Spring Haul 2017

Spring Haul 2017

One Wednesday after I’d handed in my last piece of coursework, I took it upon myself to bankrupt myself. I had been wanting to head into the city centre for a little while, to spend my Topshop vouchers I got for Christmas and to buy a pair of white Vans with my left over birthday money.

I was all psyched and ready to go to the gym after my one class but I did my usual gym freak out and instead boarded the subway at Kelvinbridge and got off at St Enoch, intending to go to the People’s Palace. I think I am therefore in the clear for not going to the gym as before hitting the shops, I walked around Glasgow Green, went around the People’s Palace and then walked up the Cathedral area and had a wander around there.

It is so beautiful up there and I am definitely going to make it my mission to have a proper dander around the cathedral, the museums that are up there and the Necropolis. The Necropolis looked amazing from where I was standing and I can’t wait to get up there and properly see it all. It was however a biting cold day so I headed back into town and ended up picking lots and lots and lots of things. Hehe. In my defence, I was in dire need of a couple of things and another couple I have been lusting after for ages. And I bought a birthday present and a mother’s day present soon.

I’ve also thrown in a few items I’ve bought online recently because why the hell not and share the love people.

Topshop Jamie Jeans in Black

My only pair of black jeans are from ASOS and have a sizeable thigh split across the right leg. Fashion am I right. They fit me really nicely but they are not the type of jeans that tick boxes with my mum or are acceptable to wear to work in some cases. I’ve always wanted a pair of Topshop jeans but £40 is enough to make me do nervous vomits down myself at the thought of parting with that sort of cash as £40 could buy me like four pairs of jeans in Primark.

I was lucky enough to get some Topperz vouchers for Christmas and I immediately knew I would be spending them on jeans. I was initially going to go for some black Mom jeans but they didn’t fit me very well so instead I snapped up these huns and with student discount, they came to £36 which means I have a whole £4 to still ravish in Topshop. I love the stretchiness of these jeans and I think they are going to be very comfortable to wear.

Shop here.

New Look Active Phone Armband 

You know, for all the running that I do. I have been running about three times this semester but it is something I want to do more and more, hopefully with lighter nights just around the corner, this will happen. What to do with your phone is a big conundrum and at the moment I stick it in a freezer bag with some money and my keys and I can tell you, it is not working. I saw this whilst in the queue and I had been thinking of buying one of Amazon so I just snapped it up for £4.99. I am writing this post in Starbucks, drinking a mocha frappaccino and I’ve just eaten a chocolate muffin, so I do fully intend to start using this ASAP. Probs for the best.

Update: it is now 14.04.17 and I am yet to use this armband lol.

Shop here.

New Look Mix and Match Underwear x3

All of my knickers are old and tired. So I treated myself to three new pairs from New Look because why the hell not. As I type this post I realise that one of the pairs was £6.99 which is a bit expensive for me and I am kicking myself for not picking up another £4.99 pair like the other two. But they are very pretty and look super comfy which is what I look for tbh.

Shop here.

Vans Authentic in True White

Once I got my birthday money, for some reason I was faced with an overwhelming desire to buy a new pair of shoes, specifically white Vans. I’ve had Vans before: a pink pair which my sister has annihilated on the farm and green pair which are on their very last legs. I know Vans are not the greatest shoes for your feet but considering I spend most of my time in a pair of pink Nikes, I figured it would be okay to wear a pair occasionally. I wanted white because my white converse died their death at T in the Park and I miss having a pair of white shoes so so so bloody much.

I got student discount in Schuh which brought these down from £47 to £42.30 which wasn’t too bad and I am super excited to start wearing them. I am going to have to wait for a bit better weather though as Glasgow at the moment is shocking, we seemed to have relapsed into the darkest winter.

Shop here.

Primark Pink Slogan Nightie 

Nighties seem to be back in the pyjama picture which I am so so so excited about. They were a bit uncool for a while but I love a good nightie. They so comfy and cosy and fresh all at the same time. I went into Primark for a little browse and came out with a coffee inspired slogan nightie for only £4.50. It isn’t the softest in the world but it was the one that looked least like a granny should be wearing it and was mildly cool-ish. There is a Cath Kidston x Disney one which I would love to own that I’ve seen on a few blogs that comes out in May but meh, funds.

