planning my italian adventure.

In a few short weeks’ I’m heading off to Italy for three weeks of sunshine, pizza, gelato and trotting around the ancient sights. Italy is a country I’ve never visited before and it has been on many of my travel bucket lists so naturally I’m beyond excited to finally see it all for myself and not from behind the screen on Instagram.

The reason behind my visit is an academic one: as part of my degree programme at Glasgow I’ve opted to take part in the core travel course which involves a three-week jaunt to Greece/Italy/both and explore a project. In the heat of the moment I fell down a hole of Roman bathing and I’m excited to explore this ancient concept in Rome and the Campania area as well as visiting and learning about the other historical sights.

Planning this trip has been stressful to say the least. I’ve never been anywhere completely solo before and whilst I’m totally comfortable travelling on my own, sitting in a café by myself and doing activities such as the cinema solo, the thought of three weeks without someone to rely on was giving me a bit of anxiety.

I’m totally comfortable by myself and solo travel is something I’ve always wanted to do so I am so excited that this opportunity has arisen. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely fucking shitting it. Sometimes I wish it just wasn’t happening and I could continue life in my happy little bubble but I know this is a super exciting opportunity that ultimately I’ll be thankful for.

Obviously, my personal safety whilst travelling alone as a young woman is a huge concern for me so I’m not cutting corners when it organisation such as flying in at a stupid time to save the costs/staying in a more unsafe area because it is cheaper.

However, I am a young skint human being so this trip is very much me on a budget which will consist of cooking from my Airbnb, all the packed lunches and eating from food trucks and cheap restaurants.


I’m flying to Rome from Glasgow via London Stansted which will make it a much longer journey but it significantly cut down my travelling costs and I’m not arriving in Rome at a ridiculous time. I’m staying in an Airbnb in the Trastevere region of the city which looks the most suitable for my needs as it is a mix of locals and tourists whilst being close to all the main sights.

My time in Paris solo finishes eight days after my arrival as my lovely mum is coming out to join me. We’re moving to the Angelina Rooms together which is very exciting and I’m glad to have a companion for the remainder of my time in the city.

My itinerary for Rome is pretty jam packed and I planned it ages ago as for the academic aspect of the course we had to submit a travel plan to be marked and graded.


From Rome mum and I are catching the train to Naples to spend a few days in the Campania region. There is not as much here still available to see that is of relevance to my Roman bathing project but there is still of things of antiquity interest to be seen. Plus who can refuse the Amalfi Coast!

We’ve opted to stay in Sorrento due to the fact it is supposed to be beautiful and we’re staying in a hotel there together until the 4th September. On that day my mum is travelling back to Naples to fly home whilst I am moving to a hostel practically down the road. I am a bit nervous for staying in a hostel as I’ve never done this solo before but the one I’ve opted for has good reviews on Hostelworld and I have a small, female-only room.

It will just be somewhere to lay my head at night etc and I really need to start researching the logistics of how I’m going to be travelling around Campania. The next step is picking up a Rough travel guide!


Bath is obviously not in Italy but the final proportion of my academic trip will be spend in this city. Bath has world-famous Roman baths so I’m going to be looking at them to view the project from a Britannic angle. I’ve always wanted to visit here and this feels like the perfect time to do so.

I know by the time I get to Bath I will be ready to get back home. After a week of the hostel in Italy I decided to bite the bullet and spend that little bit extra on a room in an Airbnb as I’ll be exhausted and need some chill time on my own. I’m super excited to do a lot of exploring in this little city!

I’m flying to Bristol from Naples, getting the train to Bath and spending two nights there. I’m then getting the train back to Bristol to fly home to Glasgow and by then, I’ll be ready to see my bed.

I’ll be writing travel notes about my time in Italy and I am genuinely so excited. This feels like such a big thing for me, personally and academically, and I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. I am a little nervous about spending three weeks somewhere as that’s longer than I have ever been away before but I know it’ll be worth it.