6 Of My Favourite Places In The Scottish Borders

After spending two weeks at home over Easter break, I’ve done a bit of thinking about the Scottish Borders. My feelings about this place are constantly changing, sometimes I can’t abide it, I miss the fast nature of the city but other times I adore it.

I adore sleepy mornings, quiet afternoons, sunshine unfiltered, the continuous chirping of birds and a picturesque spot around almost every corner. My two weeks at home weren’t as relaxing as I would quite like (exams were looming and I spent a lot of time in my room revising *sob*) but it doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to procrastinate my time away on some occasions.

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Emptiness is a feeling that never really goes away. It is always there, lurking in the shadows, in the back of my mind. Making me feel lost, confused, scared, upset, all over again. It never fully disappears or leaves my mind.

I’m always aware of it, conscious of the fact that these thoughts are always there, that they can become my focus all too easily and tug me back into a black space.

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Five Friday Things

Thursday night, two exams down and I’ve just jumped on the Lost bandwagon. I realised earlier this week every TV show I’m watching (full list: Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds, Riverdale, The 100, The Originals and Reign) are all realising episodes weekly so I can’t binge watch things.

Things you should not do when you should be revising but I need a TV show. Tori assures me it is very good but this post is not to chat about everything I’ve been watching on TV of late (but I mean, you can check that list out over here).

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The April Edit

Spoiler: I started writing this post mid-way through April because when it came to the end of the month, I wasn’t remember things I actually wanted to talk about. Plus I’m v bored on a Friday night watching Captain America: Civil War and I don’t want to revise so procrastinating in the best way I know how: blogging.

It has been a pretty busy month, I spent two weeks at home at the beginning which was delightful then moved back to Glasgow for exams. I’ve already sat my first one (today in fact!) and I honestly don’t know it went. I mean the questions were okay but I feel like nothing I wrote made sense or wasn’t coherent or was just complete rubbish.

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11 Bloggers You Should Be Following

I was having a scroll down Instagram the other day and I realised I was following a lot of bloggers who are really fucking good. People whose blogs (and instagram feeds) I covet a lot. People whose advice on the internet I listen to, who have realistic (and fantastic) fashion and beauty advice, who share homeware buys and travel adventures I realistically could do myself (unfortunately this gal ain’t got no budget for The Maldives) and whose writing I genuinely enjoy reading. They could be chatting about their favourite type of cereal and I would still take note.

Y’know, those gals. As finding blogs can be a teeny bit tricky sometimes because if like me, you can’t always be bothered with Bloglovin. I find the Facebook groups I’m a member of to do with blogging are ace for finding new bloggers but as you often have to have a blog to be a part of these, it ain’t the best for everyone.

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