the little things [03].

I’m back with another Little Things! When I first re-started this series a few weeks back I had the intention of doing it every single Sunday as a happy little conclusion to the previous week. I love starting things on a Monday, so reflecting with closure on a Sunday really sits well with me.

However one of the reasons I re-started The Little Things was because I didn’t like the structure and just wanted to enjoy writing them. This list of little things here has been pulled from a word document I keep on my laptop and continuously add to – creating a more varied collection.

I’m chatting about things here that are a little older now. For example we don’t have beautiful sunshine in Glasgow anymore but it is nice to remember it as it was. I love flicking back through these posts in my spare time and it is almost like a diary entry!

Sunshine | Honestly, the sun being out always makes the world feel a little better. I was having a rotten day on Monday that wasn’t helped by the fact my nose was horrifically blocked but every time I walked into my bedroom and was hit with the intense heat and the sun shining through the windows, it didn’t feel all that awful. I’ve been wearing my Office sandals everywhere and I look being able to wear summer dresses and not take a jacket. How exciting is all this! Long may it continue.

YouTube | I go on and off with YouTube and only subscribe to a few creators that I adore. However, in the last week I’ve started watching a lot of Mr Carrington’s videos as I love them. I love everything he does. I love his chatty approach, his DIY videos, his love for house plants and thrifting, and his hauls. I’ve also started watching a lot of Katie Snooks, Brummy Mummy of 2 and Kristabel. I’m also fully obsessed with Mrs Meldrum now as well – I have her videos on repeat most of the time.

Halloumi Fries | I met the lovely Charlotte & Hayley on Wednesday for a little lunch date and we headed to the Doghouse in Merchant City. It was my first time visiting one of Brewdog’s bars but it was a super chilled out venue with friendly staff and plenty of space. We all opted for halloumi fries and oh my god, they were quite delicious. The perfect snack for accompanying our lunchtime chat.

St Enoch Summer Soiree | Blogger events are not something I go to very often (I’m not that cool) but I was super excited to head along to the St Enoch summer soiree. It was a great chance to catch up with some people, see what the St Enoch centre has on offer for the summer and it was also the hottest day in Glasgow since the 1970s so I was melting, literally.

Home | I spent last weekend at home in the Scottish Borders and it was pretty chilled. The weather was nice and I got to see my grandma which was lovely as I hadn’t seen her in a while. We went to a café on a local estate with her and then a walk around the walled garden. My parents also took me for fish and chips in Eyemouth which I was very thrilled with and I managed to sneak in things into their food shop.

Inspiration | I haven’t been blogging very well recently. I’ve written and rewritten my little editorial calendar over and over again. I have the ideas and I’ve written the content but I was stumbling over one aspect: the photography. I’m pretty shit at taking pictures and I’m falling out of love with my trusty iPhone at the moment which is not good as I cannot afford the camera I so desperately want. I had tried mixing up how I edit but I’m not drifting back towards the clean cut style I was using a few months ago. I took a whole day this week to work through my blog post lists, taking all the pictures, made a Pinterest photography inspiration board and finally got some work done. Hurrah!

Friendships | I’ve been feeling really lucky with my pals recently. They are all such good eggs. I love having people around that I’m totally comfortable with, can talk about anything with and just enjoy life together. Just wanted to do a little shout out to them – you know who you all are!

Mary’s Milk Bar | I went through to Edinburgh last Saturdaylas with some friends as ladies who lunch. After lunch at Baba, I went with Lis and Hayley to Mary’s Milk Bar in the Grassmarket. It is somewhere I frequently see mentioned on my favourite Edinburgh blogs and doing the rounds on Instagram. I had a two-scoop cone with Milk and Dark Chocolate and oh god, it was delicious.

Podcasts | Oh I bloody love a podcast. I’m really into them at the moment and shared a few of my faves recently on here. I find them perfect for listening to whilst walking, doing housework or when I’m doing work from my laptop. Currently can’t stop listening to RedHanded and I think a true crime podcast blog post will be coming at you very shortly …


dress, Primark | bag, La Redoute | trainers, Stan Smiths | sunglasses, H&M

[Photos by Claire White]