Making Monday’s A Project

I kind of like Monday’s, just throwing that out there. That wild, almost scandalous declaration because Mondays are on par with Trump. Well, maybe.

This maybe (read: probably) will change when I get a job. When I get a job that pays my bills and when I work Mondays-Fridays. When the weekends stop being two days in a week which are a lil bit more fun and instead become the holy grail of the week. But at the moment, with my fairly relaxed lifestyle of university which is only made less fun by impending deadlines and overwhelming fear of failure, Monday’s are pretty damn sweet.

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25 Things You Know If You Grew Up On A Farm

I guess moving off the farm has made me all nostalgic of the life I lived for 17 and a half years. A time where cows and horses were my nearest neighbours (they kind of still are), the height of social calendar being the Royal Highland Show and my play park of my childhood years being the silage bales out the back.

Growing up on a farm, or in a rural area in general, is a unique experience and here is 25 things you’ll definitely know if you grew up on one.

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TriBeCa, Glasgow

Due to some bizarre reason, I seem to think I have a lot more money than I actually do and that it is absolutely ok for me to gallivant around having food out when I should be at home both saving my pennies and writing my essay.

And it is difficult to eat healthy when out. I keep getting tempted by things.

But as it’s the week of my birthday, I have a bigger treat yo’self attitude than usual and when Emma and I decided to go for brunch somewhere on Monday, I didn’t let anything stop me from choosing the place with the most sugar on the menu.

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Country Life vs. City Life

As it’s 2017 and WEY-HEY I want to change things up on my blog and really make a go at things etc etc y’know, the usual. I was trawling through my drafts on here and I found this. I was surprised to find it complete tbh but then I read through and didn’t hate it so here we are.

I also rode a horse this morning and didn’t die so that’s a good start to 2017.

But city life and country life. The best of both worlds eh?

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Four Reasons I’m Excited For 2017

I get ridiculously excited before every new year. I like setting things to achieve in the following year and having something to work towards instead of ambling around aimlessly losing hours of my life to The 100 (the current situation).

What’s wrong with wanting to improve yourself continuously or set goals to set up for yourself? MUCH EXCITE. You can read my lil list of five goals over here if that suits ya.

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