A Winter Weekend At Home

A Winter Weekend At Home

The Scottish Borders has been home for a good 18 years of my life and despite living in Glasgow a lot of the time and loving it lots and lots, my parent’s sleepy lil farm will always be home.

I haven’t been home at all this first semester of uni (since before my week in Spain way back in September) so when I hopped on a train one Friday afternoon, I was literally bubbling with excitement.

Home is a chance to breathe. To eat lots of nice food. To drink lots of tea. To play with my dog. To go to nice cafes and restaurants and walks.

I had a fantastic weekend filled with food, laughter and cosy log fires. I absolutely adore going home as it makes me feel like a kid again and this weekend was one of the best.

My weekend started with meeting my mum at the railway station in Berwick Upon Tweed and we had nice car journey home having a catch-up. For dinner we had tacos which is one of my faves and then we spent the evening watching TV. It was nice to be in a warm house for a change with a cosy log fire instead of our sometimes chilly little flat.

On Saturday I got my hair redyed again which was good as man did I need it. We also went out for lunch on Saturday to Kelso Garden Centre as hello Christmas decorations galore. I did my routine trip to Sainsbury’s when I was at home and bought THIS jumper which I blogged about earlier. We had steak for dinner on Saturday night and then we watched some TV and then Dad’s Army which was quite funny howevs I had already seen it. I bought it for Dad in June/July, whenever Father’s Day was, and he STILL hadn’t watched it so you can see how much he appreciates my gifts.

One of my favourite things about home is being able to go to nice countryside places. It is true that you can take the girl out the country but you can’t take the country out the girl. We spent the whole day in Northumberland which is one of my favourite places, it’s so lovely and friendly and picturesque. First, we stopped at Powburn to have some breakfast rolls from the tearoom and then for a nosy around the antique centre. Nosing around antique centres is something we do regularly in my family so it was good to get to doing that again. We then headed onto Barter Books in Alnwick which is the BEST PLACE EVER. Any book-lover needs to visit this place. It is insane. It is in the old railway station which is a beautiful building and is literally stuffed with books. You can find almost anything for such good prices, I always manage to top up my Enid Blyton collection when I’m there. This time I bought another Enid Blyton and Emma by Jane Austen which I’m looking forward to reading when I get the chance. Emma is one of Austen’s books that I’ve always wanted to read so I was pretty happy to see it for £1.80. Barter Books also has its own little cafe, The Station Buffet, which we didn’t get to eat in this time as it was full but I have done in the past and everything is super yummy.

We instead went to a restaurant up the A1 and for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was called. I know they sell their own eggs there. They were only serving a Sunday roast which was a bit annoying as we had a dinner reservation for The Waggon later that day so we just snacked on soup, chilli and crab pate and a scone. Dad, Louise and me also had a huge piece of chocolate cake to share which was super tasty.

Dinner on Sunday night was a carvery at The Waggon. The Waggon is an old favourite to all the inhabitants of Kelso and I haven’t been since the beginning of September. I had tartan nachos to start which always hit the spot and then a huge plate of carvery because I am a giant pig. I couldn’t even finish it. I had both beef and turkey as well as all the trimmings and it was so so so yummy. I couldn’t eat anymore or I would have popped.

Once thing I’m so thankful for this year is the fact my only class on Monday isn’t till 4pm. This meant that I could stay Sunday night too and Dad took me to the station on Monday morning. My train to Edinburgh was delayed which was so annoying as I then missed my connecting train to Glasgow so I had to get a later train. This did mean though that I managed to grab a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel in Waverly which was lush and I got back to Glasgow only half an hour later.

I convinced myself on the way back to Glasgow that I would go to Urban Outfitters and buy the damn grey beanie I’d spotted with Tori a few weeks ago. When I got to the store I couldn’t find the damn hat but instead, I went into New Look and bought a much cheaper version. That was probably a blessing in disguise, to be honest.

I had the BEST weekend at home and I am now so excited to head home at Christmas time. We had such a lovely weekend and I ate a lot of good food which made the whole thing even sweeter. I got to see my lovely little dog AND I even managed to maybe persuade my sister to come visit me in Glasgow at some point soon too!

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