the one where everything is busy.

Let’s have a lil old life catch up shall we?

October is in full swing (correction: almost over), university is pretty busy at the moment and I’ve recently acquired myself a job and I’m always trying to still socialise with my friends and live life but this has meant unfortunately for my little blog that it has been shunted to the sidelines as everything gets busy.

So what has been happening? Well we are now in week 6 of the academic calendar which means reading week for essays which are due either this week or next week so my stress-meter is through the roof at the moment as I try and wrap my head around questions and read lots of books and journals on said questions and then try and write an essay on the subject.

It’s simplistic in theory but I’ve been up since nine thirty this morning and I don’t even know what I’ve done to procrastinate. I’ve ate tuna pasta and watched just one single YouTube video and that was all in the last thirty minutes.

Aside from contemplating my life from my bedroom, I’ve been actually attending lectures, going to work and playing catch-up at home. I’ve sat one business exam and I’ve had my history presentation so it’s nice to have a few notches under my belt which is kind of nice but I’m still mega stressed because I’m a stressed out person.

I’m pretty bad at blogging at the moment. I have no blog posts lined up for the next week which is a thorn in my side and I’m feeling like a bit of a flop in the blogging world. I don’t have much inspiration and I have even less time and I’m so annoyed at myself.

Blogging was so consistent for me over the summer. I was posting three days a week no problemo but since coming back to Glasgow, I feel whenever I have a spare moment when I could be blogging, I should be using that time to read for my essays and work on my Classics portfolio which is duh I should be doing anyway because hello trying to get a degree over here but it makes me sad that I’m not balancing in enough time for my blog.

Life is hectic, university is hectic and blogging is a hectic hobby.

Please stick with me lovely readers as I plan on sorting my shit out soon (the next couple of weeks) and I have a weekend at home planned which include lots of chilling, eating my mum’s yum food and writing up lots of blog posts!


Oh, and I’m also watching a lot of Friends at the moment, hence the title.