Five Things For 2017

Five Things For 2017

Sneakily reworded my new years resolutions. Soz not soz.

I know some people hate new years resolution but I honestly don’t see the harm in setting a few goals for the next year or wanting to better yourself? It’s hardly a bad thing.

Every year I try to improve some things in my life and well, they don’t always go that well. I’m not the best at sticking with things. I didn’t seem to make any last year that were that outstanding but I stumbled across my 2015 list from my old old old blog which I used to muddle around with.

This list had five things on it: keep blogging (WEY-HEY), try and live a healthier lifestyle, watch all of Grey’s Anatomy, enjoy my last summer at home before university and learn something new.

Out of all of these things, the only two I’ve managed are enjoying the summer of 2015 and to keep blogging but even that is a little iffy at times. 2017 should be an exciting year and as always, is filled with lots of opportunities and chances to make memories. 2016 was a good year, but I’m confident 2017 can be even more sparkly.

I’m a big fan of the word sparkly at the moment, not sure why, I just find it fun.

Anyway, 2017 huh? What has it got in store for me? Well firstly I need to finish second year, then figure out what the eff I wanna do with THREE MONTHS of summer holidays and then starting third year, dun dun dun!


F I V E    T H I N G S

Keep Blogging 

God, I’m such a bore I know but.

I like blogging. It’s the only hobby I’ve sort of stuck with (aside from horse riding) and I don’t want to quit. I’ve never contemplated quitting because blogging is such a wonderful community and I love being able to potter away online talking about beauty products and the new TV show I’m binging but I’m not always that good at blogging.

Sometimes my content feels lame and sometimes, when life just gets too busy, I just cannot be bothered.

Blogging is my hobby and I love it and I need to find a balance between it being a hobby and actually doing my real life (studying History & Classics and trying not to go bankrupt and leave uni with £1000s of debt lol). This year I really want to work on my time management, concentrating on content which interests and excites me and is true to me and to just enjoy myself.

Read More

When I was younger, I used to read all the time. I even got in trouble from my mum for reading too much at times, if that’s possible. But since starting university, I’ve been a bit rubbish at that too.

The subjects I study at university have a lot of set texts and required and recommended reading which means I sometimes feel a bit guilty when I sit down with a book when I know there is probably something else I could be reading for my courses.

This semester however, I’m going to try and fit in even five minutes of reading every day because well, the world isn’t going to end if I read half an hour of Percy Jackson is it?

Learn Something New

This classic.

Every year I stick this in and every year, it never happens.

However, I’m really determined to learn a new language in the next few years as I think it’ll be really useful to me in the future. I’d love to learn French or Spanish but I think I’ll start with watching some French TV with English subtitles. That’ll do for now eh.

OOH maybe I could do something of the summer that would intertwine this one? The world is my oyster.

Travel At Least Once

Last year I was lucky enough to go away three times which was really exciting but this year, I’m aiming for at least once. Even if that’s just somewhere in the UK. I’m pestering my mum into accompanying me to Oxford but so far, she doesn’t seem so keen.

I have a few European cities I’d love to visit in the next five or so years so hopefully I can do one of those but in the best case scenario, I’d love to go to the USA and see some sights there. I’m going to be sharing my five year travel wish list on the blog super soon so look out for it!

Be Healthier

Confession: I haven’t been into a gym since September despite owning a membership.

I’m horrific I know. It’s laziness which means I don’t go, and I don’t like going out after dark much. Not because I’m scared of it or anything, just like ugh, it’s dark, sleepy time and Netflix.

Despite my Granny telling me continuously over the Christmas holidays that I’ve lost weight, I’ve never felt more fat and gross and unhappy with my appearance. I’m going to go to the gym once a week (let’s aim small people) and swim once a week too.

Surely I can manage that?

I’m also going to sort my diet out. Err because who knew countless Cadbury Oreo chocolate bars, cans of Diet Coke and cookies weren’t good for you? I feel like a giant lump so gonna try and eat some vegetables more regularly in 2017.

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