Similar here.

Primark Blue Lounge Jumper

I was browsing the Primark pyjamas sale rail and saw this <3. It is the softest thing I have ever touched. I can’t actually describe how soft it is. I’m hoping it’ll be perfect for sleeping in on slightly chillier nights but also just as a top to lounge around in around the flat. The print is really nice, I’m a big fan of white and blue. And did I mention it’s really soft? It was reduced from £7 to £3 so hustle your way to your nearest Primark and see if you can find it lurking around.

Similar here.

Primark Friends Central Perk Cami and Shorts

To match my new pyjama jumper, I fancied a new pair of pyjama shorts. The only ones I could find which would have matched weren’t in my size unfortunately and as I was leaving, I spotted this super cute Friends pyjama set. It was the shorts which drew me in, red is my favourite colour and Friends is definitely one of my favourite TV shows (I would say it is in my top 10). As I’m hoping to spend this summer in the states, I probably don’t need all my fleecy two piece sets so this purchase is justified in my opinion.

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Primark “K” Turquoise Purse 

I’m kind of over having a big purse. My beloved one from Accessorize is dying, all the card holders are falling apart but I can’t find any that I like half as much anywhere. Recently I’ve either been using a coin purse from New Look or a card holder from Oliver Bonas and it is so much easier having just a couple of things with you. It is a bit annoying when I get to a shop and realise I don’t have my loyalty card but if I was just a bit more organised, I’m sure this wouldn’t happen.

As I was doing my shopping, it was really annoying me that I was having to go into my backpack to get my big chunky purse out in every single shop so when I was in Primark, I was having a little browse and found a purse with my initial on it for £3. I love anything monogrammed so this was love at first sight. The colour is a little bit iffy but my ten year old self’s favourite colour was turquoise so hopefully nine years later I can rediscover it. It’s a bit bigger than my New Look coin purse so I think I’ll be able to fit my card holder in side as well so BONUS.

In stores now.

Girl Stole London GirlVSCancer Slogan Tit-Tee 

I saw these t-shirts all over my social media and on every blog I was reading. I soon found myself on Lolli’s blog, Girl Stole London and read all about her cancer story. Checking your boobs is super important ladies (and gents!) and breast cancer is a nasty thing, it seemed only right to support it. I was looking to add to my slogan tee collection so after getting a good grade back on a presentation, I treated myself to “Lady Lumps”. I was a bit hungover when it arrived and managed to spill Diet Coke down it on the first day of wearing so the only bit of action this top has seen is a trip to Lidl. I have also since washed it with a bunch of green clothes by mistake so it now a tinged yellow colour but I don’t think that matters, it’s unique! They cost £34 including postage but with 25% going to a breast cancer charity and the other 75% supporting Lolli through her own cancer journey, worth it.

Shop here.

ASOS Khaki Chinos 

I spotted these on Hannah Gale’s blog and instantly decided I needed them. I have a love/hate relationship with jeans and I thought these would really suit my figure as I do have a small waist in comparison to the rest of me. I like to think I am right on the suiting them front and I’ve worn them on several occasions with an array of white tees, the one mentioned below, my New York slogan tee from Mango and my best day ever tee from H&M.  They are £38 which is a bit more expensive than I usually doll out on clothes but life. They just look a bit sassier than jeans and they go with my all time favourite pair of shoes ever, the La Redoute leopard print plims.

Shop here.

ASOS White Tee

This is the perfect white t-shirt. I tell Tori and Ali this every bloody time I wap it out. I have honestly never found a t-shirt that is so perfect. It fits so well, the v-neck is so flattering and it is so bloody white. I’ll have to watch I don’t wash it with any green things. I bought it in the same ASOS order as the chinos as I thought they would look good together (they do in my opinion) but I’m also excited to wear it with everything else in my wardrobe. It really is so perfect.

Shop here.

This list doesn’t seem as big now I write everything down. I did make some extra purchases in New Look and Paperchase but these were presents so I don’t want to share in case these people read my blog! I expected to love everything I saw on the high street at the moment, from what I’ve been seeing on Twitter/Instagram/blogs but I was a lil bit relieved to find I didn’t. There was nothing which made me prepared to throw away all my savings to buy, nothing that called my name or made me weep that I didn’t buy it.


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