the march edit.

Okay, next month I’ll be healthier. I’m super excited for April, I can’t exactly explain why. Maybe because now, as I’m writing this, the weather in Glasgow has been divine, I wore espadrilles and my trench coat and ate ice cream. I could practically smell spring in the air.

Semester two is kind of finished, we just have the summer exam diet to come and then hello summer and freedom and relaxation. I’m going to be spending summer in West Virginia working in a summer camp which is oh my god super exciting.

My fave TV shows have been on that stupid hiatus they take mid-season in the US which means I’m experiencing withdrawal from both Riverdale and Shadowhunters. Broadchurch is back on TV and The Originals started again a couple of Fridays ago so I guess you can say my TV life is pretty wild right now. These are possibly four of my favourite TV shows in existence (The Originals feeds my New Orleans fascination) and who doesn’t adore Broadchurch? Olivia Coleman and David Tennent are <3.

I headed out to Chaakoo Bombay Cafe for a Glasgow bloggers meet up organised by Kris Munro this month which was lots of fun, it was really nice to chat to other bloggers and of course, the food was amazing.

Another amazing restaurant I’ve frequented in Glasgow of late is Nippon Kitchen, a Japanese restaurant in the city centre. I had sushi as I have been harping on about it for ages but next time I go, I’ll definitely be trying the teriyaki chicken as my friend who I was with had it, I tried it and it was delicious.

Tori and I also went for an end-of-semester-celebration lunch and we both had “skinny” pizzas. Yes, I hate us too. Mine had prawns on it and was so sexy and yummy, I’d definitely have one of these over a normal pizza again as it was only 550 calories. How bloody exciting.

The most exciting thing to happen to me this month is definitely being placed with Camp America, I’m so excited to be spending my summer working in the states! I can’t wait to get to work at the camp and then hopefully spend a lil bit of time afterwards exploring the USA! Of course this means I’ll need to go shopping and pick up some bits and pieces as well which is always bloody exciting. I had a biggish shopping day this week where I hit up some shops before going to see Beauty and the Beast, picking up some jeans, new shoes and pyjamas. I have been obsessing over my new pyjamas, they are Friends themed and so blinkin’ cute. But without much further ado, here is all the other deets from the last month.


Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is absolutely one of my favourite TV shows. I’ve been watching a lot of it recently, seasons 6-8 to be exact, and oh my god, it is just amazing. I love the complexity of the cases they study, the pyscholigcal element to the show and all the profiling.

All of the characters are fantastic, so different and unique but all work really well together and compliment each other. Picking a favourite character is tricky, I unconditionally love them all but I think perhaps Reid and Garcia are my top two. Criminal Minds continues to dazzle me and dazzle me and have I mentioned I love it?

End Of Semester

Don’t get me wrong, the rate that my university education happens to be fleeing along at is alarming, but I am a little bit relieved for second year to be nearly finished. I’m ready to move on with my education, to start focussing in closer in my chosen subjects. I’ve already seen the class list for Classics and some of the courses make me almost wee myself with excitement.

I’m also ready for a bit of a break, from the whirlpool of chaos that is life here in Glasgow sometimes and just breathe again. I’m heading home for a couple of weeks in April and I can’t wait to just spend time my mum and my dog and being outside in the countryside again.

Tidy Flat

I spent a whole Saturday blitzing the flat (procrastinating from my essay like a pro) and since then, we’ve been working on keeping it clean. Y’know, putting things in the bin, wiping the surfaces in the kitchen, doing the dishes and occasionally sweeping the floor.

Having a tidy flat is making such a difference to my mind and helping me to feel a lot more on top of my shit. I also did lots and lots of washing on that Saturday because somebody *cough* me *cough* let her dirty washing get way out of control and ended up having 6 piles of clothes, one set of bedsheets and one set of towels. YES, 6 piles of clothes. No wonder I was running out of socks and pants. The amount of clothes I own never fails to amaze me and I have added to my ever-expanding wardrobe this month too!

Cinema Trips

I actually adore going to the cinema. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because nobody knows what is going to happen next, the silence and the darkness and the fact you can completely switch off from the world for a couple of hours. I went to see Beauty and the Beast which was so beautiful and magical, completely fulfilling all of my Disney magic expectations.

