Before Noon Tea At Mimi’s Bakehouse | Edinburgh Eats

Confession: I’ve never been for afternoon tea before. And technically, I still haven’t. It is always something I’ve wanted to do: a whole stand of mini sandwiches, cakes and scones all washed down with tea or something fizzy, that just screams me all over. I tweeted into the abyss that I fancied afternoon tea and my good pal Hayley suggested we do before noon tea at Mimi’s Bakehouse in Edinburgh when I visited her in the next couple of weeks.

We scheduled in an 11am reservation for before noon tea on Sunday morning to round off my mini visit to Edinburgh. I have had my eye on Mimi’s Bakehouse since I was in Leith last year and seeing as it is so famous, I am so pleased I finally got to visit.

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Autumn Affordable Skincare Roundup

When I first scribbled down in my notes that I wanted to do a post about featuring a few of my favourite products this autumn, I wrote it down as ‘autumn beauty roundup’ however after actually sitting down to the write the post – all of my products are skincare.

I have never been that great with make-up as I’m not very good at applying it and usually running late in the morning anyway so don’t have the time to put any on. Skincare however I am always enchanted by. I am the ultimate consumer for skincare brands as I can get sucked in by anything.

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How I Want To Use Instagram

What am I doing with Instagram? It is now a huge part of blogging thanks to its ability to share visual content for viewers/followers to view quickly before scrolling on. The way we consume content is continuously changing and the fast-paced approach of Instagram suits a lot of people.

I had a personal Instagram for around a year before I began writing on a blog and now it is has rolled itself into a hybrid account, sharing both blog and social media content as well as my life.

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Podcasts For Inspiration

I love listening to podcasts when I’m working: whether that be university work, freelance jobs or creating content for my blog. I’ve only really been into podcasts since April this year when my friend introduced me to Casefile and the world of true crime podcasts and I’ve never looked back.

Listening to podcasts inspires me. It helps with my creativity, my problem solving, my writing and my visions. I love hearing stories of successful women doing incredible things with businesses they have started from their kitchen table or bed as a side hustle and it has grown into something cool.

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Four Ways To Style A Dark Roll Neck

My love affair with the dark coloured roll neck started around three years ago. I’m pretty confident you can wear them with practically everything – and I will try my best to. They are the perfect wardrobe staple for the colder months as you can easily throw them underneath to keep you cosy without distracting from the rest of your outfit.

As an ode to my favourite winter wardrobe staple, I thought I’d pull together four outfits that I’d wear, all held together by the roll neck, either black or dark grey. They can put a casual spin on sequin dresses that no longer need to be reserved for party season or dressed up with heels and blazer for drinks on a night out.

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