the april edit.

Spoiler: I started writing this post mid-way through April because when it came to the end of the month, I wasn’t remember things I actually wanted to talk about. Plus I’m v bored on a Friday night watching Captain America: Civil War and I don’t want to revise so procrastinating in the best way I know how: blogging.

It has been a pretty busy month, I spent two weeks at home at the beginning which was delightful then moved back to Glasgow for exams. I’ve already sat my first one (today in fact!) and I honestly don’t know it went. I mean the questions were okay but I feel like nothing I wrote made sense or wasn’t coherent or was just complete rubbish.

I also spilt coffee down my white Mango t-shirt which was not smart when walking home and had to go to the supermarket with the spillage down my front #class.

Whilst I was at home I went on a lovely dinner with some of my oldest friends which is always nice as we go a long time without seeing one another so there is always lots to talk about and catch up on. Everyone seemed to have exciting summer plans and lots going on so it always nice to hear about other people’s lives, especially when mine is so bloody boring.

My sister and I had a little London trip sandwiched in the middle of this month, spending a whole 12 hours there! I’ll be blogging about it eventually but for the now, you need to know that we walked a hell of a lot of steps, spent a lot of time in Hyde Park and ended up in Pret for an hour charging our phones and hiding from the bitter wind.

I had a not so successful trip to Primark and I’m now on a healthy eating spree (I did just eat brie for lunch though, no hate) and I’m really excited to live a healthier lifestyle in the summer. Oh and I got my visa for the states, YAY!

I’ve done a lot of thinking about life recently and the way I view myself. It ended up all in a blog post where so many people, both strangers and friends, said really encouraging things to me and I’m feeling really positive and inspired for the first time in a really bloody long time. The tunnel doesn’t feel so dark anymore and I feel relaxed and creative again, I feel more like myself again.

F A V O U R I T E S 

Criminal Minds

If you follow me on Twitter, it is no secret that I have been obsessed with Criminal Minds in April. Literally obsessed, there is no other word for my relationship with this TV show. I have watched seasons 3-5 and 9-12 in April, let that sink in people. I absolutely adore every single member of the BAU (even the newbies!) and I was super sad to see Callahan, Blake, Morgan and Hotch all leave. Except Gideon, wasn’t really that arsed about him.

Season 12 has me on tenterhooks with the whole Reid-in-prison storyline and Mr Scratch still at large and as I type this, the next episode comes out in ten days. TEN WHOLE DAYS TILL I CAN GET AN UPDATE ON REID.

Update: Just realised I included Criminal Minds in The March Edit. My life is v boring obv but I am not kidding when I say I am borderline in love with this show.


Oh hello you, old friend. As I’ve been at home for a couple of weeks “revising” over Easter break, I’ve secretly (not so secretly if you follow me on Twitter) been watching a tonne of TV. Broadchurch has been such a delight every Monday evening, Olivia Coleman and David Tennant once again gracing our TV screens with some killer acting and insane storyline.

The final episode will air this Monday and I am so bloody excited. Whose DNA is on the sock? The four main suspects all seem as guilty as one another and I have no bloody clue who the rapist is, not even an inclining as the four of them are all super guilty looking. V excited to tune in on Monday.

Update: have since watched the final episode, loved it. I chatted about it Five Friday Things and I think I showed my disdain there for the culprit. Like wow, Broadchurch, what a fantastic ending. It was chilling and terrifying and I think Broadchurch has to be one of the most amazing TV shows my TV has ever seen.

Online Shopping

I’ve been online shopper happy this month, like seriously worse than usual. This always happens when I’m home, I think it’s because there isn’t any hassle with parcels getting lost compared to the flat as the delivery guys always just leave them in the shed if no one is in.

The first order I made was to La Redoute when they were running a 40% off on all items where I picked up some espadrilles after my Dorothy Perkins ones fell apart a few weeks ago and a tan tote bag as I have been hankering after a bag like this for a little while. My mum then treated me to a Kanken rucksack which is something I have been coveting for a while now but couldn’t ever warrant one but I am super excited to take it with me on my trip to the States this summer.

Finally I did a Boots order as my beloved No7 Beautifully Matte Light foundation was coming to an end and I am really enjoying using it so decided to repurchase instead of trying out another. I also added two Essie nail polishes to that order so keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on those in the coming weeks.

Further update: went a bit wild and ordered some check print cigarette pants from Collectif after reading a blog post by Last Year’s Girl (which I’ve linked below) and now I’m sitting in a sense of what have I done. Will they even suit me?


Spending a chunk of April at home was pretty darn nice and to be honest, exactly what this kid needed. It was two weeks to switch off, spend a lot of time in my jimmies and watch a lot of TV. My diet has been extra appalling and I have little to none exercise but from the health aspect aside, it has been bliss.

I’ve spent so much time with my little doggo who I miss so bloody much when I’m in Glasgow and of course, lots of quality time with my family. It was my Dad’s birthday so we had a lovely meal together at a local restaurant, went out horse riding with my sister and visited my Granny in Hawick with my mum where I got to visit one of my favourite cafes in the Borders.

I’m excited to be heading back to Glasgow (and double-excited to get these pesky exams out of the way!) but I always cherish my time at home and it will be nice to have some more time here in May.

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Last month I tried to accomplish four things and I have achieved one of those. Yippee for me. I have managed to meal quite successfully which I am v proud of. I have been a bit shit at waking up on or before 8.30 because I go to bed too late watching Netflix because I’m a bit addicted to practically every show I watch. I have been shocking at exercise (classic) and 5 a day is some mean feat for me who doesn’t really like fruit. But yeah May, I’m coming for you with these.

Not Leave All Camp America Planning Till The Last Minute

Pack Up My Shit From The Flat In An Organised Fashion

Exercise More (lol)

Eat Healthier (lol)

I have once again been throwing my debit card without a care in the world this month and maybe in May I’ll learn to be less of a financially organised inept slug with money. I predict I will be just as obsessed with Reign in the next month as it has me completely sucked back in and in May I guarantee I’ll be raving about Pretty Little Liars being back on our blessed screens. Have a great one everyone!


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