september favourites.

Okay so firstly just let me apologise for not posting at all last week! I’m gutted with myself that I didn’t upload once in a whole week as I’m been blogging pretty solidly since mid July (aside from the week in Spain) but last week got super hectic and I didn’t have time to take any blog photos! But here we are and I’m also super sorry about my September favourites going up when we are more than a week into October. But they are all very applicable to October so no worries.

It is Monday and I am in my kitchen at 11.44 about to have my breakfast lol. I’ve been up since half 8, I’ve been for a run *reader faints in shock* and I feel sooooo much better about myself because of it. Although I did walk a part of the way back because I stopped in Home Bargains to buy A3 paper and tin foil and then saw Caffe Nero so I bought myself a coffee. But apart from that, I did actually run.

So now I’m showered, super refreshed, feeling confident for the day and smashing on! First smashed item of the day: posting this list of things I loved in September …


The day before Ali’s birthday, she spent the day with her family before going out for dinner and I was invited. Before heading to her Gran’s house, we stopped off at Strathkelvin Retail Park first. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but then we headed into the Nike outlet store. It was sensational. I still didn’t plan on buying anything as I didn’t need anything (I wanted loads though) but when we ended up in the shoe department and I saw there was a further 50% off trainers, I had to have a pair. I’ve been looking for a new pair of trainers to wear to the gym since the start of the summer and I found these hot pink beauties and bit the bullet and bought them. Only £19 too.


I spent a week in Spain this month with four of my friends from university and whilst there, Ali and I visited Barcelona. Barcelona is a city I have always wanted to visit and I wasn’t surprised to find I adored it. It had such a relaxed vibe but was still a very vibrant city and I felt alive wandering through the wide boulevards to little side streets. We did a lot of walking, fitting in La Sagrada Familia to La Ramblas to the sea front. We had tapas for lunch and then stumbled across Europe’s biggest indoor market, St Joseph’s Market which was a bit annoying so next time I am in Barca I will be frequenting that location. Sephora in Barcelona was also the swankiest one I’ve ever been into, ever.


After spending almost three months at home in the Scottish Borders, it’s nice to be back in Glasgow. I feel more independent in the city but I do miss my mum an awful lot. At the moment I’m just trying to get settled in, get used to the new walk to uni and find things to fill my time with! I’m really hoping to meet more people through blogging this year as I only really got involved in the Glasgow blogging scene just before I left to go home again, *begs for people to befriend me*. I love being back in the city and I love all the hustling and bustling going on around me. Our new flat is lovely and it’s really nice to live next door to friends as well. It’s almost like being in halls, but a hell of a lot cleaner.


When I was in Barcelona earlier in the month, we went into Sephora because it’s just rude not too. After ooh-and-aah-ing at the Elie Saab perfumes, the Kat Von D tattoo liner caught my eye. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I’ve heard so much about this eye liner so I decided to just bite the bullet and snap it up even if it did set me back 20 euros! So far I’m really pleased with it but I’m going to do a whole post on it at some point!


This book is an amazing read which I tackled on holiday after finishing Swallows and Amazons. It has a National Treasure vibe which I love and the book is a great read. Good characters, really gripping and exciting and lots of twists and turns! I did a whole ramble on it in my September In Books post which you can check out here. AND when I was researching this book to find out who wrote it, I discovered it was the first in a series! I’m definitely going to invest in The Shakespeare Curse on my Kindle once I’ve finished writing this. EXCITING!!


So obviously being back in Glasgow means university has started again. I can’t believe I’m in second year (1/4 of the way through my university career already whaaat) and half-way through week 3 of this semester, deadlines are sneaking up already! This year I’m studying a History module in American history (running from first colonisation to present day America) and it is my JAM! American history is probably my favourite type of history that I’ve discovered so far so I’m excited to get to study it so in depth. Plus my tutor is really nice. In Classics I’m studying a module in 5th century BC Greece which is very interesting and I’m enjoying it a lot more than my last Greek module. My third module is People in Business and man is it boring. I’m hoping it’ll stop being so dry as it continues but I’m not holding out for it!


I have always wanted a SkinnyDip phone case. Phone cases for the iPhone 5c can be pretty hard to come by this days as it is practically prehistoric in the iPhone world. I was in Topshop one Friday and had the urge to buy something, you know when you just have the urge, and I was tootling around *almost picked up a metallic pleated midi skirt for £50* but instead settled on a cat phone case. It did cost £12 which in my opinion is extortionate for a phone case but I was hungover, a bit sad and probably hungry so I just bought it. SkinnyDip’s cases are always quite fun, I nearly bought a glittered one for £18 but thankfully came to my senses. My sister has a unicorn print one which is also super cute.