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I love listening to podcasts when I’m working: whether that be university work, freelance jobs or creating content for my blog. I’ve only really been into podcasts since April this year when my friend introduced me to Casefile and the world of true crime podcasts and I’ve never looked back.

Listening to podcasts inspires me. It helps with my creativity, my problem solving, my writing and my visions. I love hearing stories of successful women doing incredible things with businesses they have started from their kitchen table or bed as a side hustle and it has grown into something cool.

As podcasts are now such a huge part of my life, I am constantly writing down ideas for my own potential podcast in the future (god knows I love the sound of my own voice enough to natter away for an hour and stick it on itunes), I want to share as many of my favourites on here as possible.

One of my favourite things about my favourite podcasts included in this list is that they introduce me to other amazing women doing amazing things. So many of the people I follow now, read their content, listen to their podcasts, buy their things etc., are people I’ve discovered by listening to a podcast where they have been a guest on an episode.

Side note, it is my dream to be a guest on a podcast so if anyone wants to interview me even though I KNOW NOTHING, I’m all yours.

easy numbers.

Numbers is not my jam in any sense of the word and Easy Numbers is an invaluable resource. As I’m not really a small business owner in any sense of the world, a lot of Julia’s advice does go over my head but when I hopefully make the move into self-employed (as part of my quest to never have a real job), I just know how useful I’ll find Easy Numbers and everything Julia does over at Easy As VAT.

My favourite episodes are the ones where Julia chats with a female business owner to discuss all things business, their career journeys and of course, managing money. For anyone who is absolutely clueless about finances, Julia’s podcast and website has to be your first (and only) stop.

Start Listening | Episode 4: Lola Head, Creative Coach + Founder of One Girl Band

how to curate your life.

This is the newest podcast I’ve started listening to and I’m obsessed. I’m not quite sure how I came across it but I’ve since followed Lizzie on Instagram and have marked Smug down as a shop I need to visit next time I go to London.

Lizzie chats with a guest in each episode of How To Curate Your Life about curating the perfect work/life balance and how they live their life they way they want. It is so inspiring as you get to listen in on some super interesting careers, how they got there and how they are living the life they want.

Start Listening | Podcast Episode No.2 with Charlotte Jacklin

make it happen.

Jen is an amazing creative coach and Make It Happen is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to for creative inspiration. Some episodes Jen chats with a guest to discuss their creative journey and how they create with snippets of career advice and problem solving.

Other episodes are shorter where Jen chats about a specific problem and how to solve it. Her voice is incredibly soothing and relaxing, and after every episode I come away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next problem.

Start Listening | Be A Storyteller, Not A Writer with Laura Jane Williams

the goal digger podcast.

Jenna Kutcher is the queen of all things digital and creative. I found her amazing podcast through a tweet from Victoria and I have never looked back. She was my first foray into the creative inspiration and business coaching podcast world and Goal Digger continues be one of my favourites.

Jenna’s career journey, her drive and her passion for what she does is incredibly inspiring. Jenna’s voice is just so positive to listen to and rapport she builds up with her guests is infectious. It is one of the most inspiring podcasts, filled with resources, problem solving and excitement for what you can create and achieve.

Start Listening | From the very beginning and don’t miss an episode!

this north works.

Another new podcast I’ve added to my listening roster is the fabulous This North Works from Sophie Cliff. All about celebrating life in the North, chatting to inspiring career journeys from Northerners (or those who have moved there) and how they build the life they want up North. I love the positivity behind Sophie’s work and all the guests so far have been super interesting and inspiring.

I’ve never really visited much of northern England (other than York and a couple of trips to Newcastle) but the likes of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds have been on my UK travel bucket list for years. I love that Sophie is setting out to the change the notion that London is the be all and end all and demonstrating the fantastic careers and businesses Northerners are running with a fantastic quality of life.

Start Listening | Episode 3: Daisy Barnes, Yolk HQ

the travelust podcast.

Finally, The Travelust Podcast from Sam Sparrow of As The Sparrow Flies. Whilst this isn’t categorised as a ‘business’ podcast, I find it incredibly inspiring and it helps me to create better content and visualise how I want my life to be better. For me, one of the reasons I want to work so hard and make money is so I can save up and travel.

I love heading to Europe to discover new cities and I have a travel bucket list the length of my whole body. In the next few years I’d love to head back to the states and see some of Asia for the first time so listening to other people’s travel tips and adventures is so inspiring and useful.

Start Listening | Travelling in Australia and Exploring Cities with Beverely Reinemann


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