Turning 19

I didn’t really want to turn 19, it seems like a bit of a dull age where nothing exciting will happen. Plus you are a still a teenager, but are you really? I was however v v v excited for my birthday (like I am every single year) and man, I was not disappointed.

My friend did say to my however that her 19th year was a good un (she is like two weeks away from being 20 so I feel she is qualified to comment) so HM maybe mine will be too.

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The Papergang: December & January

HEY GUYS HOW’S IT GOING! Hope you are well and life is treating you all dandy. I’m writing this on one super bleak Wednesday afternoon of the first week back at uni. I have just told Tori that I’m so glad I have only got a four day week this week as I couldn’t cope with a five day one. I am a provider of riveting conversation, I know.

But seriously, the weather is bleak. It is cold and wet and raining and fuck me, the wind is going crazy. So I’m wearing a very attractive ensemble of check pyjama bottoms, striped slipper boots and a big old fluffy blue almost-roll neck jumper. Comfort over style every time my friends.

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How I Use My Bullet Journal {02}

My bullet journal and I are a bit touch-and-go. I absolutely love the concept of it and I know some people completely adore them and practically run their lives from a humble little notebook.

I do try and do that but meh, sometimes I just don’t have the time or I’d rather be watching Netflix and numbing my brain cells by watching Gavin & Stacey instead of writing things down. Lolz.

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Gingham Shirt And Silver Shoes

I read on like 37464 blogs that gingham was going to be BIG in 2017. Like actually big, not one of those little trends that whistle through H&M and Primark for two weeks and then disappear back off into the mist of forgotten trends.

Gingham reminds me on my bedroom from the ages 10-15 as I had baby blue gingham bed sheets and matching curtains, and I loved it. I still have those bed sheets and they are the softest and cosiest ones I’ve ever owned. But wearing gingham? I don’t think I’ve done that since I was about 5.

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Hillhead Book Club, Glasgow

I’m typing this on Friday morning whilst lying in my bed with a can of diet coke which has been chilled. DIVINE. And thank the freaking lord that it is practically the weekend. BUT yeah, HHBC.

Hillhead Book Club is a firm favourite for many people in Glasgow’s west end. It is a very sizeable establishment and does tempt anyone in with £3 vodka or gin strawberry mojitos during the week. Like, c’mon. I just wanted to write a quick lil post on it because new year, new blog, new content, make an effort, all that jazz.

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