recent bedroom interior updates.

I’ve already done a feature on my gallery wall but I’ve added quite a few new pieces to my bedroom at home since the previous room tour. Basically I went wild with my Christmas money and spent most of it on new pieces of furniture. Interiors is one of the biggest things I fell in love with in 2017 and being able to explore my own style was been so much fun.

Through hours of Pinterest trawling and devouring my favourite interior blogs (such as Apartment Number 4), I’ve noticed I’ve developed my own interior style. I gravitate towards anything involving a botanical print, the colour green and items with a novelty twist. I like a mix of modern and antique, think a NYC apartment smashed with an Edinburgh townhouse. Interiors are definitely something I want to explore in 2017, I’m going to spruce up my dark hole of a room at university and keep adding to my gallery wall.

I was lucky that this room had a light wall colour that I adored when we moved in and the pieces of furniture we brought with us fitted in perfectly. The chest of drawers are antique and one of my favourite pieces to ever come across.

My bed is from Argos and cost about £99, it isn’t the best quality but I love the timeless look it casts in the room (aside from the fact the bottom of it is broken as the knobs have come off). The trunk is another antique find that is one of my favourite things to own, the chair (draped in a blanket and cushion both from Dunelm) is a golden oldie and the metal box is another antique shop treasure.

so what is new?

gallery wall.

I’ve already wittered on about creating a gallery wall from scratch on The Monday Project as well but I can’t ignore it here, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest changes to my room. I wanted to have as many prints as possible that I felt reflected me personally – a big eclectic mix up.

A few of them are sentimental – a postcard from NYC, a birthday card from my sister, a French poster from a vintage shop I used to visit from my Granny and a painting of my dog that was a Christmas present from my parents. The mirror is also special as it belonged to my parents but I decided to spruce it up by painting the pine frame in a green paint from …

Supporting smaller businesses was also something important to me as smaller talent is often the best talent. Dorkface Shop on Etsy was an obvious choice and the ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ print was included by Jemma for free which I am so chuffed with – I think it is actually my favourite one. The pineapple print I bought in my favourite coffee shop in Kelso, The Cream Chimneys, after contemplating it for months.

I also have some from larger business: ‘Oxford Street’ canvas from Primark, ‘Life Gives You Lemons’ postcard from Paperchase and an Alice in Wonderland poster from a poster fair that visits my university several times in the semester. I still have a few to hang up – one from Dorkface Shop and two from Desenio but man, finding frames is harder than I thought. I’ve mostly found my frames from Tiger, TK Maxx, Wilko and Dunelm. If anyone knows where I can find quirky and funky frames that won’t break the bank, please hit me up.

bedside set up.

Since reading a blog post by the blogging queen Hannah Gale about her bedroom I became quite obsessed with the idea of having two beside tables instead of the slim antique cabinet that I had. This began to materialise when I found this marble side table from Urban Outfitters in the sale in August and I have since painted the legs of this table the same green as the mirror as the pine legs didn’t quite blend in with my interior style.

At Christmas I snapped up another table in the Urban Outfitters sale, this time a quirky bird feet table. I’m still not sure how I feel about it but since putting them all into situe, I think it looks alright. The lamp is also a new post-Christmas purchase from Aldi that I saw on Erica Davies Instagram feed. I love the vintage feel at a fraction of the price compared to similar styles from higher end stores.

My bedside tables are a bit of a mess at the moment when I’m at university as they have an un-lived-in feel about them. I currently have a couple of books, a tea light holder standing on top of a wooden coaster and an adorable pineapple photograph holder from Oliver Bonas holding a polaroid of my sister and I. The other one is even less cute – currently hosting a tube of hand cream, pot of vaseline, a marble and copper coaster and my alarm clock. This is not that Pinterest sexy is it?

around the bed.

I think Urban Outfitters might be my favourite place to shop for homeware. Everything on that website is so bloody dreamy and you can find some steals in their sales. I picked up these shelves from about £15 in August and I love the industrial vibe about them. You do have to be careful with them as if you put too much weight on one side it will just tip so always the worry I could wake up the night with a cactus smacking me in the face.

One shelf has a couple of prints – one a birthday card and the other a silk postcard that I bought when I was in The Bahamas. The cacti salt and pepper shakers were a gift from my sister and her friends when they stayed at my flat and I am so excited to be able to use them in my own home one day and not have them as ornaments on the shelf.

The other has the aforementioned cactus which was a gift from my mum when I went to university nearly three years ago. The other is a faux-Banksy print from a vintage shop that we used to visit in Hawick and I also have a gold pineapple candle from Primark. The other new instalment around my bed is a Desenio botanical print framed in a Wilko frame. Yes, very aware it is squint but I can’t be bothered to pull the nail out the wall and fix it so, it is staying squint for the foreseeable future.


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