taking ownership of my summer.

Hopefully, all being well, this post will be coming live to you from Stansted airport where I sit patiently waiting to board my flight to Rome and trying not to spend all my money in Starbucks. Because where has time gone? It only feels like yesterday I was in Stansted with my two best pals on our way home for a long summer and now I’m back again.

And it feels like I’ve just blinked and two months or so has shot by. I can’t believe how quick this summer has gone – it definitely true that time goes quicker as you get older. I remember when I was in secondary school, the six weeks of summer felt like the longest time and now I have just under that left between me and fourth year.

To breakdown my summer simply, it has just been simple. It has been easy, I’ve been content and happy and laughed a lot. I’ve travelled between the Scottish Borders and Glasgow at a happy balance and I’m so glad I made the decision to to stay in Glasgow in the summer. Glasgow is a beautiful city at all times of the year but I’ve loved exploring it in the summer months.

Being here in the summer has given me so many opportunities in blogging and freelancing but it has also allowed me to become even more independent, spend much-needed time with my friends and see different sides to the city I love so much.

I felt a little sad typing this up on Thursday morning when I was packing up all my things around me to leave, tidying bits up and watering my plants as I’m away for a month. It is not a long period of time but it feels like it is. Glasgow has been so good to me but I won’t be away for long and I’m so excited to explore Rome.

taking ownership of my summer.

2018 has been one of my best years of travelling yet. Ibiza happened in April but exploring two beautiful cities, Amsterdam and Stockholm, with two of my closest friends at the end of May was the perfect starting point. Scrapbooking these memories a week or so ago brought them all back and I’m already counting down the days until I can return to both – better start saving then.

Whilst my Instagram has totally dropped off this summer, The Monday Project has been going stronger than ever. I’ve consistently blogged twice a week and I have loved coming up with new content ideas all the time. I’m not planning on stopping this when I’m in Italy so keep your eyes peeled for new posts!

Thanks to my Glasgow status this summer I’ve managed to attend really fun events from craft alcohol tasting nights to fashion and beauty summer soirees. I’ve met up with Charlotte, Lis, Elanor, Hayley and Leda in real life, eating in lovely spots in both Glasgow, Edinburgh and then Alloa for Elanor’s lovely baby shower.

My friends and I have spent a lot of time in Kelvingrove Park, our local favourite pub (RIP Rach’s 30% discount) and on silly random nights outs. I’ve eaten out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and all the coffees so it should be no surprise most of my money has gone on food this summer.

But as it is slowly coming to an end, I feel ready and almost excited to start fourth year. I can’t believe I’m finishing my summer in Italy which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit and I can’t freaking wait! But before I know it I’ll have two feet on Scottish soil again and the summer will be well and truly over.

starting the autumn on time.

The gorgeous watch featured in this post is from Adexe and will hopefully help me improve what has been my appalling time-keeping this summer. I never wear a watch since the battery died in my old one (too lazy to get it replaced) but this MAC Grande Electric Rose will hopefully have me arriving on time to things rather than ten/fifteen minutes late.


dress, M&S | watch, c/o Adexe

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