the importance of a sort-your-life-out-saturday.

I have recently been reading Sarah Knight’s Get Your Sh*t Together and well, it is inspiring. I love her no nonsense approach to well, everything, and the anti-guru approach to telling you to get your shit together.

Since coming back to university about three and a half weeks ago, I’ve been getting my shit together. Slowly but surely. I’ve been unravelling for about two years and I really wanted 2018 to be different, to get a handle on things and have my shit together. This is where the concept of a sort-your-life-out-Saturday came into play.

This isn’t actually a concept from Sarah Knight’s book but I feel like she would endorse this kind of thinking. I like to have things sorted out all the time but doing things on a Saturday feels right.

You don’t have work (unless you work weekends, then you could do sort-your-life-out-Tuesday) or university or school. You don’t have to wake up stupidly early and drag yourself on your morning commute. You don’t have to feel guilty for ignoring the pile of work you’ve been ignoring – unless you are me and unable to ignore university work but still not doing it.

Here is how you can have a sort-your-life-out-Saturday & really treat yourself this weekend.

tackle that clothes pile + washing.

Everyone has the chair or if you lack a chair, a pile of clothes that builds up over the week and is causing chaos. Saturday is the perfect day for sorting that all out. Hang things up that you’ve only worn once, put things away that don’t need washed yet and put your coat/bag/shoes back where they belong. Not only will this tidy your space but I also find it freshens up my mind. Tidy space = tidy mind.

Washing is another task to tackle on Saturday’s. I currently have no washing basket as I left it at my parents house so instead I’m piling up all my dirty washing under my desk. Sort your washing into piles, put on wash after wash, strip your bed, get it all hanging up to dry and wow, that is one massive chore done that you won’t need to bother about for a week.

meal plan.

Meal planning is very important if you are trying to live on a strict budget. It can save you time, money and any guilt that might follow if you are spending money every single day on food/something to eat. I always sit down at some point over the weekend with my planner (it is from B&M Bargains but I have my eye on a white board one next) to plan out my meals.

At the moment I’m taking inspiration from The Mother Cooker and Five Ingredients from Jamie Oliver as both have quick, easy and simple meals that don’t break the bank. By meal planning it allows me to make the best use of the ingredients I have, make a shopping list so I don’t go wild in the shop and avoid as much food waste as possible.

a big food shop.

It might work best for you to do your food shop during the week but I prefer to save my evenings for blogging, socialising and watching Netflix. Food shopping on the weekend can be a bit more hectic as everyone has the same idea but I find it best to tackle Lidl after I’ve done my meal plan.

Work from a list! That is the most important point to note when it comes to food shopping on your sort-your-life-out-Saturday. And don’t go when you are hungry or else you will be throwing your list out the window and everything in the basket. Doing this on the weekend and after you’ve meal planned means you can stay focus, have plenty of time and make food shopping a slightly more enjoyable and organised experienced.

deep clean.

I always clean the flat at weekends if I’m going to clean it. There is more of a chance I’ll be in on my own so I can just bash on with it and won’t get lost in a conversation with Tori about whether or not the people across the road are doing yoga or are drunk. It also means I don’t have to clean around someone cooking or can’t do the bathroom yet as someone is having a shower.

The kitchen is always the place which gets the most grotty as all three of us eat at different times and make a bit of a mess. I tackle the dishes pile (regardless of whether or not they are mine), organise the fridge/freezer, organise my cupboard, wipe down surfaces and sweep/wash the floor. Emptying the bin and sorting out the recycling is another kitchen chore I tackle too.


Ugh, the bane of my existence, sorting out my finances. I’m trying really hard to stick to a budget this year as I really went to pot last semester. When I’m having a sort-your-life-out-Saturday I focus on receipts, writing things down in my budget planner and updating my spreadsheet. I’m also trying to use cash more/card less so I’ll pop to an ATM to withdraw next weeks budget.

text your friends.

For a child of the 90s, I really hate texting. I hate talking to someone online, I hate making conversation via text and I love being able to meet face to face with a coffee. This doesn’t make for the most sociable being and unfortunately I can’t catch up with all my friends over a coffee every now and then thanks to distance and different, fast-paced lives.

Having a bit of time on a Saturday to send out catch-up messages, reply to people in my inbox and most importantly, to make plans, does me the world of good. I love catching up with friends who are based in the Scottish Borders or further afield and sticking a date in the diary for next time I’m home or for them to come up to Glasgow.

Everyone is busy and it is so easy to leave people behind but coming from an awful texter, it doesn’t take much to send a quick ‘how are you, do you fancy coffee next time we’re both home?’ or message someone how their new job/the interview/their blog is going. Everyone is busy but we can also all make time.

+ relaaaax!

One of the most important things to remember after having a sort-your-life-out-Saturday is to relax afterwards. Whether that be heading out with friends or for dinner or by passing out in front of the TV. One of the things I do to relax is brainstorm blog post ideas and lose myself in the archives of my favourite bloggers (current faves for that past-time are As The Sparrow Flies, Apartment Number 4 and The Little Plum).

Take time for yourself, pat yourself on the back for your hard work today and put your feet up.

Also, fun fact, Sarah Knight commented on an Instagram picture I tagged her in of her book so that was probably the most exciting thing to happen to me so far in 2018. I was also quite drunk when I got the notification so replied very enthusiastically.