recently reading.

I have been trying to read more books since 2017 began. Am I succeeding? In parts, yes. During the Christmas holidays, I managed to smash through quite a lot of books but as I expected, when I returned to university, I fell off the bandwagon again. I had a trip home at the end of January for some family things and a bit of chill time so I treated myself to a new Kindle book to read on the train.

I have four/five books in Glasgow which I haven’t got round the reading yet and every time I think about buying something new, I always feel guilty that I wasn’t reading the ones I had.

However, I was reading a blog post one day (I can’t remember for the life of me who it was) about life etc and one of the things they had written was to not waste time on reading books they didn’t like. I’m going to adopt that mantra. There are so many books in the world: more than anyone can ever read in about ten lifetimes so I’m going to stop “pretending” to read the books gathering dust on my book shelf and read whatever I bloody want.

But yes, reading. Let 2017 be my year of books. I’m writing this post whilst at home in the Scottish Borders in front of the cosy fire with a Diet Coke sitting next to me, I’m watching Silent Witness and I have history book which I need to start reading and taking notes from looking at me guiltily. But Silent Witness <3. It’s a very tense episode. Home is great for reading as I have my whole bookcase to devour from and my dad always had piles of book floating around for me to sneak one from.

Here’s my latest reading picks …

empire of storms by sarah j. maas.

My mum bought me the first novel in this series by Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass, for Christmas in like 2013? I liked it a lot. I really enjoyed it. I’m a big fantasy/supernatural fan so it’s always exciting to find a new series. I have the next three books of the series on my Kindle and I kind of just forgot about them.

I saw Empire of Storms had been released when I was just doing some browsing and bought it for my journey home at the end of January. I then finished it in two days. As I began reading, I realised I had forgotten a few of the characters and the plot lines but a few chapters in, it had all come back to me.

If you are looking for a new book series to start, I really recommend these books. It initially follows an assassin called Celena Sardothien who is called to the court of the King of Adarlan. The kingdom of Adarlan is very fractured and magic has been banished from the land. As the books develop, the bigger storyline appears and it is a combination of magic, witches, Fae folk, kings, queens and demons. It has everything: adventure, fantasy, quests, life and death and romance.

And the main character, Celena/Aelin is sassy af gal.

don’t look back by erica spindler.

I bought my dad this book for his birthday a few years ago and as he enjoyed it, I thought I’d give it a read too. I quite like murder mystery books (and TV shows) and I found this plot really engaging. I really liked the main character Kat and every character in it is quite shady.

When I was at home in January for a weekend, I picked it up of my shelf and read it all in one night. I just started reading and I had to know what had happened as I couldn’t remember a single little thing. It really sucks you in this book and in every chapter, something new is uncovered but you still can’t you put your finger on it. It’s a simple yet effective mystery, with a bit of family drama and romance thrown in on the side.

bridget jones’s diary by helen fielding.

Bridget Jones’s Diary is my favourite film ever. Yes, it’s my favourite. I like it more than LOTR and HP and Ella Enchanted. It holds that trophy for me. I just really relate to Bridget despite the fact she is thirty-something and I’m well, 19. But her character and her quirks and her outlook on life are things I find I resonate with. After dropping some clothes off a charity shop, I had browse of their books section and saw this sitting there and it suddenly seemed the silliest things in the world that I hadn’t read it.

It took me a few weeks as I had essays and Percy Jackson happen in between but when I did finish it, I was so satisfied. Bridget was just as loveable and hilarious as she is in the films. The storyline is a little different to the films but it mostly remains the same and all the characters are just as they are. It was such a feel-good read and just super, super, super, easy to sink my teeth into.

the heroes of olympus by rick riordan.

After receiving the Percy Jackson books for Christmas and devouring them (I wrote about them in my last Recently Reading post), I was desperate to get my mitts on his next series. Percy and Annabeth return (thank god) so fans of the other series can slot right back in and we get introduced to the Roman side of mythology. Not only is it great for learning the Roman gods, the storyline is just as addictive and adventure filled. So many demigod heroes, so many problems and flaws in their plans, so many near-death experiences and so many swashbuckling adventures!

ctrl alt delete by emma gannon.

This book was EVERYWHERE when it was published. Although Emma is older than me and the internet was more of a thing when I was growing up, all the MSN-ing and Facebook-stalking is all very much the same. It made me laugh, it made me cringe and it made me realise how us millennials grew up online.

It is honest and insightful and makes me so bloody happy to realise that some of my internet and social media thoughts and fears are shared by many. Social media isn’t for everyone but it’s not wrong to enjoy it. Emma’s book made me see the positive side of things and made me realise it’s okay to laugh about all the cringe things we’ve done as we’ve gotten to grips with the internet.