recently reading.

Man, reading is hard when I’m back at university. I know I’ve mentioned this like 6723 times before but I feel so guilty when I read things which aren’t related to my degree. Like if I can find a spare half hour to read my book, I could be using it to read The Origins of the Peloponnesian War or Reformation, Europe’s House Divided. Both riveting reads but man, sometimes my brain just needs a break from all the academic jargon.

This post has been in the works for a while as these books have been super spaced out over the last couple of months. We have a mix of thriller, self-help and young adult mystery. I’m hoping to do some reading on yoga and tarot and have a couple of thriller books lined up so maybe my next Recently Reading will be more extensive.

black eyed susans by julia heaberlin. 

I’ve already blogged about this in a little things post but I 10/10 recommend if you like a good thriller. It is such a haunting story, following Tessa years after she was found in the grave of a serial killer with the bodies of his other victims and the man who was found guilty is about to be executed on death row. It was Tessa’s testimony which sealed his guilt but she is now unsure if he is the right man.

Someone is now threatening her teenage daughter, strange things keep happening and most importantly, someone is planting black eyed Susans near her. Tessa goes on a journey to discover the truth about what really happened, who the other victims were and what happened to her best friend Lydia. It is a bit of a slow burner but it is completely worth it and the reason for the slow development becomes clear at the end.

the life changing magic of not giving a f*ck by sarah knight.

I should have read this like 3 years ago. I picked it up in Urban Outfitters on a whim before catching a train home and I’m so freakin’ glad I did. It is all over social media as it is the book to read for all us stressed out people who just need to chill and stop giving a fuck every once in a while.

It is such an Instagrammable book and it now has pride of place on my chest of drawers. I need to start putting into practice everything I’ve read, so far I’ve only done a few, but after finishing it, my head just felt clearer. Next on my reading list is Sarah Knight’s second book, How To Get Your Sh*t Together ..

sweet little lies by caz frear.

This little purchase was made in Waverley Station when my phone died and I had nothing to do on the one hour long train journey home. The story ended up going in a completely different direction to what I predicted which I loved as it kept twisting and turning and keeping me on my toes.

It follows London detective Cat Kinsella investigating the murder of a woman in the area where her shady dad lives. Cat already has her suspicions about her dad’s involvement in the disappearance of an Irish teenager, Maryanne Doyle, back when Cat was 10. It was such a good detective read and I loved the style of Frear’s writing, it was easy to follow but an engaging story.

virals by kathy reichs.

I was a little disappointed by Virals to be honest but I think I went into it with the same mindset as I would for reading Bones. Virals follows Dr Temperance “Bones” Brennen’s niece Tory Brennan uncover the truth behind a decades old murder and the mysterious experiments going at the university research centre her father works at on the secluded island of the coast of South Carolina where she lives.

I didn’t see the ending coming so it was a rewarding read but I found the story to be quite simplistic and almost childish, but I suppose that would make sense if it is aimed at teens. I think I’ll be sticking to the Bones series from now on though ..

the wasp factory by iain banks.

Well, this book is crazy ass weird. I haven’t read any of Iain Banks’ books before but my dad rates him so I knew it would be quite good. The Wasp Factory is good but it also hella weird. A side step from your usual thriller, it follows the messed up world of Frank, who lives on a Scottish island with his father.

It is later revealed that Frank doesn’t legally exist, his mother ran off, he lost his genitals in an accident with a dog, his elder brother has escaped from an asylum and he has murdered three of his younger relatives. And that isn’t even the story. I totally didn’t see the ending coming and found my skin crawling most of the way through it as Banks told the story of Frank and his brother Eric, if you like messed up reads and a whole host of confusion, this if for you.