October Favourites

Woah has October been long, busy and bloody tiring? When I say busy I mean I’ve been watching Zoella’s Vlogmas from last year and then I’m going to start on Tanya Burr which is just making me so excited for Christmas but as I’m writing this we haven’t even had Halloween yet!

Also, I have actual university work to be doing instead of pondering which advent calendar I would like. I am also desperate to buy some Christmas themed candles (thinking along cinnamon lines?) like the basic af bitch I am and I’m super excited to decorate the flat for Christmas. I don’t know why I’m talking so much about Christmas. It’s all I can think about. Anyway OCTOBER!

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The One Where Everything Is Busy

Let’s have a lil old life catch up shall we?

October is in full swing (correction: almost over), university is pretty busy at the moment and I’ve recently acquired myself a job and I’m always trying to still socialise with my friends and live life but this has meant unfortunately for my little blog that it has been shunted to the sidelines as everything gets busy.

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September Favourites

Okay so firstly just let me apologise for not posting at all last week! I’m gutted with myself that I didn’t upload once in a whole week as I’m been blogging pretty solidly since mid July (aside from the week in Spain) but last week got super hectic and I didn’t have time to take any blog photos! But here we are and I’m also super sorry about my September favourites going up when we are more than a week into October. But they are all very applicable to October so no worries.

It is Monday and I am in my kitchen at 11.44 about to have my breakfast lol. I’ve been up since half 8, I’ve been for a run *reader faints in shock* and I feel sooooo much better about myself because of it. Although I did walk a part of the way back because I stopped in Home Bargains to buy A3 paper and tin foil and then saw Caffe Nero so I bought myself a coffee. But apart from that, I did actually run.

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The September Edit

September has been a weird one. I spent one week in nice sunny Spain and then came back to Glasgow with a bump where I got a cold and tonsillitis. I also finished work, started university again, moved into my new flat and got a new job. Geez I’m exhausted even thinking about it all. Oh, and I also published my 100th blog post on Thursday. This lad is 101st. SO THAT IS KIND OF EXCITING, kudos to me to sticking with it this long in my opinion.

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How Barcelona Won My Heart

Barcelona won my heart, in a single day. It’s nestled cosily up there in my top five cities in the world (also included in this list is Amsterdam, Paris, York and Philadelphia) and I didn’t even spend 12 hours there.

This city is everything I expected it to be and more. It was bright, colourful, charming, quaint, chilled and laidback. The sun shone the whole day we there (not too hot which was lush because I would have been chaffing like nobodies business) and the whole city is alight with sounds, sights and smells.

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