Moving On From My Bullet Journal

A few months ago I would have implored that everyone starts a bullet journal. Immediately. It was the only way to live an organised life. I wrote not one, not two but three blog posts about bullet journalling and how I made it work for me. But almost three months after my last post aired, I don’t bullet journal anymore.

I started up again after coming back from the USA. I had a shiny new notebook I’d saved from a Papergang box and I filled up a few of my pages with a wish list, monthly log, yearly goals and a TV to watch yet. I started my June habit tracker. I had my Stabilo pens all ready to go, plenty of washi tape, a bunch of fresh pages ready for me to fill. But I just wasn’t filling it in, or bothering to write in to-do lists. I wasn’t fussed over what colour of pens I used or if I was tracking my habits.

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