An un-planned blogging hiatus & the things that helped me break through it.

I accidentally didn’t blog between the first few days of December and the end of January. I missed all the killer Christmas content of gift guides, things to do in the festive period, festive travel, festive food, festive fashion – I missed it all. Because sometimes life does just get in the way and you have to take a seat back from your online bubble. 

I didn’t even miss blogging when I wasn’t doing it to begin with. I had more time for university, my friends, watching The Ranch on Netflix without feeling like something was niggling at me. I didn’t log into WordPress to see how my stats were doing, I barely glanced at my own Instagram feed and I only tweeted about how The Ranch is surprisingly emotive for a shit sitcom. 

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The Little Things I read, watched and listened to [01]

A little while ago, The Little Things was one of the most consistent element of The Monday Project and I posted a new instalment every week. The concept was simple: a list of ten little things from the previous week that had made a difference or made me smile. It was easy, fun and receptive. It was blogging in its basics. 

But as I hit a large bump in the road with blogging and had no fucking clue what I was doing with my content, The Little Things slipped through the cracks and disappeared. First I attempted to transform it into a newsletter but it just didn’t work how I had envisioned it and then the instalments became more sporadic before finally disappearing from the blog. 

And now look! It’s back. In a new and re-vamped format. Enjoy. 

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I am pretty obsessed with true crime podcasts, here’s the ones you need to be listening to.

Don’t even get me started on true crime podcasts (are you ready for 1000+ words about them?) as I am pretty damn obsessed. I will talk about them with anyone. Wind them into every conversation I’m having. Get confused when people don’t know who a certain serial killer, or as Last Podcast On The Left call them ‘a heavy hitter’.

Because funnily enough mate, not everyone is that interested in the craziness and the cruel as you are.

But thankfully there is a whole host of fellow Murderinos out there who feel the same and a few of my friends are just as obsessed with the true crime world as I am so we swap recommendations and discuss our favourite episodes.

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I’m back people, with my 2019 resolutions as well.

It has been a hot minute since I last posted on The Monday Project. Beginning of December to be exact, a time where I had three weeks-worth of content planned out and all the intentions of churning out Christmas content and flying into January on a high. Spoiler: that did not happen.

I am excited about 2019. I get excited about every new year but 2019 feels like it will be a big one with (hopefully) graduating from university, writing my dissertation, travelling where and when I can and seeing as much of Glasgow as possible. I have resolutions as well of course.

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Shopping Small & Local This Christmas

I made it my mission this year to try and do all my Christmas shopping small and local. I wanted to shop from Etsy, in the cute boutique stores nearby, a market, you get the picture. It is something I’ve always felt passionate about but it was a case of me talking the talk without walking the walk and accidentally falling into New Look or Primark whilst Christmas shopping.

I’m not boycotting the high street all together and will still pick up a few bits where I see fit but I am mostly focussing on exploring new stores run by small business owners to buy gifts for my loved ones. It is such a simple concept but it can be more difficult to know where to begin especially if you are short on time to do your research and find exactly what you want.

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