the september edit.

September has been a weird one. I spent one week in nice sunny Spain and then came back to Glasgow with a bump where I got a cold and tonsillitis. I also finished work, started university again, moved into my new flat and got a new job. Geez I’m exhausted even thinking about it all. Oh, and I also published my 100th blog post on Thursday. This lad is 101st. SO THAT IS KIND OF EXCITING, kudos to me to sticking with it this long in my opinion.

I had a week off from work at the beginning of the month as I finished up on the 2nd but didn’t move back to university until the 8th. This was just to give me a little time with my mum and you know, sort my life out in general before moving back to Glasgow. This involved going food shopping for uni and seeing my Granny so it was a pretty roller coaster week I’ll tell ya. Emma and I also had a pretty snazzy day at Floors Castle which you can read all about here if it pleases you but basically we had a killer lunch at The Terrace Cafe, pranced around the grounds taking photos (this one above is an example of me posing awkwardly) and tootling around the castle. It was a lovely day out in a place so close to home as I often forget how nice and beautiful the Borders actually is so it was great to spend a day somewhere cheap yet a lot of fun! Emma and I took the opportunity to get some blog photos and have a good catch up before moving back to university where our crazy schedules make meeting up difficult!

I moved into my new flat this month which is super duper exciting! It’s so lovely sitting with Tori, we are both just quite chill, enjoy cups of tea and sit on our separate sofas.  As of the decorating side of things, we haven’t really done anything. In my room I’ve put up my pictures, got a sassy duvet cover and I’ve “moved in” effectively. But it still doesn’t feel right. Our living room has lots of gross furniture in it apart from the sofas so I want to do something with it but I don’t know what. We have a lamp which Tori brought IKEA which is the only thing I do like so maybe a trip to IKEA is in the question? Tiger and Primark will probably be the places I hit first though when I have more disposable money! And talking of Primark I am absolutely dying to go and do a big shop there. You know when you just get the urge to go to Primark and buy loads? I’m having that currently. But considering I spent £15 in Superdrug today, I’m not really sure I should be spending even more money on homewears!

Moving into the new flat can only mean one thing: Glasgow. It’s so so so nice to be back in one of my favourite cities and with my favourite people. University has started again and I’m really enjoying History and Classical Civilisation but Business Management is a bit more pesky. I’m just finding it quite boring and mundane but hopefully it’ll pick up a bit more in the next few weeks. University is a great experience and I’ve also joined a creative writing society this semester and one of the student newspaper, The Glasgow Guardian. I’m writing a piece for the next issue on an event called Creative Conversations so that is pretty exciting for me and I’ll let you know how my first dabble into the journalism world works out.

I also got a job this month so that was pretty exciting. I’m not 100% sure what my role totally is but I’m definitely part of a telephone fundraiser campaign for the University. The pay is quite decent and you receive quite a lot of training so I’m hoping it’ll be a nice bit of experience for me. The training weekend is next weekend so I’ll found out more then but I’m genuinely very excited about it!

September mostly started off in Spain (well I spent a week there at the beginning) which was a nice change. It was lovely to spend a week with my friends in the sunshine, eat lots of nice food and get a half decent tan. Although my tan is very patchy. You can read more about my Spain adventures here and here (this one is allll about Barcelona aka where my heart currently is <3).

But yeah that’s September. AND HOW THE FUCK IS IT OVER ALREADY. I spent this morning watching Christmas vlogs because I was so in the mood for Christmas but first we have Halloween, my job which is going to last 8 weeks and the winter exams diet *vom*.

Here’s to October being slightly less expensive as September but just as sassy!

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