an introduction to scandi styling.

Whenever I’m bored, I scroll on Pinterest for some inspiration for Scandi styling. Whenever I own my own home or I’m not limited by magnolia walls and brown carpets, you can bet my home will be awash with Scandinavian interiors. I love the minimalistic designs that be easily mixed with all interior styles and since ticking off Stockholm this year already, I’m desperate to hit up Copenhagen and see more of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian design however can be found on our doorstep. I recently popped into the new BoConcept store in Buchanan Galleries to chat all things interiors with in-store interior designer Jennifer Wilson – and pick up some tips for Scandi styling in a rented space too!

Ideally located in Buchanan Galleries, the pop-up store is ideal for sneaking into on a shopping trip and picking up on all the interior inspiration – especially if you love Scandinavian style. You can see several pieces of BoConcept furniture styled up in different scenarios and there is a free interior design service (I chat to Jennifer about this below) on offer.

how did you get into interior design?

So my degree is interior design. I’ve worked for BoConcept for just over five years. I started as a standard showroom designer, became design consultant and now I do all the visual merchandising and store planning for all Scotland stores. I work with management to ensure everything is working and we are following BoConcept’s vision for their stores.

where do you start with creating an interior design look if you need to change something in the store?

BoConcept are very trend-based so every September is when our new collection is launched we create looks based on that. We have our two main styles: metropolitan and Scandinavian. Metropolitan is very opulent, urban, encapsulates boutique hotels, industrial and illuminates big cities whilst Scandinavian is more minimalistic, stripped-back, colours drawn from the North Sea, natural woods and a muted but fresh vibe.

We are working with four colour trends this year: mood blue, home-grown, solid earth and icon brown, and both trends and styles work well with these four colours.

what field of design are you personally more interested in? Is the design BoConcept works with in line with your own preferences?

Yes, Danish/Scandinavian. I think the beauty of it is that it is minimalistic and simple but can be fixed with other period pieces. You can mix original retro design or ornate styles such as Georgian and Victorian pieces. It all works when you mix it together and I don’t think there are many styles of interiors that can do that and sway both ways. It just depends on how it is all put together and I like mixing the old retro look with the new.

Where are the best places to find interior inspiration?

I’m a Pinterest junkie! But from anything really. Interiors and fashion are so blurred now and inspiration is taken from each other. A fashionable trend on the catwalk or design week in Milan, it isn’t hard to see where they take the inspiration from. I don’t think you necessarily have to look far – inspiration can be taken from anything.

wow would you go about creating a high-end look on a budget?

You need to work out your budget, pieces that you need and what you want to spend your budget on. If it is a living room, your sofa is the big piece so spend more there. It is what is going to last and look good. All the extra things can be picked up from anywhere and mix and match your pieces. Be sensible about the main piece of your room.

Upcycle things too! People are braver with interiors and developing their own vision. People have so many ideas and don’t know how to separate them into one single vision and they need somebody to bounce them around on.

wow would you go about mixing high-end and budget pieces together seamlessly?

As long as there is a red thread running between all the pieces it should work. A colour, a finish, quality even if it is cheap – just something to link it all together.

If something is second-hand it doesn’t have to be poor quality. Take the time to upcycle older and cheaper pieces. Picking the right things to match such as cushions. Quality fillings but cheap cushion covers or make your own! Little details make a room. Change handles on cheaper items to make it look older.

what tips would you give to people who are renting and want to make a space theirs, for example if the sofa is already there?

If you’ve got creative friends (who’ve studied textiles for example), ask for samples and hang them on the wall to have a unique wall-hanging. Little soft furnishings can help to soften a room. Vinyl contact paper is another good tip – marble, granite etc. and stick it on a table to make it look like a marble finish.

what can you tell me about the BoConcept interior design service?

We are a fully modular company and it is a service that goes hand-in-hand with our company. It is free service and it can be anything from helping a customer select a rug or a coffee table to a full room interior or a house interior. It can be on any scale and we can accommodate anything. It is the level that the client requires that we’ll give.

For example, if we do a living room we like it for people to come in-store first. It gives them a chance to get a feel for our products. The catalogue and the website only shows a small percentage of what you can create so coming in and chatting with us will help us to guide you to for what is right. A sofa is so unique to every family, whether you want something that is shallow with back support, how much you’ll use it etc.

It is all about us asking the right questions to pull the information out of the clients to find out what is important to them and then just finding out about how they use the space, the room layout.

At the site we can measure up the room and make a model. We have our software planning system where we can drag and drop furniture into the plan and build pieces based on their floor plan. It allows people to have a visual representation of how the space will look, flow and feel.

from the products in the store room today, what are your favourites?

Petrol velvet is one of my favourite new colours. Velvets are still very popular this year. Blues and greens are still very dominant and we are working on paring different shades of blues and greens together. More subtle to the big botanical trend. More paired back and working with Scandinavian trends to illuminate the North Sea colour palette.

The five chandelier is my new favourite light and Bordeaux shelves. We are waiting on a vertical one so you can pick a frame colour and shelf colour. They are so light-looking and a nod to ladder styles. It is taking a classic design and putting a unique spin on it, which I think BoConcept does amazingly.

You can visit BoConcept in their new pop-up stores, located in Princes Square and Buchanan Galleries, in Glasgow.

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