Organisational Tips For Students

I love organisation, organising things and telling people that I’m organised. Feeling in control is really important to me and as someone who gets stressed out over the tiniest things, doing everything I can to maintain control and be on top of things makes all the difference to me and my stress levels.

At the moment I feel like I’m balancing a few different plates whilst trying to catch up with all my friends, exercise and eat healthily and do things just for me such as reading a book or binge watching Peep Show again. The start of the university year can be very overwhelming and I find that doing lots of little things help me to have an organised week, and therefore an organised life.

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Autumn Goals

I set a list of goals probably around six times a year, maybe a little more. I love the idea of having goals: things to work towards, to my efforts into, to make things happen more. But I’m pretty awful at seeing things through so I hate making goals that will eventually end up as a failure’s list.

In the Blog & Beyond Facebook group which I’m part of, Charlotte talks a lot about setting goals and the importance of having them. This is now my fourth year at university and my fourth year of living in Glasgow so I think I’ve got the swing of things by now so I wanted to set some autumnal goals for me to just live by, rather than huge milestones to work towards.

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The Little Things {04}

It has been a good little while since I shared an addition of the little things on the blog but now that Italy is over, university has restarted and life is tootling along, I kept thinking about how many things I wanted to share and chat about but I didn’t know how to fit them into the content I’ve got coming up. The solution? Another instalment of The Little Things.

I’m currently sitting in a Tinderbox with three of my favourite Glasgow blogging ladies: Elanor, Lis and Charlotte. We have had an afternoon of blogging and chatting and cake (obviously) and after a week of not posting on the blog before this, I needed it.

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Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is something I have always wanted to do. Ever since I realised that yes, it is totally fine to go somewhere new on your own, I knew that it was something I wanted to do. After the disaster of travelling last summer, I was so ready to grab Italy with both hands and have an incredible three weeks exploring somewhere new.

However, I was terrified about going by myself. I had flown by myself before and I am totally comfortable on my own at home but travelling by myself did unsettle me. I was worried about everything from getting public transport by myself to having dinner by myself. The silence of being on your own can deafening and it can be hard to imagine yourself in this kind of situation until you are living in it.

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Where I Want To Go Next

I’ve begun typing this up on my phone notes as I loiter by the side of my hotel pool, patiently waiting for two o’clock to tick past so I can gather up my belongings and head to the hostel I’m booked into for the next week. On my own.

2018 marked a first for me. I travelled solo. For the first time. Previously I’ve only flown by myself (and how can we forget that ill fated trip to the states last year) but spending three and half weeks in Italy was totally new to me. It is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done and after the disaster that was last summer, it was the confidence boost I needed so bloody badly.

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