september notes; watching, reading, eating + listening.

September honestly flew by. At the beginning of the month I was still mourning my trip to the states as mundane life was doing me no favours and I was pretty bored with the routine. By the end of the month I was drowning in university work as I’ve now started my masters and that seems like it will be the theme for October as well. Despite life really picking up with uni and work towards the end of the month, I’ve managed to squeeze plenty in so welcome to another little notes edition.


Carnival Row: I am a sucker for a supernatural/fantasy drama with a bit of romance thrown in and Carnival Row delivered. Ten episodes on Amazon Prime of dark storylines, Victorian-eque setting, Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne with an Irish accent. It was like one of my favourite books coming to life and I can’t wait for the second season. Watch on Amazon Prime. ****

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: I think everyone has seen an episode of SVU in their life and when I noticed a few of the later seasons were on Amazon Prime I dived on in. I find SVU really hard to watch at times and have had to leave it again for a bit now as I was just too infuriated by the injustice several times. I know it’s fiction but it closely mirrors real life situations. Watch on NowTV. *****

Sleeper Cell: NowTV sent me an email with a free pass for entertainment for one month if I signed up again (obv did, will obv be cancelling before 27th October) and I’ve started watching Sleeper Cell. It is pretty grisly and so so so dark but it is nothing like any other crime/police drama I’ve watched before. It follows a deep-cover FBI agent as he infiltrates a terrorist cell in Los Angeles. Watch on NowTV. ***

Downton Abbey: The Movie: I am a huge Downton Abbey film and regularly re-watch the Christmas specials on Amazon Prime when the mood takes me. I went along to see the new film on its opening night with my friend and we both loved it. So heartwarming and fun with a lovely happy ending, just like you’d expect. It follows the Crawleys and their household as they welcome the King and Queen to Downton as part of their Yorkshire tour. ****


Let Me Lie: Claire Mackintosh is one of my favourite authors in the thriller genre and after picking up Let Me Lie as part of 10 books for £5 deal in my local Barnardos I read it pretty much in one day. ****

I Found You: I was massively disappointed by Lisa Jewell’s The Girls back when I read it in 2017 but the blurb on this book was so intriguing so I purchased. ****

The Darkest Goodbye: I’m not usually one for a police/crime story with a detective as the lead as I find them often to be fussy and bit far-fetched. This DSI Lorimer book however was a pleasant surprise and it was set in Glasgow which was both exciting and massively unnerving. This is #13 in the series however so I’d definitely be open to reading more. ***

The Passenger: I found this book quite slow to begin with as it follows a woman who runs after her husband falls down the stairs and dies. She is using a fake identity and doesn’t want the police to dig into her past so she flees and switched identities. She meets a couple of interesting characters along the way and is finally confronted with her past. I found this to be worth the slow burn and the ending was extremely satisfying. ****


Black Pine: Black Pine is one of my favourite west end coffee shops and I made another visit in September with my friend Cat for a post-holiday de-brief and catch up since it had been nearly a month since we saw each other. I had a couple of soy flat whites as the coffee there is gorgeous and so well priced. Find Black Pine at 517 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8EL. *****

Paesano: After drinking coffee in Paesano and putting the world to rights, Cat and I hopped across GWR to everyone’s favourite pizza place Paesano. We shared one of their pizza specials of the day and some ricotta and balsamic onions. Paesano is such good value for money and always one of my favourite places to grab a bite to eat in Glasgow. Find Paesano at 461 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8HL. *****

Blend Coffee Lounge: I’ve been to Blend a couple of times now whilst I’ve been in Paisley for uni. It has good coffee, good food and a friendly atmosphere. I’m sure I’ll be there many more times before this postgrad has finished. Also Charlotte should know if she puts up on Instagram where she is in Paisley on a uni day I will find her and force my friendship on her. Find Blend at 25B Causeyside St, Paisley, PA1 1UL. ***

The Bothy: For our little reunion, Cat, Thea and I headed to one of our west end favourites for dinner one Tuesday night: The Bothy in Ruthven Lane. The food here is so good and I was so impressed my ‘The Bothy’ salad which I had smoked salmon to. I love how cosy it is in here and the food always feels like a big comfort blanket as well. Definitely a favourite for the colder months. Find The Bothy at 11 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow, G12 9BG. ****

Perch & Rest: I have wanted to head to Perch & Rest since I noticed it had opened on Otago Street. The little outside seating area looked like a dream for sitting outside in the sunshine with your laptop and a coffee so when Bekah suggested meeting there I was all for it. I was not disappointed with my soy flat white and delicious lemon drizzle slice and it is definitely somewhere I’ll be heading back to soon. Find Perch & Rest at 39 Otago Street, Glasgow, G12 8JJ. ****

Wilson Street Pantry: A firm brunch favourite for many across Instagram, I actually hadn’t been to Wilson Street Pantry since I went with Charlotte in June 2018. Cat and I headed along one Friday morning where I had a flat white with avocado and poached eggs on sourdough toast which was heavenly. The food here is so good and on a sunny day it is such a bright space. I definitely won’t be leaving it so long to visit again. Find Wilson St Pantry at 6 Wilson Street, Glasgow, G1 1SS. ****

Bungalow Cafe: On the final day of Glasgow’s summer (the second last weekend) Rachel and I headed through Kelvingrove Park to Bungalow Cafe for one of their pittas. I had never been before but the mini meatballs and yoghurt pitta bread I had with side salad was delicious and a steal at £6. We also had ice cream afterwards and it was so good I went back with my parents last weekend for some more. Find Bungalow at 26 Westminster Terrace, Glasgow, G3 7RU. ****


The Snuts: Since missing The Snuts at Trnsmt, I have been so excited to see them in Motherwell at the end of September. We arrived just as they were playing their second song ‘Glasgow’ and it was such a great atmosphere. One of the best bands I’ve seen live and I can’t wait to see what they do next and finally release their album! *****

All Killa No Feminism: All Killa No Filla is one of my favourite true crime podcasts and I have always been meaning to listen to The Guilty Feminist so I was super excited to listen to this cross-over episode. It was hilarious and had me almost crying at times – a must listen if you love strong-talking hilarious women being incredible. *****

Practical Positivity: I’m trying to have a little break from true crime as I am wired all the time at the moment and need to get back into the habit of listening to other podcasts as well to relax my brain and help me study. I was a big fan of Sophie Cliff’s This North Works podcast so decided to listen to her Practical Positivity one in an effort to sort my life out. I think Sophie has a very relaxing voice and these short episodes make perfect studying soundtracks. ***

Sam Fender: Sam Fender treated us to his debut album, Hypersonic Missiles, in September and then the release of a UK tour for next year. He is hugely talented, I love his voice and I’ve had his album on repeat so my friend and I got tickets for one of his Glasgow shows in March next year. ****

Lizzo: Can’t have a month go past without excessively listening to Lizzo. The Lizzo songs I’ve been playing non-stop in September include Boys, Water Me, Juice, Truth Hurts and Good As Hell. And it’s about one month until I see her live! *****


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