair of spanx (saucy) for a night out to suck in my ever-growing food baby filled with Twirls and pesto pasta but then got super distracted by all the rollneck jumpers. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL ROLL NECK JUMPERS. Aka my life in winter.

I think Glasgow is super chilly at the moment and I only have a couple of cosy jumpers in my wardrobe so I decided to invest in one more. And then another. And then another. I ended up walking out with three but this fluffy pink one is my favourite because it’s the cosiest but also I don’t own anything this colour which is nice and a bit of a change from grey. PLUS PLUS PLUS it cost a sneaky £12. And did I mention it’s baby pink?


I’ve wanted a NYX lipstick since they first started bobbing around the blogging world, which was a wee while ago now but as always, I’ve spent my money on other things like Twirls from the corner shop across the road.

After one very horrible day of studying, I accidentally ended up on the Boots website which is always a dangerous idea and ended up having a wee spree. This NYX lipstick is my jam. It’s my favourite thing other than the foundation I also bought as it is the nicest colour. I’ve been wearing it most days as it goes with everything and I’ve never owned this shade before. I can’t rate NYX lipsticks enough, it lasts a really long time on, the shade is really great and it’s such a good formula. I’m definitely going to be picking more up in the future.

Update: whilst revising this post to check it was a-okay before posting it, I have since lost this lipstick in Viper (RIP you beaut) and I am yet to purchase another. Yes, it is so good I am purchasing another.


Tori and I spent one Sunday in October at Pollock Park on the south side of Glasgow because we are such cultured students and I like to pretend I don’t just eat chocolate and watch Netflix in my pants all the damn time. Neither of us had ever really ventured south of the river before and we decided to spend one crisp autumnal day visiting the Burrell Collection. Unfortunately (but

Unfortunately (but also fortunately) the Burrell Collection is closing for four years for redevelopment and the day we went was the last day the collection was open and on display for the public so that is some super helpful “Sunday Funday” advice from me. The Burrell Collection itself is amazing and I would definitely recommend people and go visit it again when it reopens, I definitely will be. Pollock Park itself is a lovely place for some good Instagram photos so that counts for something right?


During the horrendous week that was reading week which I spent crying over a business assignment and watching Zoella’s vlogmas, I ate a lot of food. On the night of writing this blog post, I feel super ill with all the bourbons I’ve been snacking on during the day so I’m now trying to drink lots and lots of water to feel a little less heavy. It’s not really working.

During one of my many essays writing breakdowns, I snacked on 3/4 of a bar of THIS bar of chocolate. It is sooooo delicious and I’m definitely going to continue buying this little chap as it’s a nice little treat (amongst all the bourbons I eat).It’s like normal chocolate but just a little bit more sexy. And because it’s dark chocolate, it practically screams health at you right?


Caffe Monza is my new favourite place for coffees on Dumbarton Road which is oh-so-conveniently on my way to uni. I’ve only been a couple of times but the coffee there is super tasty and the whole place has a really chilled out vibe.

I like sitting in the window with my laptop “working” but instead I just end up people watching the busy people of Dumbarton Road out the window. Also, the croissants from here are amazing. So yummy and tasty.


Even though I absolutely love Friends and I know most of the main story arcs, I haven’t seen every single episode. Tori has the box sets of all ten seasons so we’ve been plodding through the seasons and we are currently watching season five.

I’m constantly confused about who my favourite character is and it is constantly changing but against popular belief (I think?) my current fave is Monica. I don’t care what anyone else says, Monica is funny, smart, kind and caring, even if she is a little neurotic. I’m excited to see more of the later seasons but at the moment, I’m pretty content with season five as it is the best.


Obviously, I’ve always known what Poundland is and I have shopped there before, this isn’t some country bumpkin discovering a cool city store. There are Poundland’s in the countryside and I don’t think Poundland has ever been described as “cool” before. BUT I LOVE IT.

There is one on Dumbarton Road which is conveniently on my way to everywhere. At the moment it is bursting with Hallowe’en decorations but I’m so excited for all the Christmas stuff that will swiftly follow! Just another excuse for me to spend all my money. At the moment I just go into Poundland to peruse the Hallowe’en decorations and pick up two cans of diet coke for £1.

Oh and the other day, I picked Love Actually for a single pound. And I’m going to pick up Calendar Girls next time I’m in too. BECAUSE IT’S A POUND.