A Lil Beauty Update

I’ve been really trying to up my skincare game this year because my skin is gross and horrible and I spend 2488 minutes moaning about it. The weather is a little grim today, I’m sitting in my bed and my Classics work is staring at me in the face as if to say “HELLO REMEMBER US.”

I’m going to those guys next but at the moment, I’m sorting through my beauty products and deciding which ones I love and ones I like a little bit. I’m also watching Criminal Minds because <3. I’m watching season 8 which I don’t think I’ve seen before and it is soooo good. All the characters are so great and the storylines seriously, seriously, seriously, creep me out. View Post

Five Friday Things

Damn, almost got that alliteration.Back in the older days of this blog, I used to sometimes do a weekly favourites post. They are my favourite to read on other people’s blogs as it is just nice to see joy being spread and is also a super good way to accidentally spend money.

“Oh so-and-so and from that blog is loving those new shoes from River Island, I can see why, SO PRETTY” and then *accidentally buys*. Yes, maybe that was why. These posts help to fuel my shopping addiction and money spending habits.

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Recently Reading

I have been trying to read more books since 2017 began. Am I succeeding? In parts, yes. During the Christmas holidays, I managed to smash through quite a lot of books but as I expected, when I returned to university, I fell off the bandwagon again. I had a trip home at the end of January for some family things and a bit of chill time so I treated myself to a new Kindle book to read on the train.

I have four/five books in Glasgow which I haven’t got round the reading yet and every time I think about buying something new, I always feel guilty that I wasn’t reading the ones I had.

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Nippon Kitchen, Glasgow

One casual rainy Friday where I was nursing a hangover, in a huff about Riverdale, dreading my seminar and had made and then cancelled plans to trot around IKEA, I ended up in Nippon Kitchen.

My phone started freaking out as it tried to receive Facebook messages whilst out on the desk of said seminar and I quickly thrust it in my bag before slyly opening Facebook up on my laptop to pretend like I was writing in-depth notes, my friend Keila had asked if I wanted to go for lunch.

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Glasgow Room Tour

I’ve been wanting to do a room tour of my room in my lil Glasgow flat for absolutely ages, but like most things I want to do, I just didn’t because I kept finding other things to do. I love my bedroom here.

I’ve rearranged the furniture since we moved in in September as I wanted more floor space and I love the open window with the window sill which faces south. This means when it is sunny (which is more than you would think in Glasgow), the sun shines in all day. Also, I’m hella nosy and LOVE seeing inside other peoples bags, rooms, closets, you name it.

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