spring capsule wardrobe.

Glasgow weather has been a little bit demented of late and as much as I want to shave my legs and stick on a summery dress, it’s a little bit difficult. This combined with my desire to get up explicitly late and end having to rush out the flat in whatever I find on my bedroom floor makes looking nice in spring kind of hard.

Spring style this year seems to be all about gingham, metallic and as always, pastels. Stripes are usually my go to thing so it feels a bit strange to be wearing less and less of them this season, although I can’t seem to detach myself from an ancient striped top from H&M.

As I said earlier, the weather is making spring dressing really bloody hard. I struggle with the slighter milder weather as when I leave my flat for uni, it is freezing cold but by the time I’ve walked to uni, I have a nice sheet of back sweat hanging around and my sleeves are stuck to my arms #sexy. I’ve brought together some of my staple pieces this season as I wanted to share in case anyone else is struggling! Also v obv these photos were taken on v diff days, like srsly Glasgow how grey can you be? Scottish Borders pulling through on the blue skies stakes I see.


TRENCH COAT | A trench coat is a staple for spring and autumn. Perfect for layering up on slightly chillier days and it goes well with almost anything. I got this one from Primark last summer for £14 and whilst I wish it was a little longer as I prefer a maxi look, it is still one of my favourite things in my wardrobe as it goes with everything and I do feel a bit Parisian in it tbh.

LEATHER JACKET | If you have made it to 2017 without a leather jacket, how?! I have had this one from Next since about 2014 and I simply adore it. It goes with everything and provides a more edgy vibe than a trench coat. My leather jacket is also a lot thicker than my trench coat so I prefer it for windier and chillier days. As it’s black, there is nothing it doesn’t go with. Leather jackets are transferable to any season and you will definitely get a lot of wear out of it, worth the investment.


KHAKI TROUSERS | Proper trousers were a new thing for me this spring. Until recently I only had one pair of jeans but I had a bit of a wardrobe meltdown and decided I hated everything I own. I don’t really have any transferable dresses for summer to winter so trousers have become my fall-back. These ASOS chinos are great, they are a little bit more interesting than black and are more comfortable than jeans. I like wearing them with white tees, plain or slogan. I love the high waist as they really nip me in at my waist and the pockets are huge.

BLACK JEANS | I can’t believe I’ve survived so long without black jeans but I recently snapped these up from Topshop and game changer. They go with everything, how did I not realise this? I like this particular pair as they graze my ankles so are perfect for the slightly warmer weather and wearing long slung trainers.


WHITE TEE | The perfect white t-shirt. I hunted far and wide for this tee and it came in the shape of £8 from ASOS. I usually go for round neck tees but I think this v-neck is much more flattering. It goes with everything, is super comfy and is pretty inexpensive to. I’m thinking of buying another one of these because it just goes with everything and I always seem to spill found down myself the moment I put something clean on so really, I need two.

GINGHAM SHIRT | Gingham is one of the biggest trends of 2017 and this top from Primark is pretty special. I love the size of the print, not too big or too small and black and white makes it easy to mix with everything. This top also brings in flared sleeves which another big trend so really, it ticks all the boxes. I love the tie detail at the back, it is just adds something a little more special.


PRINTED TRAINERS | One of the biggest things on my fashion wish list is the leopard print Stan Smiths. But alas, I do not have £100. I bought these at the end of last year but only really got into wearing them this year. They are really comfy and are a little more exciting than just plain trainers. It is not quite warm enough for espadrilles or sandals yet but I hate wearing boots as it gets warmer so these slot in nicely.

WHITE TRAINERS | I like these for all the same reasons as I like the leopard print ones except being white, they go with things that the leopard print doesn’t. I know I look uncool wearing them with socks but they are relatively new and I don’t want to risk blood all over my new pearly white shoes. White shoes are a staple simply for the fact they go with everything and they instantly freshen up an outfit.


MIRRORED SUNGLASSES | Sunglasses are tricky for me. I love them but I often feel like a massive dick wearing them unless it is above 20 degrees. I never seem to manage to keep a pair for longer than a few months, I either lose them or break them. I snapped these up from Ebay before my Prague trip in December with hopes of wearing them in the winter sun but they took six weeks to arrive. I love them because they are a little bit different, they are pink which is a big colour this spring and I think they suit my face shape.

SILVER BACKPACK | Metallic is another huge trend this spring, especially when it comes to outfit details such as shoes, sunglasses and bags. I’ve had this bag for about a year and it is definitely on its last legs and man I will miss it when it finally gives up. Backpacks are my fave as they are so easy to carry and mean I don’t end up hurting my shoulder if I have lots packed into a bag. I can easily fit my laptop, a couple of notebooks, a water bottle and a tupperware full of lunch in here which makes it perfect for uni as well as general life living.

Spring is not my favourite season and I am counting down the days until I can wap out the summer dresses and dust off the sandals but I think these items are really helping me feel like I look okay and not like a giant sweaty mess in a roll neck on my way to uni every day.


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