summer in the city.

It is mad to think we are now a good chunk of the way through July and a good chunk of the way through blinkin’ 2018. Every day seems to speed past me in the blink of an eye at the moment and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Glasgow has been blessed with the same heatwave the rest of the UK is experiencing and whilst my chub rub might be trying to slow me down, it isn’t succeeding.

I decided to stay in Glasgow over the summer as I just knew returning to the Scottish Borders would make me a bit unhappy. It just isn’t what I want and whilst I have the flat here and my friends it just seems ridiculous to do that. I obviously miss my parents at tonne but thanks to my life situation at the moment I’m able to pop back every couple of weeks for a few days and they’ve been up to Glasgow a little bit as well.

For me, Glasgow is definitely the best place for me to be. It is where I feel most at home in my little bubble of a room, tap tapping away on my laptop and watering my plants. It has meant my summer nights can be spent watching Love Island with my girls or in the beer garden at my local having a pint with friends. I can actually attend blog events, meet up with my friends and have working lunches and perhaps even go to the gym?

Since coming to university I’ve ultimately changed a lot as person and I am so fucking pleased about that. I can’t believe that I only have one year left of my undergraduate degree here and I’m already looking at postgraduate study that will let me stay in this special city for one more year. It feels a funny old time at the moment as I do feel in a bit of a limbo with everything but at least the weather is good and my friends are close by.

what’s been on my agenda.

It has been a little while since I just told you guys what I’ve been doing and aside from all the time I spend in my bedroom sitting in my pants with the fan pointed in my direction with a half-written word document facing me and ignoring all my emails, I have been doing some super fun bits and bobs.

Since getting home from beautiful Stockholm at the end of May I’ve had a lovely staycation with my mum in Glasgow when we saw Sarah Millican together, brunched and worked with Charlotte a couple of times and went to Elanor’s lovely baby shower which saw my first ever visit to Alloa.

I also met Hayley for the first time in IRL with Charlotte at the Doghouse in Merchant City which saw me getting introduced the cauliflower in a whole new light and now I won’t hear a word against it.

One of the best things about living in Glasgow in the summer has been actually been able to attend events I’ve been invited to. Attending a coveted St Enoch press event has always been on my wish list and I got there this time! It was lovely to meet some familiar faces despite the obscene heat of Glasgow heatwave and see all the beautiful pieces the centre has stocked in for the summer months.

Exploring Scottish craft alcohol with Craft56 has been another fabulous evening I wouldn’t have been able to attend if I’d been living in the Borders. Lis and I got quite buzzy on all the gin and rum from The Garden Shed Drinks Co., Sugarhouse Rum and McLean’s Gin. There was also fabulous food on offer too from Soul Food Sisters.

Another recent highlight of the summer so far was a mooch through to Edinburgh with my favourite blogging ladies Charlotte, Lis and Hayley to meet Leda (also IRL for the first time) to be ladies who lunch. We went to Baba on George Street where I can confirm the cauliflower fritters are delicious and it is the perfect place to visit if you want to all muck in and share a few dishes. Lis, Hayley and I also headed over to the Grassmarket to visit Mary’s Milk Bar and oh sweet god, the gelato is heavenly and so well-priced for such an expensive bit of the city. 10/10 recommend.

Income wise I’ve been doing a bit of freelancing but it is hardly enough to live on. I would follow this through with a ‘lol’ but hardly a laughing matter to be honest. I’m trying not to worry about it and my student loan will come back in again in September and just enjoy life. I’m twenty, it isn’t the end of the world. Sure, I could have moved back home for three months and worked somewhere there but oh god I’d be MISERABLE.

All this time however has been me ample opportunity to work on the old blog. Thanks to my beautiful whiteboard I’ve got a big list of things I’m looking into including restarting a newsletter (watch this space), floating podcast ideas about, courses I’m doing (including a Pinterest one I’ve been on this January that I’m yet to complete) and typing up a few chapters of my much-anticipated book*.

I’ve also had so much time to work on my dissertation which has been so refreshing and interesting. It is nice to work on a uni project that I have a lot of time to play with still and not feeling the overwhelming pressure of day-to-day uni life.

*Anticipated by me and my dad only.

summer staples.

One thing I adore about living in Glasgow in the summer is being able to wear what I want, when I want. I feel there is a lot more freedom with dressing up in the city as people give less of a toss what you’re doing and the warmer weather has been a treat.

I like wearing dresses in the summer as I have hate-hate relationship with shorts and love nothing more than swishing to the Old Schoolhouse in my new fave dress.  I was recently at the St Enoch Summer Soiree which gave me a little peek at all the gorgeous summer styles in all the stores in the centre.

In the summer I tend to personally float towards anything bardot and something a little more ‘shapeless’ so it isn’t clinging to me and highlighting all the sweat patches. Footwear wise I switch between trainers (if I’m doing a tonne of walking) or my beloved Birkenstock-esq sandals from Office that I adore. I always have a pair of sunglasses on me and tend to carry smaller bags as there is nothing worse than the backpack back sweat is there?

This summer I’ve also started to take care of my skin a little more as I’ve totally neglected it in previous years. In the St Enoch Shopping Centre I picked up a few summer essentials for my skin. I was drawn to the Botanicals All Bright Day Cream because it is affordable but also contains an SPF of 15 which is super important. I do top up throughout the day with suncream but it is great to get that first layer of protection on your skin in early.

I love wearing perfume all year round but I do have a soft spot for summery scents. The Body Shop’s Indian Night Jasmine has been my favourite summer scent since 2016 now as it brings me back to my trip to the Bahamas that summer. I repurchased another bottle of this as I hadn’t had one in a while and I love the connotations this holds for me.

I was also recently introduced to The Body Shop’s face mists, first by Lis on a train back from Alloa one hot summer’s day and also at the St Enoch Summer Soiree. I’ve now picked up a bottle of Coco Calming and carry it in my bag at all times for when I need to freshen up a bit.

what’s next?

I’m exploring freelance copywriting more which is lots of fun and I am continuously working on growing my blog, developing my writing resume and taking all the free courses I can get my little mitts on.

The summer is filled with wondrous possibility of beer gardens, park picnics, impromptu nights out, trips to the library and little trips back home. My next BIG THING is three weeks in Italy at the end of August and beginning of September which I’ll be chatting about on here very soon, watch this space …


dress*, Blue Vanilla {in Debenhams stores} | sandals, Office | bag*, Topshop {in store only} | sunglasses*, Dorothy Perkins | moisturiser*, Botanics | body mist*, The Body Shop | face mist*, The Body Shop

This post contains items both gifted in a goodie bag & items purchased with a gift card that was gifted. Please read my full disclaimer here.