the little things [01].

You know when life just keeps throwing you lemons and you are just a tiny bit done with it all? Because same. As I’m feeling incredibly stressed and a bit down in the dumps right now, I wanted to resurrect an old The Monday Project series and appreciate the little things that have been going on and making things bearable.

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I used to share ten little things every Sunday but then I got a bit ahead of myself and decided to start A NEWSLETTER but you guessed, I got bored and that stopped. The Little Things therefore died a death on here but thanks to current life situations and a reread of some of my fave blogs I’ve decided to jump back in.

This time around we are ditching the ‘ten’ aspect and just having The Little Things. Some weeks it might be only four if I’m having a stinker of a week, other times I could go absolutely mental and have about twelve. We all cool with that? Let’s jump on in and chat about all the things that haven’t made me cry this week.

Brunch with Charlotte | Before meeting Charlotte irl I fangirled over her hard as I’m a long-time reader of Colours & Carousels and simply adore every this girl does. I am v pleased to announce she is now an actual friend of mine (mum, are you proud?) and every time I leave a catch up with her I feel so inspired. I don’t know anyone that works as hard as Charlotte and she fully deserves every success that comes her way. I also got to visit Wilson Street Pantry for the first time as well which was exciting!

The Weather | Oh god I am dull. But honestly, guys, the weather in Glasgow has been a real treat of late. It is sunny almost every day and dare I say it, hot? Like actual warmth. The windows are open! The legs are out! Ice in drinks! Sunglasses on! It is amazing!

Room Switcheroo | Since Rachel is the best flatmate in the world she swapped bedrooms with me this week and I have the biggest room in our humble Woodlands dwelling. I can now practically do laps of the room which 100% counts as exercise. I can nosy into the street and people watch to my hearts content. I’m no longer sitting on top of my all my stuff. It is heavenly.

Holiday Snaps | I edited a lot on the go whilst exploring Amsterdam and Stockholm but since coming home I’ve really flicked through them and I’m so pleased. I think I’ve managed to capture both cities how I saw them – and when I have a few more pennies I’ll definitely be printing them out and making a little scrapbook of my travels.

British Sitcoms | This week I’ve got a new appreciation for British sitcoms. And I’ve rattled through a fair few. Little embarrassing tbh. I can confirm that Friday Night Dinner, Josh and Bad Education are incredibly hilarious. And once in the swing of things I decided to give Gavin & Stacey a re-watch for the thousandth time because oh god, you just can’t beat it.

Glasgow Staycation | I’ve felt pretty rotten all week and knowing I was seeing my mum on Friday night was pretty much keeping me going. I just couldn’t wait to see her and give her a hug. We had the loveliest time staying in a hotel, seeing Sarah Millican and then eating out a couple of snazzy restaurants and hitting the shops. I’m seeing both my parents next week as well and I’m just so excited.

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