Five Friday Things

I go home on Sunday and I’m so bladdy excited. My parents are coming to pick me up in Glasgow which means I don’t have to wrestle the trains home with my suitcase so yay, excite to that. I can’t wait to spend two weeks at home, sleeping in my bedroom at home, cuddling my dog and eating all the scones and other worldly goodies I can find kicking around my parent’s house.

This week has been a strange one. It isn’t quite close enough to exams to make me totally nervous and panic revise  but classes have finished so my days have been a mix of the wii, going to Lidl and sitting aimlessly in the library eating a cookie whilst I try to rewrite my business notes. Glasgow did however treat us to some lovely weather which I’m going to ramble on about later in the post so that made it a little bit more exciting than usual.

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