We then went to see Power Rangers a few day later, as the end of semester sunk in and we realised we had nothing to do. I mean, there is always revision but I’m not quite ready to start that yet. Power Rangers did not disappoint, it was such a good film and a couple of the characters were brilliant! I also did some Wikipedia-ing afterwards and there is potentially five sequels, five bloody sequels.

B L O G   P O S T S   I’ V E   L O V E D

How To Budget For/Save When It Comes To Your Next Holiday | Ellis Tuesday

I’ve been loving a lot of Ellis’ post recently but this one really stuck out to me. I love planning for holidays (although I don’t have anything other than my working summer holiday in the states planned at the mo) and I think this post is going to be very useful to me in the next couple of months. Saving is important in any aspect of life but as holidays quite often feel like a luxury and if you’re as stressed about money for no apparent reason as I am, I often feel as if I have to justify it to myself for what I want to do. This post is filled with lots of helpful tips to help you save your pennies, making it a much less daunting task!

The Ultimate Guide To Reaching Out To Brands: #BLOGCONLDN Workshop | Kirsty Leanne

Whilst working with brands isn’t my biggest priority right now or in the near future, I found this post very interesting and helpful to read and I will definitely be looking back on it in the next few months and latter half of 2017 when I want to start looking at where my blog is going on. I’ve only been self-hosted since January and posting regularly 2/3 weeks since then too so at the moment, I’m just interested in finding my feet, creating content I care about and passing my exams. This post is so concise and offers really constructive advice so thank you Kirsty!

I Attempt: Creme Egg Cheesecake | Going Places and Doing Stuff

Is  this the queen of cheesecakes? Quite possibly. Is it a heart attack in a cheesecake if you tried to eat it all? Also quite possibly. I need this in my life. I need it right now. How delicious does it look? I am definitely going to try my hand at this recipe when I’m home for the easter holidays and have access to my mum’s baking cupboard!

5 Tips: Work With Your Favourite Brands | Preparation, Contact and Follow-Through | The Crimson Cardigan

As I said with Kirsty’s post, brand collaborating isn’t my biggest priority at the moment (I’m just trying to pass second year of uni and get up before 8.30 every morning), I find it super interesting to do all the research anyway! I found this post through a #BloggersTribe comment thread thingy on Twitter and it was easily one of the best I read! The advice is so constructive and applicable and when I get a bit more time on my hands, I’m going to properly plan my shizz out and will be using this post as a guideline for sure!

My Top Tips For Great Outfit Photos | Bang On Style

I wasn’t planning on adding any other blog posts to this month’s loved rostrum but after spying this on Twitter one Tuesday morning, I couldn’t not. Style blogging is something I really want to get into but I lack so much confidence and most of the time, a photographer. I spend a ridiculous amount of my money on clothes as clothes make me happy and I like having nice things so it seems a bit silly that I don’t share more of them on my blog! Debs’ post is full of really helpful tips, from location to angle to feeling confident!

A couple of my favourite blog posts this month are written up talks that the bloggers did at #BlogConLDN which just stabs the knife in my gut even further that I didn’t get to go such a cool event, I missed out on so much cool stuff! Hopefully Glasgow can host something of a similar merit at some point?


I originally added snippets of what I’ve learnt in the previous month but as that was just becoming a pattern of “you eat like shit”, “you don’t get up early enough” and “you can actually do things you know”, I decided to give it a rest this month. Maybe I learn something enlightening in the next couple of months, I’ll throw it back in but I think we have all gathered that I have an appalling diet amongst other things.

Instead, I thought I’d share what I’m working towards in the next month. These aren’t goals so to speak, like it will not be the end of the world if I don’t achieve them and I probs won’t even cry but they are still things I would like to see myself doing.

Get Up Before Or By 8.30

Eat My 5 A Day

Be More Organised With Meal Planning

Do More Bloody Exercise

That’s everything for this month friends. March hasn’t been too dandy and I am definitely coming out with a lighter wallet after the hammering my debit card has had in the month of late, all the birthdays, celebrations and me being bad at budgeting. Let’s hope April is a lil more kinder!


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