how i use my bullet journal; part 1.

Well I’m about four months late to this little shin-dig. I read a tonne of blogs and way back in like March, loads of my fave bloggers were like “bullet journals are too die for” and I was like “that sounds a cool awesome thing I’d love to do” but lol I forgot about it and never got round to *actually* starting one didn’t I?

Bullet journals are me. I love a list, I love a planner, I love having goals, I love writing down my fave TV shows and my to-read list, my current wishlist etc. Bullet journals combine all this loveliness in one little journal which you can flash out and show off to all your friends.

Or don’t do that cos you might look kinda weird.

After my friend Lauren started one (her’s is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than mine) I was like “YES YES YES I can do this” so I kind of copied her and started one too. I write mine in a hardback Paperchase notebook with a cool card game design on it which I got for my birthday. It’s such a beautiful notebook and I was waiting for something worthy to be written within it’s pages. Initially I believed this worthy writing would be history notes for next semester but alas, it’s calling came sooner! And it suits this sassy notebook way better than uni notes would.

Why do I bullet journal?

It keeps me organised most importantly. I can see all my goals, plans and aspirations clearly and it helps me form a plan. It’s also good for keeping a track of things such as what I’m eating, buying online and watching on TV. A bullet journal helps me just be the most organised and chilled version of myself. And I feel pretty damn sassy doing it.

I’m constantly on Pinterest searching for new bullet journal ideas so I can keep extending this little extension of my mind so I thought I’d compile of list of what my journal includes in case any of you are ready to become the most sassy, organised, ready-for-life version of yourself with the help of your handy little companion.

GOALS FOR 2016/2017

In hindsight, I’ll probably redo this page at the beginning of 2017 but basically, it’s just everything I want to achieve in the next few months/year. I’ve split mine into “Health”, “Blog”, “Travel”, “Personal” and “Financial” as it makes everything seem a little less daunting. It’s nice to have this page to refer back to if I ever feel I’m going off track or I need a little nudge in the right direction!


I also have a little checklist with my travel bucket list. This includes five destinations I could warrant a trip to in the next year and since penning this list, I’ve managed to tick two off! I haven’t actually been on these trips yet (first one is in four weeks!) but they are both planned and booked. I like having a list of things I want to do and oh-so-satisfying when you get to tick them off. Anyone fancy Greece in April so I can check another one off my list?


This page is basically just each month ta a glance. I’ve just noted down super important events happening in that month such as T in the Park in July, university starting again in September and going to see Passenger in December. It just means I can keep a track of what’s going on when and gives me something to look forward to. I’m already excited for September with uni starting again and my trip to Spain coming up!


Since I’ve only been using my bullet journal since July I don’t have much to show for these. I tend to write out the whole month in a calendar format and note down any important events in that month. I then do a little log on each day (I try to write these the night before) so I have my events/appointments for the day, any tasks I hope to accomplish and any thoughts I may have. I have a key at the beginning of my journal so instead of writing “task” or “quote” I have a symbol I can refer back to. A bit fussy but I like it and it’s often used in bullet journals.


Here I have a calendar format drawn out to show June 2016 to May 2017. Again it lets me see everything at once and I’ve highlighted important dates to emphasis there is something on that day. Just another fun way to keep track of things!


As having a bullet journal is another hobby almost in itself, I’m excited to find out more ways to expand it. I constantly trawl Pinterest to find new fun ideas to add to my own and I decided to keep a note of them in my journal. Favourites include: restaurants to try page, favourite quotes page and a class schedule page.


I’m always finding new TV shows I want to watch (either being referred to them or reading something about them) and then I forget they ever existed. I go through periods where I can’t find anything I want to watch at all so I thought having a list handy will be useful next time I’m in a TV rut. I’ve also included shows I used to watch that I’ve lost track of but want to catch up on so I’ve referred to specific series. My list includes Gilmore Girls, The OC and The Walking Dead season 6.


I’ve ate out a lot this summer and I want to be able to treat myself occassionally when I’m back in Glasgow by eating out there too, especially when Glasgow has such great food options. Ali and I recently ate at the Hanoi Bike Shop which was awesome but also on my list is Bread Meats Bread, Masala Twist and Ketchup. I like having a list of places I want to go because it means I don’t waste meals out on rubbish places.


As I go through stages of buying loads of books at once or being given loads, I forget what I have to read. This way I can keep a track of things and it also means I can refer to this list if I want to a blog post on a book I’ve read. Handy!


I’ve had a couple of go’s at this page, trying out different designs/layouts to see what one works for me. The one I like the best is where I have goals for the month we’re in and then my post check-list. My check-list includes having the post written, the photos for the post uploaded and then the social media-ing done after the post.

Ideally learning to nagivate social media is something I’m hoping to work on and will probably be one of September’s blogging goals! Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with blogging and I have a “OH MY GOD WHAT AM I DOING I’M OUT OF MY LEAGUE” panic attack and although compared to some people, I simply cannot be compared, I’m quite happy just plodding around what I’m doing. Having this little planner in my journal has definitely curbed these hissy fits.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided I simply must include this because I buy things online all the time. But since including it in my journal I’ve realised I don’t actually buy as much online as I think. RIP to the days where I could spend all my days on ASOS and have loads of beautiful black and white parcels arrive on my doorstep. The only thing on my tracker is a £3.99 photo album from Amazon but hopefully over time this page won’t be a waste of space. Super handy if you order loads though!


Since I’m kind of obsessed with eating and I’m going on holiday in September and I obv want to look my best on the beach, I’ve included a food log. I’m supposed to note what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks each day but I haven’t actually started this yet! Not only will be a good way of watching what I eat but I’ll also have meal inspo in here too for days when I can’t think of anything!


As healthy living is something I want to start doing more of, I thought a little tips would be a good way to start. I found this list on a blog called Personal Excellence and just wrote it down in my journal. It’s always there to refer to and I can add to it if I want!