10 Things We Feel When Moving Out Of Student Halls

OH MY GOD IT’S ALL OVER. I’m out. Out of Murano. Jeez I’m making it sound like a prison. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster year filled with so many laughs and so many memories, which about 83% have occurred in good ol’ Murano. Ah the place where dreams kind of die but also the place where many dreams are dreamt.

I can’t quite believe I won’t be living in Room 1 of Flat F anymore. It’ll be strange when someone asks where I live I’ll be saying another part of Glasgow instead of Ochil, Murano. Unfortunately the classic “do you live in halls?” won’t be an a-star conversation starter anymore. Damn it. Better start thinking of a few more.

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9 Things University Has Taught Me

Well what a year, I cannot believe that first year is nearly over. As excited and happy as I am that summer is now on it’s way, I can’t help but feel a little downhearted that I won’t be living 0.23 seconds away from some of my favourite people in the world and that I won’t be living in the little “student bubble”.

Summer brings the real world, and work, and saving up again, so we can do the last year all over again in September, only this time with a little more sophistication and class that comes with us all being older and wiser obviously.

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April Favourites

I used to do posts like this waaaaay back when I first started my little blog but then I just kind of stopped. I’m not really sure why. I think my life just got quite boring and I didn’t really have stuff worthy of being included. Woe is me.

I don’t know if my life has got more interesting but I keep watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts about other people’s favourites and all I can think about is “if I was to do one, I would include this, this and this” which has just inspired me to do one. Maybe this will become a monthly thing, maybe it won’t, we’ll see how it goes. I have had so much going in the last month and I have SO much coming up in the next couple months so perhaps this post won’t be me discussing the pros and cons of ITV daytime TV.

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18 Before 18 | An Update

Well, in all honesty, I failed miserably at my 18 Before 18 list. Maybe I should do another list before my nineteenth birthday and have better luck next year? I compiled the original 18 Before 18 back in October 2015 and here we are now in March 2016, where I have been 18 for just over a month. And I am loving it.

Strangely, this is not a post I had even planned on writing. I forgot I wrote the first list and as I was stalking myself on Twitter one night whilst watching The Walking Dead (multi-tasking) and I came across my tweet sharing the original post.

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Listening To Lately

I am not a music buff in any capacity but even I have a Spotify premium account to tempt me away from podcasts galore. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites at the moment and who I’m listening to lately. Dive on in.

Has anyone else heard of First Aid Kit? Because I feel like they are getting pretty big right now. For those of you aren’t cool enough to know about them, they are a Swedish folk/rock duo (and sisters) who have beautiful soul searching songs but also make you want to dance along too.

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