out of love; theatre review.

I have always loved the concept of the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe but have never really ventured there until now. When I was asked to review the Plaines Plough production of Out of Love by Elinor Cook, I couldn’t refuse. Some of the acts on show at the Edinburgh Festival can be quite, interesting, but the summary of Out of Love sounded very intriguing indeed.

Held at the Roundabout at Summerhall, easily one of the nicest venues. In fact, The List called it the “loveliest venue at the Fringe”. A 360 view is offered due to the circular seating plan, allowing your eye to be on all the action all the time. It is intimate, cosy and you are completely involved and absorbed in the action. The viewing I went to was full, not a spare seat in sight which was brilliant that this show was getting the recognition it deserves.

The show plays with chronology so cleverly, switching between childhood, teenage years, adulthood to give you a real sense of who the characters were and why the plot was developing in the way it was without being boring and simplistic.

Lighting and music was used effectively throughout, expertly complimenting the action and allowing the actors to communicate to the story to the audience without words at times, displaying friendship through only movement.

c/o Plaines Plough Production

c/o Plaines Plough Production

The play focuses on the friendship of Lorna and Grace, Lorna who follows rules and is insecure and Grace who is headstrong and confident. Two girls whose friendship is faced with tests time and time again as their lives become more and more different, the catalyst moment being when Lorna gets a place at university and Grace falls pregnant. Through the clever use of chronology, you get a really good idea of who these two women are. A third actor played multiple parts of men who influenced the two girls, adding a really interesting dynamic of how a powerful female friendship is often misunderstood.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, it was both funny and haunting, highlighting true friendship over the years. All three actors were brilliant and it is completely worth your time and money.

Out of Love is running from the 4th to 27th August at the Roundabout at Summerhall and lasts 70 minutes. Elinor Cook is the winner of the George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright 2013.