recently reading.

I’ve been pulling together this Recently Reading since the end of June and I’m so proud of myself for getting through so many books. I’m always on a quest to read more and thankfully this summer I seem to be managing it. I’m still getting sucked in to thrillers and reading them all in one day but I’ve also branched into other genres and read a whole host of non-fiction books.

Joining the library has of course been a huge factor in my increased appetite for reading and my local has a huge crime/thriller section which suits me down to a tee. I’m yet to venture to any more of Glasgow’s libraries but it is on my list of things to explore in the rest of 2018. Looking for something to pack in your suitcase if you are escaping for some last-minute September sun? Read on …

victoria by daisy goodwin.

I started reading this at my parents’ house when I was last there as I found it in one of the bookcases and I ended up really enjoying it. I loved the Victoria TV show on ITV and this book is written by the woman who also wrote the TV show so it is essentially the same story. I find the Victorian period very interesting and an insight into a young Victoria, even if a little fictional, is educational and fun.

my sister’s bones by nuala ellwood.

Since rediscovering the library I have checked a few books out and the first one I’ve worked my way through is this thriller by Nuala Ellwood. It is a little confusing to follow in the beginning due to the constant changing of the timeline flicking back and forward but the second half is super rewarding. I kind of had an inkling about what the mystery was but I was still shocked by the twist. The writing is super good and when I got to the real juicy bits at about 2am I did feel pretty on edge and unsettled by the story which is always a good sign!

rosebush by michelle jaffe.

Rosebush was a reread that I picked out of the bookcase on my last visit to my parents’ house. I remember the first time I read it: it gave me chills when I finished it late at night, had me on the edge of my seat at times and I didn’t see the twist in the ending. It is one of my favourites from this young adult/thriller genre and I’d happily read it over and over again.

little fires everywhere by celeste ng.

I was disappointed with Little Fires Everywhere. I had such high expectations with a couple of my friends raving about it on social media but I didn’t get that same buzz. I loved the concept: perfect American neighbourhood, mysterious family, class/social/race divides, a murky past.

But I never really saw where the story was going – it lacked a backbone for the plot in my opinion and the ending really disappointed me. I didn’t feel like it did have an ending, it just stopped. The writing however is beautiful and I haven’t written off reading Celeste’s other book Everything I Never Told You.

harry potter + the order of the phoenix by j.k. rowling

I have read and reread the Harry Potter numerous times but they are just such a delight, whether you read them for the first time or the twentieth. Whilst musing around the bookshelves in my parents’ house, I picked up the Order of the Phoenix for a reread. Historically it has never been my favourite of the series but a little reread has got me thinking about whether I should reconsider. Love, love, love, as always.

the suspicions of mr whicher or the murder at road hill house by kate summerscale.

Crime is always one of my favourite genres and I do love a detective character as much as the next person. I always see Mr Whicher popping up on my Netflix suggestions but when I was in the charity shop this book kept calling to me. It is based on a true story and is written as more of a recorded account but it still reads as any other crime/thriller. I found it easy to follow, super interesting and there is a lot of historical context for the case which is fun to read after finishing the book.

friend request by laura marshall. 

I think I saw Friend Request on someone’s Instagram stories of their book haul and it sounded up my street. It is pretty relevant to conversations that are ongoing at the moment with a lot of emphasis on bullying in adolescence. I thought it was really good writing and I didn’t really see the ending coming with the big twist. It is a satisfying thriller for those who enjoy this genre.

the girlfriend by michelle frances.

Charlotte’s blog is one of my first stops when checking for book recommendations as she often shares bumper reading lists on Colours & Carousels. The Girlfriend is one of those and I’m so glad I picked it up. It is pretty slow to begin with in the first half but you really do get rewarded in the second half so it is worth sticking with. I read it at 2.30am which had me terrified!

killing kate by alex lake.

Another library find was Killing Kate. It got off to a very promising start with a serial killer hunting women who look identical to the central character. It was set in England, is well-written and I thought I could identify the plot developing and was enjoying it. The ending however lost me. It was far too drawn out and was just silly which was a shame in comparison the first three quarters of the book.

i see you by claire mackintosh.

One of my favourite things about visiting mum and dad is checking out what books they have in. Both of my parents are avid readers and always have new books in when I visit so I picked up two for my weekend consumption. I See You is incredible. I loved the way it was written, so suspenseful, the ending had me shook and I finished it in one day. This is the first of Mackintosh’s books I’ve read and I’ll definitely be on the hunt for more.

i let you go by claire mackintosh.

A couple of days after finishing I See You, I was working in the charity shop I volunteer in and sorting through the books when I saw I Let You Go. I decided to purchase and spent the the rest of the day at home reading it. I really like Mackintosh’s writing style as she encapsulates the plot so well and really adds suspense in her writing. I do prefer I See You as I think the storyline was better but I Let You Go is a really good thriller for those who love them.

the book of you by claire kendal

The second book I read was The Book Of You by Claire Kendal. I loved the concept of this book as stalking storylines always fill me with fear (read You by Caroline Kepnes if you need freaked out!) and this book is pretty tense throughout. The book is filled with great characterisation but unfortunately, I found the ending pretty anti-climatic – it all happened very quickly and seemed a bit obvious.

the biggest idea in the world by david joland*

On  a more lighthearted note, The Biggest Idea In The World was a witty read. It is highly entertaining and I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. The main character Barry is dreadfully unhappy and you really root for him on his journey to and in Silicon Valley. It is a real page turner and you can read my full review of it here.

Some books were gifted to me for review and are marked with an asterisk. All thoughts are my own. Read my full disclaimer here.