2017 | A Year In Review

I always feel a bit mournful when a year draws to a close. All the could of, should of, would of feelings start to emerge and I begin to question, what the f*ck have I done with myself in the last 12 months? The last few years have certainly been turbulent and moving into another year reminds me of all the things have happened and all the things that are still to come. So I want to reflect a little bit.

One of the reasons I keep my blog is to have an online diary to look back on when I’m older, to remember all the laughs and tears from years gone by. I often feel as life moves so quickly that we forget to ponder what has passed but then I also feel like I spend too much time pondering the past.

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10 Little Things #24

The last Little Things of 2017! Since my ‘summer epiphany’, I’ve really enjoyed editing a little list of magic things every week. It has made me look back at every week, including appalling ones where I cried about 4 out of the 7 days, with a little smile and appreciate all the things that happened or I’ve found or smiled at. This kind of positivity is just the ticket for 2018.

I’m currently typing this up in bed with my little dog snuggled beside me. I’m taking a break from Call The Midwife to listen to my ‘magic’ playlist on Spotify which is a collection of my all-time favourite songs and waiting patiently for my Missguided order to arrive. What a Thursday. So here we have it, the last Little Things of 2017!

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10 Little Things #23

A week today guys! A week today we’ll be getting excited, eating too many mince pies, slobbing out in front of the Christmas Eve TV offerings or dashing to the shops to pick up last minute gifts. I can’t believe how quickly December has gone this year and 2017 as whole, 2018 is literally a blink away! So here we have a week of Christmas little things.

So you can look forward to plenty of ‘2017 in reflection’ posts (from me included!). It has been a busy old week with work, an Edinburgh shopping trip, catching up with a friend and watching lots and lots and lots of Call The Midwife which is my must-watch of the moment.

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10 Little Things #22

Another Sunday, another lot of Little Things. I’m typing up the first (and probs last) draft of this post one blinkin’ freezing Friday evening watching Tower Heist on the tele box. I have no clue whatsoever what is going on in this film and I’m just using it as background noise. I am however v excited for Legend to come on at nine. Life is wild right now.

This last week has been busy with a capital B. Like sheesh, I need a lie down and a blanket over my eyes for a while. I got the train home from Glasgow on Monday after a hectic day of Christmas shopping, tidying and packing. I’ve been at work in Edinburgh twice which involves leaving at 7 to drive up there and not getting home till after 7 at night due to the joys of rush hour traffic, it’s a right treat.

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10 Little Things #21

I have had the busiest week and the busiest weekend and next week is looking just as busy and oh my god I need a lie in. It is not a want, it’s a need. The semester is also finally over which is the best thing to happen to me in the last 11 weeks, not a joke. I can’t wait to head home on Monday night and spend some much needed time with my little doggo, family and friends.

I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be one of the best ones ever. We’ll be in the new house and I’m going to put up a tree in my room because I’m extra and I’m going spoil my little doggo with toys and treats. I’m hoping the weather stays cold because there is nothing better than going for a walk when it is frozen outside.

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