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It’s the end of May and summer is almost finally here. I for one, can’t wait to get my shorts on and spend my summer in the USA. This is perhaps due to the abysmal weather we are currently experiencing on this Monday afternoon I am sat writing this.

I think British summertime may have been and gone. I had the loveliest afternoon yesterday with my fellow blogger friend Emma and managed to gather up lots of outfit pictures to spam my Instagram with in the next couple of weeks.

Y’know, when I finally gather up my shizz and get organised on the blogging/social media front. I’m super sad to be leaving my blog over the summer (post explaining this coming next week) but it is the start of an exciting adventure.

This will be the last little monthly edit for a while but I have to say, all of the posts in this month’s to read list are stellar. It was Mental Health Awareness week at the beginning of May and so many bloggers shared really inspiring and helpful stories about their experiences with mental health. Without much further ado, this month’s loveliness.


Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I like to call myself a face mask girl but I’m super lazy when it comes to actually following through with those words and doing one. I hate taking clay masks off, just as a general rule. It is such a messy procedure and takes a lot of time so most of the time, I just don’t bother with them. However since buying a tub of Rosy Cheeks by Lush, I’ve slowly become a face mask convert.

Enter: this darling. Everyone on my Twitter feed is raving about these tissue masks from Garnier, so many bloggers are reviewing them and testing them out and I’ve even seen a nod to them on Instagram. When browsing my local Superdrug in Glasgow, I decided to just buy one on a whim as they are very fairly priced and I’ve managed to snap them up every time on offer as well for £1.99.

They freshen up my face so much, make me feel so clean and smooth and they are a no mess job. If you are looking to add something a little special to your day, this is definitely your trick.

End Of Second Year

Well, cor, blimey, hasn’t the last academic year shot past? I honestly cannot believe that I’ve just completed my second year of university and I’m now half way through my degree. I only have two more years of my happy* little student bubble, of perhaps only two more years of living in Glasgow and having some of my favourite people on my doorstep.

It is no secret that I didn’t particularly enjoy all of my courses last semester but that is only making me more excited for third year as I get to specialise in both history and classics (no more business, hurrah!) and pick modules which really speak to me. I’m hoping to get my first choices in both subjects but so many of the classes tickled my fancy so it won’t be the end of the world.

I’ll be moving into a new flat and new area of Glasgow next semester so I’m really excited to get decorating and I’ll probably be doing a room tour post at some point! I’m already furiously pinning my interiors Pinterest board.

*Read: Happy most of the time but also v stressful due to exams and seminars and reading and, y’know, student life. Have you seen all the student related memes? They tell the true story.

TV & Netflix

I am now watching so many good TV shows right now and I’m not even slightly embarrassed about it. All of my favourite shows seem to be on right now bar a couple (GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, I’m eagerly awaiting your return!) and almost every day I have a new episode to watch. On this note, I need a binge show so if anyone is watching something, hit me up!

I talk about Netflix and TV a lot on my blog, I shared a bumper list of Netflix to watch earlier in the year which got quite a lot of good feedback. I thought I’d just share briefly my current TV boos in this favourites segment. On Tuesdays, I was watching Criminal Minds season 12 but the season finale was a couple of weeks ago.

Criminal Minds is one of my favourite TV shows ever so if you like crime, suspense and murder, dis is for you. All of the characters in Criminal Minds are really likeable and it is one of those shows were I find it tricky to choose a fave. I’m also watching the Criminal Minds spin off show Beyond Borders which is also very good. Not quite as amazing as Criminal Minds but it has some really interesting episodes and again, a very likeable cast.

On Wednesday’s I’m watching Pretty Little Liars and like the rest of my Twitter feed, I’m on the edge of my seat to find out who AD is. Friday’s used to be a Riverdale but unfortunately this has also finished. Season 2 really can’t come quick enough as this show had me sucked in from the get go and the show has such an interesting dynamic.

Saturday is a super big day of TV: new episodes of Reign, The 100 and The Originals. All teen dramas, all different genres (historical, dystopian, supernatural) but all the same woes: romance, betrayal, friendship and mystery. Go watch my pretties, go watch.

(Just noticed this is the third consecutive month that I have included Criminal Minds in an monthly edit post, I am so boring)

Urban Outfitters Dress

In about January of this year, I was innocently browsing Urban Outfitters sale rail before my train home from Glasgow. I came across this dress: its a sheer black floral dress with a black slip underneath. It is almost midi and has t-shirt sleeves. I picked it up on a whim for £20 and immediately regretted it. Was it me? Did I do sheer floral? What the flippity flip was I thinking?

I always get overwhelmed in Urban Outfitters with the need to buy something and that time was no different. Fast forward four months and I’ve been wearing this dress non-stop. It is so comfy, loose and light so perfect for this warmer weather we’ve been having.

I’ve also started wearing it recently with a black belt to cinch it in at the waist and this was a big improvement as I look less of shapeless potato. As it is a darker floral print, I think I’ll get away with wearing it in winter too with some black tights.


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This month, to avoid disappoint, I am going to not write down that I intend to exercise more and eat healthier. My diet isn’t any better but also isn’t any worse. I’ve written a list of all the things I want to have changed health wise by this time next year as I really need to sort my shizz out. I’m such a broken record. I have however been quite on top of Camp America organisation and on the moving out of Glasgow/packing front.

Stick To My Budget In The States

Give Camp My Best Shot

Journal Every Day At Camp

Do Yoga Regularly


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