October Notes; watching, eating + listening.

And October is over just like that. I have had the busiest month balancing university with everything else in life but one thing I am super pleased with (and a tiny proud of myself for) is keeping up with the blog. I have loved being back in the swing of things again and I am really inspired to get things down on paper for the first time in a long time so there will be plenty more posts to come from in the next few weeks. 

Life has been so busy since I started my MSc in Digital Marketing in September and I feel each week is more packed than the last. I’m balancing things (albeit not always that well) but life is good and fun. The only downside of the last month? I didn’t read a single book! 


Unbelievable: Whilst Unbelievable had a pretty slow start, it is an incredible series. It is heartbreaking that is based on a true story because Marie’s experience is so distressing, alongside the other victims of this serial rapist striking in Washington/Colorado in the late 00s. It is one of the best police dramas I’ve seen – I loved the dialogue between the two detectives working the case together and it felt so real. Watch on Netflix. *****

Criminal: I binge watched all three episodes of Criminal in one night. I’m still not really sure what I watched. The dialogue was fascinating and there were some incredible performances from David Tennant, Hayley Atwell, Nicholas Pinnock and Katherine Kelly. But still, I’m still not 100% sure I follow and that I get it? I’d recommend watching it though for the stellar performances alone though. Watch on Netflix. ***

The Jinx: Won’t lie, did watch all six episodes of The Jinx one Friday evening. I had been listening to the newest episode RedHanded where The Jinx featured as an ad so seeing as I had a NowTV membership this month I decided to watch. Examining the life of eccentric billionaire Robert Durst of the New York real estate Durst dynasty, it looks into the violent death of his mother when he was a child and subsequent murders he is suspected of. It was pretty chilling (dumb to watch it whilst staying on my own all weekend) and I knew it had a big twist at the end but jesus, I did not see the twist coming aside from the obvious. Super dark stuff. Watch on NowTV. *****

Britain’s Most Evil Killers: After being transfixed by The Jinx, I browsed Sky Crime on NowTV for something else to watch and ended up watching about eight episodes of Britain’s Most Evil Killers. Clever when you’re staying in the flat by yourself. I’d heard pretty much all of the stories before but it was good background noise to my blogging activities for the day. ***

Law & Order SVU: I included SVU in September Notes but whilst browsing NowTV as I have an Entertainment membership this month, I noticed ALL the seasons are on there. I’m re-watching from season five and I think we can all agree the older seasons are simply sublime; the episodes so dark and usually with a big twist. Also, a little bit of that Benson and Stabler dynamic which I miss from the newer stuff. Watch on NowTV. *****

Kingsman: During a hungover Saturday, I watched Kingsman as it is now on Netflix and I forgot how good it is. It is so hilarious and I love Taron Egerton. Such a feel good Saturday afternoon film. *****

In Ice Cold Blood: Thanks to my NowTV membership, I’ve got access to Sky Crime where I watched Ice T’s true crime documentary show, In Ice Cold Blood. I’d never heard of any of the cases covered in the episodes and it was really interesting, definitely one of the better documentary shows I’ve watched. Also, Ice T <3. Watch on NowTV. ****

Cold Case Files: One Sunday when I was revising for my exam the next day, Rachel was watching this new true crime show on Netflix called Cold Case Files. I was wildly jealous and began watching that night as a treat to myself and I finished it all in a couple of days. It was SO good. Ten episodes of cold cases that went on to be solved, it was really interesting and I had only heard of a couple of the cases covered making it totally new to me. Hoping there is a second season at some point! Watch on Netflix. ****

Plebs: You cannot beat a British comedy and Plebs is one of my favourites. I’ve been waiting for the newest season for ages and missed it when it started on TV again however I caught up all in one night on the ITV Hub and I was not disappointed. So funny and I swear it is getting better as it goes on, every episode was a cracker! Watch on ITV Hub. *****


Kitchenetta: Another little trip to Kitchenetta this month! It is one of my favourite cafes in the west end to go to if you are planning a laptop session and need all the space thanks to the big bench tables and of course, delicious food and coffee. I went with my gals Cat and Thea where we chatted about life and attempted to improve our own by doing life admin and it was bloody lovely, as always. I am also very proud of myself for not browsing any Hyndland charity shops. ****

Paesano: My sister came to stay for a couple of nights at the beginning of October and for our Sunday night dinner we headed to Paesano in the west end. It was busy but we only had to wait fifteen minutes for a table where we both had the margherita. We both know what we like with pizza. So cheap and so good. *****

