the little things [04].

It has been a good little while since I shared an addition of the little things on the blog but now that Italy is over, university has restarted and life is tootling along, I kept thinking about how many things I wanted to share and chat about but I didn’t know how to fit them into the content I’ve got coming up. The solution? Another instalment of The Little Things.

I’m currently sitting in a Tinderbox with three of my favourite Glasgow blogging ladies: Elanor, Lis and Charlotte. We have had an afternoon of blogging and chatting and cake (obviously) and after a week of not posting on the blog before this, I needed it.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t very overwhelming by everything in life right now and sometimes you do just need to sit down, block everything out and get on with one thing. For me, on this Monday at 16.09, it is the blog and upcoming content.

I came home from Italy filled with content ideas (most which have materialised into actual real-life content) and now I am stagnating again. Sometimes you have to wind back to basics and think about the little things: podcasts, tv shows, food …

True Crime Podcasts | I’ll be honest, listening to true crime podcasts almost exclusively whilst travelling is not my brightest move as I became convinced I would get murdered. I found them perfect for listening to whilst lazing by the pool, sitting on public transport and sticking on whilst getting ready to go out and explore.

My current true crime faves are Casefile, RedHanded, My Favourite Murder and Last Podcast on The Left. I also love Eleanor Neale’s true crime YouTube videos as they are so in-depth and interesting and I love sticking on one when I’m in my room.

Italy | I did not expect to love Italy as much as I did if I’m honest. I don’t thrive on disorganisation and Italy is well, disorganised. Rome is intense and overwhelming and I’m so thankful for the time I spent there. I feel like I did everything there is to do in that city (great for blog content) and whilst I enjoyed it however, I don’t think I’ll be going back for a long time.

Sorrento, however, I’m obsessed with. From what I saw of the Amalfi Coast, it is stunning but oh so busy and expensive. Sorrento is not cheap but it is cheaper than Positano and it is bigger so I felt I could move around more freely. Also, less stairs! I definitely want to come back to Sorrento at some point and explore Capri, Amalfi and Ravello. The next Italy destination however I have on my mind is Florence …

Hostels | 2018 has been my first year of staying in hostels and I’m not looking back! As a solo traveler in Italy, I definitely enjoyed the community and friendly aspect of hostels a lot more as opposed to when I stayed with a group of friends at the beginning of the summer. They are great money-saving alternatives for budget savvy travelers and if you are looking for conversation after a day of exploring, they are great.

I was incredibly nervous about staying in a hostel on my own and terrified I would feel awkward, shy, anxious and uncomfortable during the whole experience but that was not the case at all. I stayed in Hostel Florida which is part of Hotel Florida in Sorrento and whilst it lacked the normal hostel service such as a kitchen or common area due it being part of a hotel, the dorm was still friendly and safe. I met a lot of really nice people and had dinner with a couple of other solo travelers during my stay which was super nice.

Cheesy Netflix Films | Mainly concerning those starring Noah Centineo. Netflix has been pulling it out of the bag recently with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and I am here for it. I love nothing more than a cheesy af to watch on the plane or whilst chilling out before bed. And I’m as obsessed with Peter Kavinsky as much as the next person.

Italian Food | I’ll be honest, I got bored and sick of pizza and pasta after about two and a half weeks. I just felt so heavy and full and in need of some greens. But I’m a big fan of Italian food as a whole: tiramisu, gelato, bruschetta, salads, mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, you get the gist.

I went to a fantastic Italian cooking class where we made gnocchi with a Neapolitan tomato sauce and tiramisu. I booked it through Airbnb experiences for £25 and I would really recommend to anyone in the Sorrento area. Our wonderful host Giò served as bruschetta, salami and caprese salad with water to begin before we made the gnocchi, sauce and tiramisu.

We wrote down the recipe and then ate our delicious meal with wine. To finish we had some limoncello. Giò and Sacha, her partner, made the whole experience so comfortable and fun and it felt like having dinner with friends.

Food In Glasgow | I love eating out in Glasgow and discovering new places to go in my neighbourhood is something I love doing. Recently I’ve eaten out at the vegan restaurant on Great Western Road called Serenity Now which is literally just around the corner from my flat. I also had a delicious lunch at Offshore, another nearby spot, with a couple of friends from Classics, and coffee at Eusebi Deli a couple of times.

New Interior Additions | I could (and can) spend all of my money on interiors. Now that we are moving into a new season, it is the perfect time to make all these interior updates and get ready for the festive season. I recently picked up a couple of autumnal candles from TK Maxx in delicious autumn scents and they were only £2.99 each.

I shared some tips recently on creating a plant corner and since posting I’ve made another addition – four French postcards in a frame. I bought it before Italy at an antiques centre in Northumberland so it has been at my parent’s house for weeks. It cost me a tenner and it is in the nicest wooden frame so I am very chuffed with this. Other new additions include a spider plant and new cactus!

Updating My Wardrobe | Since cataloguing my finances in September/October, I’ve discovered I spend way less on fashion and beauty products than I would have thought and instead most of my money gets spent on food and alcohol.

Two new bits I have bought are two skirts from Primark which cost £10 each. I really wanted to get back into wearing skirts this autumn/winter and when I saw Mrs Meldrum share the mustard paperbag waist skirt in a video I knew it had to be mine. I resolved to buying it when I got back to Italy and ended up buying a check a-line skirt as well after seeing it in the Bath Primark.

The only bag I’m using at the moment is a small red and white handbag with a metal clasp that I bought in Rome and I am obsessed with and it only cost about 19€.

New Mascara | One small beauty addition I’ve made is an Elf mascara that cost me £2.99 in TK Maxx as I had to throw my only mascara out after I got an eye infection. I’ve never owned any Elf products before and so far, I’m enjoying it!

Three Wives, One Husband | I got quite obsessed with this Netflix documentary and I am gutted it was only four episodes. Following a group of fundamentalist Mormons who live at Rockland Ranch, a big rock in the middle of the desert in Utah, it shared their polygamous lifestyle and it was fascinating. It was just so interesting to see how they lived, how polygamous marriages work and the whole process surrounding their faith. I wish there were more than four episodes.

Defining Your Niche Workshop | The wonderful Charlotte hosted another Blog & Beyond workshop in Glasgow a few weeks ago all about defining your niche as a blogger. I bought a ticket within 0.5 seconds of them being released and I was so excited to head along to the Braw Wee Emporium at BAaD a few Sundays ago. I found it super helpful and Charlotte was a super teacher so I can’t wait to see what Blog & Beyond does next. Knocking about the Barras on a Sunday also introduced me to Tuck Studio which is the most gorgeous plant shop and I just need to go back.

A Discovery of Witches | Hold the front door, I’ve found a new obsession. I saw Debs of Bang On Style chatting about A Discovery Of Witches on Instagram and I binge watched the first three episodes. I am absolutely spellbound by it – it is just like the time I got obsessed with North and South all over again. I’ve also since read and adored the All Souls trilogy which the series is based on.