The End Of Summer And The Beginning Of Change

The End Of Summer And The Beginning Of Change

I have had an amazing summer. There is no other way to say it. It’s been great. Although the weather hasn’t been decent, I’ve still ate loads, seen loads of people and been to loads of place! I’ve squeezed in two lovely holidays, one to the west coast and another to Amsterdam. I’ve worked at The Cobbles a lot of the time, made lovely friends and bought A LOT of clothes. And now summer is coming to an end and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

Usually, I would bounce through the summer holidays and then be back in school around the 18th August ready for another year of work, exams and friends. But this year I’ll instead be moving to Glasgow on the 12th September to start the next four years of my life at university. And I’ll need to make new friends, new connections and new memories. Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Talk about terrifying.

I’ve had my unconditional since November 2014 and I feel I got my excitement about uni out of the way before my birthday in February! So instead of spending the last couple of months wetting myself with excitement like a lot of my friends (and good for them, that’s how I should be behaving), I’ve instead been caving in with fear and a whole bundle of what ifs.

University has always been my dream and I’ve been pretty set on studying History since I was about 14. Three years for me is a long time to a hold dream. My mum doesn’t believe me when I say I’m shy but honestly, I think I am. I don’t know how to explain myself a shy as I’m outgoing, up for a laugh and like making new friends. But I am. I just am. I am intimidated so easily and if I don’t like something, I have a really bad attitude of just running away. I just push it away. Freshers Week is going to be terrifying for me, I’m going to be just so scared but there is so many amazing things I want to see and do! I love Greg James so I’m ecstatic he’s going to be playing but all I can think of is: what if no one wants to go with me?

It’s going to be amazing, I know it is. So many thousands of people wouldn’t go to uni if it was just a bit shit. It’ll take a little time getting used too (I’m already stressing to fuck about washing my own clothes) and it’ll take time to adjust but it’ll be soooooo worth it. It’ll make coming home to see my mum and Pip so much more special and exciting. And catching up with my best gal pals from home will be even more fun, we’ll have more to chat about and more to share and catch up on! Putting dates in the diary for lunch and a meet-up makes it all feel less lonely and scary (roll on October 10th)!

Apart from being a depressing little idiot about uni, I can’t wait to share to next four years of adventures on The Monday Project!

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Original Post Date: September 2015