Urban West: I always overlook Urban West as somewhere to get a delicious brunch in the west end, assuming that I’d need to go to the south side or the centre to somewhere like Singl-end to get a decent brunch. Urban West is on GWR and the food is amazing as well as being really well-priced. I went with my sister one Monday morning where I had the halloumi stack which was delicious and Louise had the full breakfast. ****

Six By Nico: I finally got to visit Six by Nico this month which I was so excited about. Rachel and I went at 9.15pm one Tuesday for the New York menu which was heavenly. It was such delicious food and a really fun experience. It was so nice to eat somewhere dead fancy for a change and I hope I head back in the future for another menu. *****

Kothel: After a disastrous game of Scottish rugby, Rachel and I went to Kothel on GWR for something for lunch. The food was so good and the menu looked delicious and really well priced, with all the sandwiches being between £6-£7. I was chuffed with my salmon option from the bruschetta section but next time I’d definitely try something on focaccia as all the fillings sounded so tasty. ****

The Unicorn Cafe: After exploring Stirling Castle with my friend Cat we stopped for a much needed sit-down and some lunch at their onsite eatery, The Unicorn Cafe. It was quite expensive – as in-house restaurants at tourist attractions tend to be – but the toasted cheese and chutney baguette I had was delicious and worth the money. I also had a Diet Coke and a scone as my breakfast after yoga felt a long time ago. I did enjoy it but if I visited the castle again in the future I think I would wander into Stirling for a bite to eat as the old town looked super cute as we drove out. ***

Gordon Street Coffee: Alisha has moved to Bath so we had a little farewell coffee before she went, outside of Two Birds, for one last debrief. I’ve always wanted to try Gordon Street due to passing it on my way into Central Station and I had a pretty tasty cheese and tomato croissant washed down with a soy flat white. ***

Gusto & Relish: During my south side charity shop sweep with Amanda and Rachel, we finished with lunch at Gusto & Relish. It was absolutely delicious – I had a black pudding and haggis stack with poached eggs followed by a flat white and ginger crunch loaf – and I can’t wait to go back. *****

Edinburgh Cocktail Festival: Rachel and I popped through to Edinburgh one Sunday evening to meet up with Shona and drink cocktails. The cocktail festival was great value for money and I tried so many delicious cocktails for £4 each. Whilst there, I also grabbed a margherita pizza from one of the street food vendors which was so tasty. ****

The Bothy: One of my firm favourites for a good meal in the west end, I went to The Bothy one Sunday evening with Sam and Rachel to catch up. I had the beef burger and fries which was delicious and so filling followed by an apricot and lavender sponge dessert washed down with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is so cosy and snug in here and I’ve never had a bad meal so it’s always somewhere I want to go back to. *****


Sam Fender: This bitch got Sam Fender tickets! So of course I’ve been listening to his debut album Hypersonic Missiles on repeat. He’s glorious and I can’t wait to see him at the Barrowland come March 2020. *****

You, Me & A Cup of Tea: Ghenet is one of my favourite bloggers so I was super excited about her podcast launch! It is one of my favourite podcasts to catch up with on a Saturday when I’m mooching about the flat post-gym; making breakfast, tidying, catching up on uni work, slobbing out on the sofa. Each episode Ghenet sits down with her guest in their home and they have a good all chat about insecurities, food, nostalgia, travelling and more. I love the chatty, laidback style of this podcast. ****

Juan Belmonte, The Snuts: My favourite band at the moment, The Snuts, dropped a new single  on Friday 18th October called Juan Belmonte which I pretty much listened to all day. It is one of my fave tracks of theirs and oh my god will they just release an album already so I can lose my shit over it. *****

Investigating Influence: My clever friend Charlotte (you might know her best as By Charlotte Ann) has a podcast called Investigating Influence that you NEED to listen to if you are interested in the influencer industry. All the episodes so far have been incredibly informative and interesting with the recent episode featuring Andy Graydon of AG Fitness discussing fitness influencers proving my favourite so far. *****

Lizzo: I’m seeing Lizzo at the beginning of November which I am SO excited about so I’ve been listing to the Cuz I Love You album on repeat to get ready for her taking me to church on November 6th. She is incredible and I love her on Twitter as well. After much considering, it is a toss up between Water Me and Lingerie as my favourite songs from her. ALSO, I love the remixes she did with AB6ix on Truth Hurts and Ariana Grande on Good As Hell. 


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